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  1.  Impressive Little Bundle Of Joy (And Tactics)


    Right lets get something straight: In an age of high definition gaming, some people maybe expecting too much graphically and feature wise from the PSP. If you have a game on the PS3 and it's ported over to the PSP, don't expect miracles.

    Secondly, I'm don't want to open a PES vs. Fifa debate here. That has been done to death so many times on every football forum around. However it's quite simple.

    Fifa used to be the best football game around, but they got greedy. Started releasing a new game every year with very little change to them. This is where Pro Evolution took over. The would make major leaps every year with game-play, and pretty much coming close to making the perfect game with PES 6.

    Now what is happening, is PES has peaked. They are not making changes that justify brining out a whole new game, with nothing but a new cover and menu. It's back to the drawing board for Konami.

    Now, Fifa has come back in. And for me, who bought PES 2008 and was heart broken that it had betrayed my trust in it, done some soul searching and bought Fifa 08, which I swore would never happen. Well I have been won over.

    And now with Fifa 09, you have the best little pocket of joy you could ever wish to carry in your pocket.

    Yes it has flaws, most notably that bug that surrounds the commentary by Andy Gray. You would be leading at Half Time, Andy would come on and say well they are getting beaten and need to try harder, or the fact that every challenge you make, Gray seems to comment that your player has injured himself.

    The animation isn't perfect, but it doesn't need to be. Because the game-play is top notch. The ball mechanics are great, and any little thing can affect the direction of the shot. You really have to build up your play too. No more running the length of the field ala Fifa of old. No, this is PES game-play.

    That's not all, when you look at the tiny disc that you fling into you little handheld, it's remarkable how much they have fitted onto it. From the vast array of competitions and teams, as well as challenges, there is also and quiz section to fill up time when you need a break from the impressive manager mode.

    I'd have no doubt recommending this, God knows, I spent enough time mulling it over in the shop when I bought it. Fifa 09 or PES 09, I thought.

    No competition. Fifa wins this leg.

  2.  Great


    This game is one of those gems that just gets better and better. I got this free with the console, and to be honest, I wasn't expecting too much from it as I'm not a hack & slash gamer, nor had any prior knowledge of the G.O.W. series.

    But I got hooked. It's great fun, looks fantastic and is in my opinion one of the best games I've played on the PSP.

    Strongly recommend. 5/5

  3.  It's West, So It's gotta be something...


    You know, I think this guy is great, but for me, I just can't quite latch onto the album. I'm not a big fan of the vocorder and it would put me off some of the songs on here.

    However, this guy is one of the great musicians around, one of the great lyricists around, and to be honest, I don't think it is a bad album, I just think it's not for me. I'd listen to it again, no doubt, purely because there is something I am probably missing, something not hooking me, and with West, you get more than your one dimensional Pop song, you get hard work and talent.

  4.  For this price, got love it!


    5 Stars and this is why:

    It has the creepy feel of the movie

    You get the feeling that you are actually conrtolling batman and his moves, that you are choosing the right moment to attack

    And at the end of the day it is so cheap!! Great Value.

  5.  It's Dark Out There Master Wayne, You Should Bring Your Cape


    Such an incredible film and for so many reasons.

    As A Sequel:
    Batman Begins was excellent, so The Dark Knight had a big task as the sequel. So many times, sequels end up being let downs. So Kudos to Nolan et all for delivering the goods on this one.

    The Cast:
    Heath Ledger's tragic death magnified his profile in the news; of that there is no doubt. But that aside, this is such a magnificent performance as the Joker, and he deserves the plaudits he is getting. For those who say he is being praised as a result of his untimely passing, you really should watch again. He brings a Darkness to the character, a menace, an unpredictability that keeps you watching and wanting him back on screen when he is off it.

    Christian Bale once again brings that contrast between the playboy and the tormented Bruce Wayne brilliantly again. (Still not sure about his Batman groooowwwwwllll though!) With a supporting cast including Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and many more all delivering and adding to the movie.

    The Music:
    I have the soundtrack, I am a big fan of both composers, and the music in this is again an extension and improvement on Batman Begins.

    The Verdict:
    To me, this is what the Movies should be about. The feeling of leaving the cinema blown away, wanting more. Credit must go to Nolan for revitalising the series, for bringing new fans and for giving us one hell of a movie in the Dark Knight .

  6.  Some great covers on this.


    My five word Metallica Review Series: Garage Inc.

    Great Collection. Sit back, enjoy.

  7.  Let Down. Breakdown Too.


    My five word Metallica Review Series: St. Anger

    Fast. Angry. Not Very Good.

  8. Re-Load


    Metallica - CD

    19 New from  £6.19  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.65

     Selling The Leftovers


    My five word Metallica Review Series: Re-Load

    Just Ok. Must Try Harder.

  9. Load


    Metallica - CD

    19 New from  £8.45  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.71

     Some Good Tracks


    My five word Metallica Review Series: Load

    Good. Different. Quite a Change.

  10.  Not a Metal Fan? Listen to this you'll cross the devide.


    My five word Metallica Review Series: Black

    Great Songs, Well Produced. Mainstream.