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  1.  Re: whats the point?


    First of all, the point is that this is Call of Duty 5: World at War. Now, one major issue that Treyarch wanted this to be run on COD4 engine so that COD4 players will buy COD5 for sure and will continue their COD 4 experience in the 5th. Although I enjoyed playing Modern Warfare more than I think that I am going to enjoy this one, I still think that it would be great that the gameplay is going to be similar. You said, "you wont find anything different so dont go looking for a fresh experience". I don't agree as I think that this game is going to be an improvement on COD4 and everyone knows that COD4 is amazing ..



    I am a great fan of 24, Prison Break and Lost. When I have seen the first episode of Jericho .. I was amazed .. and i simply wanted more, more and more ... I cannot understand how they cancelled this one as this is one hell of a series and it absolutely should continue ... BUY JERICHO NOW !!!



    This guy below me doesn't know a single thing about Metal Gear Solid ... The cutscenes are part of MGS ... !!!! This time you can really enjoy graphics from the gameplay and from the cutscenes like you are watching a long movie .. THE BEST MOVIE .. Lord of the rings ... he said ... oh come on man .. Can you really compare MGS to Lord of the Rings ??? ... BUY MGS !!! YOU WON'T BE DISSAPOINTED ...

  4.  What is CALL OF DUTY 4 ?? ANYBODY HAS AN IDEA ??


    I have never in my life played a first person shooter game until I bought Playstation 3 and I played Resistance. I can't say I enjoyed it the first time as I found it difficult playing 1st person. I bought Call of Duty 4 and something changed me while playing Online. I noticed that Call of Duty 4 has got something unique as when I bought some new released games such as Grand Theft Auto IV I still went back to COD. What is special with Call of Duty 4 Online. ? Just Buy this Game and maybe you finally answer me.. :D

  5.  MGS :: Best games series forever


    I played Metal Gear Solid 1, Metal Gear Solid 2, this 1 and I have also ordered Metal Gear Solid 4 .. I am giving my comment to Metal Gear Solid 3 in order to try and make time pass more quickly as I can't wait for Metal Gear Solid 4 to arrive. The Story of Metal Gear Solid 3 takes us back before Metal Gear Solid 1 and in this game you play as Big Boss not Solid Snake. Solid Snake was cloned from Big Boss. Metal Gear Solid 3 as I said takes us back to the 60s in the Cold War. I played it a number of times, restarting again and looking for alternate cut scenes which can be achieved if you play the game differently. Buy Metal Gear Solid not Metal Gear Solid 3. Buy all of them even Metal Gear Solid 1 as when someday you play Metal Gear Solid 4 all links will be collected and connected together believe me. Buy Metal Gear Solid and I assure you you won't be sorry !!

  6.  What I think NOW about Lost : The Video Game


    I was one of those that waited a long time for the release of this game and I bought it as it was available on play.com .. I played it and finished the game in 2 days and I was very amazed with its graphics and details althought I was dissapointed with the voice overs and dissapointed also as this isn't really LOST as we know it. I rated it 5 stars on play.com when I played it .. but now I changed my story.. WHY? I had Call of Duty 4, before Lost and I was like an addict to it.. After LOST I went back again to COD .. Listen carefully to this .... AFTER YOU FINISH LOST THE GAME .. BELIEVE ME THERE IS NO FURTHER USE OF IT ... NO ONLINE !! ... MISSIONS ARE VERY SHORT that you won't have the feeling to play them again !! Go Buy Metal Gear Solid 4 and Call of Duty 4 and you will see that you made a good decision not buying this game !!! Just rent the game if you are a BIG Fan of LOST THE SERIES for the fun that won't last very long.. You will be wasting your money buying this !! One final thing .. I am not one of those that like comparing games. LOST can't b compared to MGS and neither with COD but this game is simply below what we expected from it !!

  7.  Lost will lose everyone ...


    Lost is the one of the best series I have seen. I like mostly series like 24 and Prison Break but this, is completly different. When I saw started seeing Lost I was personlly lost in it ... and I can assure anyone that you will be lost in it too.. This series is great... Do buy all seasons of Lost ... you won't be absolutely dissapointed. Can't wait for Season 4 ... and for the video game on ps3 !!

  8.  Great Game !!


    Driver has always been one of the best racing and free roaming games. Driver:Parallel Lines has now got good looking graphics. You can now earn money, to customize cars by doing side jobs apart earning money from the main story. (Much like GTA) ...

    This game deserves a 5 star or more but I'm not giving a 5 star as objects which were very cool in Driver 3 where removed, i.e the boats and that you can do missions in other cities.

    Can't wait for Driver 5 on the PS3 !!! Buy this game .. and you will not be dissapointed ...

  9.  Amazing !!!


    I bought both assassins creed and call of duty 4 for the ps3 console at the same time. I can't compare them and mark any differences between them, call of duty 4 is always call of duty and assassins creed is Assassins Creed ... It has really great graphics, you can free roam anywhere, the gameplay is very very great as for the swordfights. Sometimes it is yes repetitive but let me tell you one thing it becomes repetitive if you play it always in the same style. You can attack the target with other styles either hand to hand, with the sword or with the throwing knives. You can also ride horses to travel from a place to another. DO BUY THIS GAME !!!