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  1.  4gb limit


    To the person who noted the 4gb file limit this is a FAT32 format limit. Format the drive as NTFS to store bigger files (note: not all devices support reading/writing to ntfs format)

  2.  Wheres the 0 star rating?


    Poor frame rate, poor graphics, game play is rubbish! worst money i ever spent!

    Seriously avoid this game or your burning £40!!

  3.  Ok, but losing its glow..


    Series 6 was one of the less then great seasons..

    Series 7 is much better, but its the last one, and contains much of the problems 6 does in the way the story if shifting to the kids and turk and carla.

    Must have for any scrubs fan, but if you just want to see scrubs for the first time, Buy series 4.

  4.  The best game(s) Ever!


    Half life 2 in its self is worth the £40!. let alone 5 lovely LONG and challenging games u get with this!.

    1) Portal, i didnt expect this type of game play, its a type of puzzle solving game, and it works VERY well.
    2) half life 2, ep1, ep2. These games are the BEST ever made, i cant wait for ep3.
    3) Team fortress 2: well its cartoon graphics.. not my type of game so only had one go of it..

  5.  Lot of blood, but boring


    Well, i got this game thinking YES THIS LOOKS MINT!.

    I soon found out a few things:

    1) Without Co-Op the missions are bloody annoying
    2) The story line is choppy and lynch is rather.. well.. messed up
    3) The graphics remind me of a ps2... not very next gen
    4) It should be £20 or less!

  6.  'Need for' what now!?


    If anyone remembers the value titles of need for speed hot pursuit etc then this REALLY is a remake of it.

    Its lost most of its 'underground' image and now is about as much fun as a tin can...

    All in all, Need for speed Underground is SO much better!.

    Biggest waste of my money since Over-G.

  7.  Game is very very good


    The Game its self is so good and very very long, lots of side storys and goals.

    Although, Play please pack limited edition versions with a damn box!! mine has more dents in it then my 1994 car!!