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  1.  A must have for ac fans


    If like me you've played the other A/C game u must play this to complete the series. If your new to the A/C stories then i suggest you play the other games first otherwise you wont have a clue whats going on. A great game but really hope some how we get another A/C game because they are a true masterpiece



    Being a huge COD fanboy i couldnt wait for this game after the dissapointment of Black ops. Sadly ths game is a huge let down. After 2 years development there is nothing new its just a map pack. The graphics are rubbish as is the sound. The COD franchise has had its day and its the last one i buy. Im very very dissapointed an absolute lack of imagination and effort from Infinity Ward and Sledehammer.

  3.  A breath of fresh air


    As a fan of both COD and Battlefield i can honestly say that Dice have hit a home run with this game. I know its just the beta but already i'm loving it. I wasn't a huge fan of black ops i found i got bored really easily and ive played MW2 and BF2 to death so ive been waiting for something new to mix things up a bit. I would say that this Beta is a pefect mix of COD and BF with amazing sounds and graphics. I know dice havent maxed out the graphics on the beta so it's going to look even better in the final game.
    But will i cancel my MW3 pre-order for this game i think i just might after playing the beta. The level in the beta is called Metro and its huge really huge if your a cod fan you wouldnt belive how big it is. There is a huge selection of guns and all kind of other attachments to put on them. Day one purches for me i think there's a new king of shooter in town and it aint cod

  4.  (UPDATE REVIEW) From 5**** to 1*


    This review is based on the myltiplayer only as i havent got round to playing the game yet. And I'm loving it online, yes the graphics are not as polished as MW2 but they are not bad by any means. MW2 was the most unbalanced game ever online, with overpowerd guns and perks i.e cammando pro.

    (UPDATE 18/01/2011) LAG,LAG,LAG and i'm now prestige 3 and i really cant be bothered to play it any more. The game has way to many problems online and altho it's got some cool features (wager matches) it just the same old COD. I was a legit level 10 on mw2 and played it for 28 days online (sad) i know. But with this game i really cant be bothered.

  5.  Not my cup of tea


    The face expressions are great don't get me wrong but does that make a great game? No it doesn't, the rest of the game looks good but thats all. Its very very repetitive and gets boring after a few hours. My advice rent before you buy.

  6.  AMAZING.........


    I've been playing games for the last 16 years starting with the comador 64. And this game is the best game i have ever played.
    The graphics are amazing and the story line is one of the best ive seen in a game like this (gta).

    There are a few reviews on here saying it has a bad ending but keep playing the game as the game keeps on going fore a while to revels a great ending. If you want a game that will last countless hours and a great great storyline please please buy this you really wont be disappointed.

  7.  Late to the game....


    OK, ill start by saying i was a huge cod fan. I really thought that there was no game out there that even comes close to it. But after cod4 and mw2 the franchise has gone down hill. In my opinion Black Ops is the beginning of the end.

    So after reading the reviews on Play i thought i would give it a go. And i cant believe what Ive been missing. It makes COD look like a kids arcade game. Great fun with your friends, you really have to work as a team. All my friends are playing it now and with battlefield 3 out at the end of the year i'm for the first time in a long while loving online play again...........



    This game rocks online after being very let down by black ops and also getting bored of the call of duty series this a breath of fresh air.

    The graphics are amazing, there are three game modes to play WARZONE, OPERATIONS and GUERILLA WARFARE. Each one has its own challenges and are great fun to play. If your a fan of fps you will love this game and if your like me and bored of the whole COD thing get this you will love it



    I was really looking forward to the release of this game after looking at all the trailers i thought this game is going to take the ps3 to the max. Sadly it doesnt, the cars look great but the race track and the affect of the fans watching the race are very ps2. Even my girfriend who hates games said "the graphics are pans". Don't get me wrong there is plenty to do and you will def get your moneys worth out of this game. But the worst thing about the game is that again they have failed to put damage on the cars when you crash. You get a small scratch when you hit the wall at a 100mph and thats it. So to me thats what really lets this game down and stops it being the best racing game around.

  10.  Great but really really short


    As a huge fan of star wars and of the first game i couldnt wait to have a go at Force Unleashed 2. The graphics are much better and the cut scenes look amazing. The only thing that really lets it down is that the game is so short. I finished it in under 4 hours and with no multiplayer i just feel a bit ripped off.