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  1.  Wrong Product Description - Great dvds!


    Jeff Dunham is awesome! And these two live shows are excellent. But PLAY's product information isn't accurate. This pack contains:

    1 x 'A Spark of Insanity' DVD
    1 x 'very special Christmas Special' DVD
    1 x 'Don't Come Home For Christmas' - CD

    It does not come with two audio cds of the two respective live shows. The audio cd it does come with is a collection of christmas songs by Achmed and the others. However, I didn't buy this set for the cds, so I'm not bothered at all. Just thought I should let other people know. By the way if you don't own a Jeff dunham dvd buy this dvd set - £12.99 delivered? Bargain!!!

  2.  Hard-Hitting Action!!!


    After reading many reviews for this I had high expectations, all of which were met! If you loved the Bourne trilogy you'll love Taken! Seriously, watch this beauty as soon as you get the chance!



    The chaser is a gripping, darkly comic, full-on emotional roller coaster of a film. For the first 40 minutes or so i really wasn't sure what type of film i was watching, or if it would have enough substance and character depth to nail me to my seat. Well, it didn't take long before it began to do exactly that! Slowly building momentum and turning into what was more like an avalanche of action and emotional trauma that just kept going right 'til the end! Not for the light-hearted the chaser is uncomprimising and punishing and should be added to your k-film collection in a heartbeat. And if you're new to korean films....the chaser is an outstanding place to start! Like it says on the box - "i urge you to see it!"

  4.  Brilliant!!!


    Without a doubt, one of the greatest anime series' of all time. You can rewatch it time after time. If you like anime and have a brain that works well, buy this series!!!

  5.  Gooooood!!!!!!


    This is a great game, I'm not the biggest Aerosmith fan but it's still very good and lots of fun. I can see myself playing this for a very long time. The Aerosmith faceplate's pretty nice too! (I bought the Guitar bundle). Highly recommended!!!

  6.  5 Star Classic


    I totally disagree with 'spawnstar', The Dark Crystal is a classic and has stood the test of time extremely well, even more so than Labyrinth. I grew up with both films and have been entertained by them on many occasions, but The Dark Crystal is very special and remains one of the all-time classic films of my generation, along with the Star Wars trilogy, the Indiana Jones trilogy, The Last Starfighter, and the like...

  7.  Funny as Hell!


    I saw Hot Rod about a month ago and laughed my butt off almost all the way through, and in between rocked out to the excellent soundtrack that consists of Europe, Europe, and more Europe! Hot rod is easily the funniest, most enjoyable comedy of recent years, and personally, well, I couldn't wait for it to be released in the UK so I bought the US version! Trust me, it's funny as hell!

  8.  Pheonominal


    Spider Forest is without a doubt, one of the best Korean films I have seen, and I've seen a lot. It's a murder-mystery - psychological thriller - supernatural horror film, all rolled into one. You have to watch it about five times before you can make a decent amount of sense out of it, and even when you do, you'll change your mind about a lot of things with each viewing. Quite often, after watching complex films that generally confuse me, there isn't always enough to make me think "I really want to see that again" or "I want more answers" well, Spider Forest makes me want to watch it again straight away after every time the credits roll. It easily stands up to repeat viewing. I've seen it loads of times as I was lucky enough to get my hands on this beauty in the form of a Korean 2-disc special edition with English subtitles about two years ago. Anyway, if you love films that make you use your melon, you'll love Spider Forest!

  9.  The purebreed


    How anime is meant to be, bloody action, sexy scenes, ninja showdowns and most important of all, a ridiculously hard main character. An absolute classic. Brilliant!

  10.  Excellent


    A very serious Jackie Chan film that sees him go through some bloody awful events, it's quite heart-wrenching. Chan and the rest are superb. A VERY GOOD FILM!