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  1.  Definitive Release


    Thank you Warners ! Amazing blu-ray and great value. 2 versions you decide what is the best one. Extra's are worth buying for alone. We finally get the full length "Fear Of God Documentary" presented by Mark Kermode. "Filming The Exorcist" includes amazing behind the scenes footage of all the shocking scenes aswell as deleted footage and out takes and make up and effects test footage. The movie looks and sounds the best it's ever gonna be. Buy now !!

  2.  Knocks spots off the dvd !


    Got this today and and love it even more on blu-ray. Read some bad reviews on this one so was happily pleased with this clean, vibrant transfer of a movie nearly 15 years old. Lots of detail and strong blacks too. Great sound, if you love it then buy it now for only 9 pounds

  3.  Great Blu-Ray- Weak Concert


    So it's finally been released ! Madonna's weakest tour since Drowned World finally in glorious high definition ! Picture is amazing- colours are vibrant and the audio(DTS HD Master 5.1 - And Stereo)is boomy and clear. Extra's a bit thin on the ground(Still no Backdrop videos) a 30 minute behind the scenes which doesn't reveal too much. A nice booklet and a 13 track live cd selection which thankfully includes the gorgeous Devil Wouldn't Recognize You. Now please release all the other tours Warners !!!!

  4.  Best Film of 2009


    I love disaster movies and this had everything, earthquakes, volcano's, tidal waves. Also you actually cared about the actors which you don't get in these sort of films. The effects were jaw dropping and the sound was the best i've ever heard at the cinema, it was so engrossing especially towards the end in the Himalaya's. This should look and sound fantastic on blu-ray.

  5.  Inconsistent Picture Quality


    Been waiting a long time for Warners to put out a career spanning collection of Madonna's videos and its finally here. The good news is the stereo sound is top notch although the 5.1 sound is far too loud and heavy on bass. I could have done without it. The video's which i was most looking forward to and have downloaded many times but in far inferior picture quality were Live To Tell, Who's That Girl, Express Yourself(The Uncut 5 minute remix version- which looks really good on this collection), You'll See, I Want You(Sadly this is probably the worst looking video on the whole compilation), True Blue, Erotica, Deeper And Deeper. What does let the whole set down is the quality of the newer videos from Hollywood up until Celebration. Most look far too grainy and blurry which doesn't make any sense to me. I think the biggest problem despite the notable omissions of all the Tour Backdrop Video(Paradise, Bedtime Story, Future Lovers) and American Life(This can be downloaded if you look for it though) is the fact that all of these have been mastered in the inferior video system NTSC and the fact that they are on single layer DVD's. Its a shame as we are never likely to get this colection again now as she has now left Wraners. Ultimately it s the good videos quality that count to me and overrall i was pleased to have this collection. All we need now is the Re-Invention, Blond Ambition and Sticky And Sweet Tours(Hopefuly with the accompanying backdrop videos)

  6.  Why did they bother ?


    I'm sorry i really wanted to write a great review for this just because its a great film but Universal should be ashamed for releasing this supposed high definition film on blu-ray. To me it looks like a dvd there's not much detail in anyway and for a visual film it no way leaps off the screen as it should do. I wonder if Ridley Scott has even seen this because i really don't think he would be happy with this. Oh well i suppose they'll re-release it but why bother in the first place or have they just rush released it for now ?
    Very disappointing

  7.  Weakest Season so far


    Definitely the weakest so far, mainly because most it focuses on the making of Jennie's Movie "Lez Girls". Also 2 characters from season 4 Papi(Not in it at all) Helena(Only briefly in it). Still will buy this as think its one of the best series on Television now and having seen the final season(Which was a bit of a let down)will probably grow on me anyway

  8.  Bit disappointing


    Have to admit was a bit disappointed with the transfer on this one. Have pretty much all of Burton's films on blu-ray now and this has the softest picture quality(The American blu-ray of Sleepy Hollow is probably the worst picture quality of his movies that i've seen yet on blu-ray). The colours are still pretty vivid and it does include extras that weren't on the standard dvd(Commentary, isolated music track). Its more the first half hour of the film that doesn't really leap out at you like most new blu-rays do(This film is only 4 years old). Still it is an improvement on the dvd just not sure if its an essential purchase. You decide.

  9.  Can't wait !!


    Saw this at the cinema- the effects were great - Keanu was hilarious. Got a feeling will enjoy this more at home like many films i see at the cinema. This will look awesome on Blu-Ray !

  10.  Great Transfer !!


    Again as with Batman i can only congratulate Warners for this one. They really are turning out some great Trnasfers for their older releases. The picture again was so clean and clear especially all the snow, costumes. Please release Poseidon(2006) !!!!!!