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  1.  Legends Of Rock... Legend Of a Game!!!


    This game has to be the best game i have ever bought worth every penny... it's got hours of gaming... me and my mate played it pretty much none stop for hours and didn't realise how long we had actually been playing.... the co-op game mode is fantastic aswell as the battle mode which is alot of fun... career mode wise it gets even better you get satisfaction when you complete that insane guitar solo or beat Slash...
    All in all an amazing game and one that everyone should own no matter what age!!!


  2.  One of the best Summer Blockbusters in a while!!


    This film is quite simply brilliant, it has everything explosions, bad guys, the world in danger, comedy, the dorky kid who always ends up getting the stunning girl at the end, o and giant robots from outerspace that can transform in to different vechiles to help save the earth from destruction. Michael Bay has done an excellent job with this film providing excellent entertainment that you can watch again and again. The film is full of explosions galore and amazing special effects throughout and even quite a bit of comedy which wasn't really expected but the nevertheless brilliant.
    This DVD is a must add to your collection, 5 Stars... I so hope that they make another one!!

  3.  One Word...... Outstanding!!!!


    Adam Sandler gives the performance of his career in 'Reign Over Me', he plays Charlie Fineman who looses his family (his wife, 3 girls and his dog 'spider' a poodle) it's about him re-kindling his friendship with his college roomate Alan Johnson (Don Cheadle), Alan finds out that Charlie hasn't really dealt properly with the deaths of his family and chooses not to remember them, and with Alan's support Charlie tries to get help.... This is a fantastic film and i was a bit sad because i missed it in the cinemas, however i heard it wasn't on for that long... this is a brilliant story and Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler are a really good team in this movie..... a must buy for any Sandler fan or even just if you like good quality movies!!
    BUY IT!

  4.  I am McLOVIN!!!!!!!!


    An absolute classic, just got back from the cinema after watching this and i was not disappointed, this is a brilliant teen comedy, incredibly funny comedy and great writing from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. This is definatly one of the funniest comedies this year, and will make any teenager laugh and cry, i know i was. It has some great casting with one of the funniest characters being Fogel a.k.a McLOVIN, saying some of the funniest one liners in film... All in all a great comedy, good acting from Jonah Hill and i'm sure it will be a big hit!!

  5.  Bourne Is Back!!!!!!


    This is probably one of the best sets of films that has been created in recent years, it's got the big action stunts, the great storyline and the fantastic actors... it supasses it's other two in the series and they definatly made the last one the best one.... i only have one negative comment about this film and that was the handy cam, why the **** was it used in every scene in the film, in some cases it wasn't even good handy cam it looked like the camera man was drunk, it's a fantastic movie but did they have to use it for every scene i mean i couldn't see what was happening in some of the fight sequences because all i saw was the floor or the wall from the drunk camera man.... anyway rant over this is an excellent film and a must see and a must buy!!!!!!!!!!!

  6.  Not as good as Season 5, but still pretty damn good!!!!!!!!!


    This season of 24 had a lot to live up to in my mind as season 5 was just so good and took the show to a whole new level... this season like season 4 took a while to get of the ground in terms of storyline but when the action did kick in damn it was good stuff... i like alot of things about this season like seeing Jack Bauer as a mess after his torture in China it showed his human side rather than his half terminator half john mclane side, it made this season a lot more personal than the rest... this season is a great buy and one to add to your 24 collection... role on season 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7.  Best Season So Far?....I Think So!!!!!!!


    This is by far the best season so far it has a much better storyline, the characters are far more developed and the actions sequences just plain kick ass!!! This series has more twists and turns than a rubix cube, and the season finale is just plain fantastic, this season also has one of the best first episodes of any season ever created, i mean it was crazy there was loads of gun fire, plenty of stunts it was mind blowing.... This is by far the best season of 24 created a must buy!!!!!!!!

  8.  Very Entertaining Family Film!


    To start of this film isn't going to win any awards but it is a good family film that you can sit down together and watch for 2 hours... it has great characters and very good special effects and plenty of action sequences and a few jokes to keep you laughing... all in all a great family film thats worth buying!

  9.  Chantastic!!


    Brilliant family entertainment the way it should be done, plenty of laughs to be had all the way through, lots of good little action sequence... Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are fantastic as the pair of mis-matched kung fu crime fighting cops out to stop the triads... a must see don't miss it!!

  10.  The Turning Point!!


    This is by far the turning point of the show, the storylines for each episode became faster paced than the previous two seasons making it far more enjoyable to watch... the characters developed and you learnt more about there personal lives... all in all this is a fantastic season and one to add to you 24 collection!!