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  1.  Good but nothing outstanding


    Nice unit aside from the annoying habit it has of clicking on a fairly regular basis, much like the click of death from hard drives whose sectors have irreversibly gone down the toilet.

    With so much space on it and potential loss of data this noise has you constantly on edge as to the units stability.

    The transfer rate seems a lil slow also, copying files across seemed to take much longer than my Samsung G3 1.5 TB drive (also from Play)

    But apart from that it chugs along nicely, nothing special but nothing bad either and at the price play is selling these for they are a bargain.

  2.  Good but not great


    While you certainly get your moneys worth, im afraid the low price is reflected in the footage quality of the films. To say they look as though they had been recorded from the television would hardly be an unfair statement. Normally i can live with poor quality as the film itself is usually enough to keep my attention but in this case nothing can stop you constantly muttering about how bad the film looks.

    Having said that, you do get an excellent spread of some old forgotten classics featuring Bela Lugosi, Boris Karlov, Christopher Lee and the always macabre Vincent Price that should keep you happy for a few days.

    One for fans of this type only i would imagine as in this day of restored classics these films would not stand up against them.

  3.  Classic in every sense


    Defo one for the older fans as the lack of pace and action might put some of the new who fans off it. But for sheer atmosphere this wins hands down. As much as i love this the ending does let it down, the Fendhal as a threat never really comes off and you never get a sense of fear they are meant to instill, Also the creature effects (yes i know this is Dr Who) just makes it impossible to think these things could hurt you.

    The commentary is worth buying this alone, Tom just does his usual wonderfull wandering all over topics from declaring his love of hairy women to impromptu recreating scenes sound effects included. Fantastic.

  4.  Everyone should have a copy of this film


    For me this falls slap bang into the adventure movie catagory, it takes a plausible premise and goes down this incredible tangent that gets more and more out there as the film progresses. Its defo one for the boys in us.

    My favourite part of the movie however is with a brief appearence by Alec Guinness, in the few short minutes hes onscreen he delivers all the emotion and tragedy associated with Titanic in a way that leaves you feeling as if you are actually hearing the story first hand of the disaster and the sorrow of an old man remembering that fatefull night.

    You cant help but be lifted by John Barrys musical score as the Titanic breaks back onto the surface in a well executed scene that delivers the much promised finale to the film.

    One for a sunday afternoon, not for maybe a modern audience but for those that remember watching it as a child we will never forget it.

  5.  Unmissable


    What can you say? Under 18 quid for a collection of 14 films, but not just any films but films from the master of suspense himself! Its simply the best bargain Play has ever done in my opinion.

    If your expecting just the films alone crammed into the slimline packaging think again, the first film that i decided to watch, The Birds, came with a documentary that was over an hour long, deleted scenes, test footage and more. These arent bargain basement copies, these are full experience.

    So far ive managed to avoid watching them all in one, abiet incredibly long, session and are rationing them out to one a day. So thats my next two weeks planned.

    Delivery was super quick even through the snowstorms we are experiencing at the mo.

    Again, a truly unbeatable bargain and one you would be mad to miss out on.

  6.  Dont waste your money


    Like the rest of the reviews this DVD version of the Dragonlance saga is simply terrible, the animation as pointed out is decades out of date and for the life of me i cant figure out why this is.

    Now animation alone doesnt make bad viewing but it intrudes so much into your watching that you simply cannot concentrate on the wonderfull story behind it.

    I would strongly suggest purchasing the books and letting your imagination do a far superior job than this waste of space.

    Judging by the reviews i have read here and elsewhere i cannot see the remaining two books being animated and thats not a bad thing despite the attention it would bring to the Dragonlance franchise.

  7.  A worthy addition


    As mentioned, though nothing really new the game does expand on the first by including a campaign option with a well thought out narrative that sees things from the viewpoint of the clonetrooper then later stormtrooper.

    The main difference is the force numbers, gone is the constant countdown of friendly and enemy forces, for the most part, replaces by key objectives that determine the success of a mission.

    As for the space combat element its pretty basic and not very challenging.

    My biggest complaint is the sheer stupidity of your fellow troopers, the AI is awful and your men run about catching blaster fire while its up to you alone to reach the objectives. This is even more annoying when you desperatley need backup to capture or hold an objective and none of your men are anywhere near you. Enemy forces casually walk through your troops without even a raised hand against them.

    Overall if you liked the first then you wont be disapointed with this

  8.  Let down


    Have never looked forward to playing a game so much and been let down as equally than Halo 2. Because it has to be compatible with Windows Live multiplayer so all the nice lil xbox people can play with all the nice lil Pc people, the game has been (from a PC viewpoint) kept at the xbox standard of play. The game plays like the console, aka rough, the slightest movement is magnified, characters move like an old black and white silent movie compared to the first Halo for the PC. My own pc is well above the top requirments for this game and i was tearing my hair out at how sluggish everything ran. It feels like a rushed port job, everything from the gameplay to the menu's are aimed at the console user, (press button A to continue...i dont have a button A you muppet!!) I feel completely let down by Microsoft, i expected a PC branded Halo 2 to take full advantage of what a PC can do but instead after years of waiting we get tossed a straight port conversion like an afterthought.

    What could have been a great game is only a great disapointment