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  1.  Great upgrade but BBCi Player Problems (Please HELP!)


    I have just installed this hard drive into my PS3 as an upgrade from a 60GB which was busting at the seems!! No issues and found it pretty straight forward. I backed all game saves etc from old hard drive onto a external hard drive with ease (just took a few hours, be patient!) Swapped the hard drives over with ease, fired up no issues. Some people have found they need to update the firmware on firing up but I didn't have this problem, it was plug and play. Restored all from external onto the new hard drive and all seems well.... except the only problem I have encountered so far is the BBCi player (as some other reviewers have mentioned) seems to pause every now and again. On researching many many forums it seems to be a common problem caused by the hard drive going into some sort of a stand by mode whilst idiling. I use the i player loads so it is a problem for me. Has anyone got a solution to this.??? Its really getting on my nerves that much I am considering swapping the drive again. Any solutions to this problem or a recomendation to a alternative hard drive that doesn't have this problem will be most appreaciated. Other than that if you dont use the iplayer I would say this is a very good upgrade. PS dont be scared to do the swap, it was easy! PS the screws come out just fine as long as you have the correct size screwdriver so dont panic about that either. If someone can find a solution to the i player problem this drive would be 5 star for me.

  2.  Simply Awesome!!


    I cant say that there are many albums out there that you can enjoy all of the tracks, This Album, you can! Buy it, it wont disappoint. The Boys are good!

  3.  Be careful!!


    I bought this product on the basis of the good reviews received on the headset a few weeks after it was released. Now I notice that the reviews vary a lot on Play so I thought I'd add this to try and help. Firstly it took me ages to get it paired with my PS3, after many failed attempts it finally paired and then I tried it with GTA4, it worked for a short period and then suddenly stopped working. I then had to pair it up again and that took ages after many failed attemps again!! Iv'e used it with COD4 and I just get interferance all the time and again it just stops working after a while. Reading the good reviews and bad reviews I assume that there are some lucky people out there with one's that actually work and others out there which are quite simply faulty. My advice stay clear of it. Or in a perfect world, get it tested first!!! Unfortunately I got a duff one, Im just going to wait and see what the official PS3 headset is like, I hope I have better luck with that one!