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  1.  Oh my god! Amazing!


    Wow! I loved this. Could possibly be my favourite of the saga. The twist from the book was SHOCKING. Brilliant



    Saw the midnight showing of this and it was just as brilliant as the first three parts of the saga. It stayed pretty true to the book. I can't wait for part 2 now. All Twilight fans do not miss out!

  3.  Awesome series


    This is one of the best tv series out there. One of the great things is that it can be funny and serious. The season 6 episode 'The French Mistake' is THE funniest episode to date. The series keeps evolving every season. Misha Collins is brilliant as Castiel, he can be very funny with Cas not understanding some human ways. From the funny to the dark and serious and everything inbetween, Supernatural does not disappoint and will leave you wanting more.

  4.  So funny!


    I love this film, it is really funny and so enjoyable. I always enjoy Jennifer's rom-coms. This is a must watch for anyone who hasn't seen it and is considering watching it. The French bulldog is so cute!

  5.  Bitterly disappointed


    I watched this at the cinema and was really looking forward to it. I usually enjoy Reese Witherspoon's films and Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson are usually very funny. The trailer made it look really good... It couldn't have been any slower and boring, unfortunately. It's marketed as a rom-com but it couldn't be any further from a rom-com if it tried! It felt like the film never really got going. I couldn't wait for it to finish. I sat through it in the hopes it would get going eventually. But no. If you haven't watched it and really want to, then watch it with no expectations and be warned!

  6.  Amazing


    Just saw this at the cinema and absolutely loved it. It was even better than expected. It's romantic, funny, sweet, sad and just about everything inbetween! Anne Hathaway's Yorkshire accent was actually quite convincing (not particularly strong Yorkshire accent, bit still convincing as British), usually American's trying to sound British fail miserably but Anne done really well. I've now bought the book and intend to get the blu-ray once it's released. Make sure you see this film.

  7.  Great film


    Highly enjoyable and sweet and romantic. A great cast. Neil Patrick Harris is very funny in the role of Will, the blind teacher. This is a modern day take on the traditional Beauty and The Beast story and we all know how that ends. But don't let this film pass you by.

  8.  Love it!


    This film is a must see. It will make you laugh and cry. Kate Hudson plays a woman diagnosed with cancer and then ends up falling in love with her doctor. Whoopi Goldberg is great as god! It really is a brilliant film. I just don't understand why the release date has been pushed back?!

  9.  Love it!


    I love, love, love this film! The song's are catchy, the storyline is great. The cast are all excellent in their roles. You'll find yourself wanting to sing and dance along with the songs. It's a great film and you will definitely enjoy it!

  10.  Fantastic album


    I was looking forward to this coming out as I loved her first two singles 'Poison' and 'Don't Hold Your Breath'. I wasn't disappointed. There's something for everyone here. The slower songs she belts out with emotion and the uptempo songs are full of attitude (in a good way!) I really recommend it!