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  1. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10

    PC Games

    2 New from  £15.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.97

     Worse than the console versions


    Everything that makes the 360 version so great is missing from the PC version. The gameplay has no weight behind it, and it comes across as clumsy and stiff in comparison. It just lacks the realistic flow and feel that you get with the next gen console versions. I've not seen a reason for dumbing the game down either, the graphics are worse and the performance is still shoddy even on my PC (which runs GTA4 on high graphics with a solid 30fps). Don't get me wrong, it's still a good game, and if you don't have a PS3 or 360 then this is the best football game you can get, which is why I gave it 3 stars, but if I had to give a rating based solely on a comparison with the 360 version then I would give it 1 star.

    It's about time EA pulled their socks up and gave us a PC version of FIFA that matched the console versions. I had hoped they would do that this time, but sadly I've been let down yet again.

  2.  Best Arcade Racer on the 360


    Need for Speed: Most Wanted, PGR4, Burnout Paradise and Test Drive Unlimited, this game takes the best areas from all of those games, and improves upon them. Midnight Club: Los Angeles is easily the best and most enjoyable racing game I have played on the xbox 360. If you have even a remote trace of petrol in your head, you should definately buy this game.

  3.  Diversionary Tactics


    I was fully prepared to come on here yesterday and give Saints Row 2 a 4 star rating, but out of fairness I decided to play on until I had explored all aspects of the game. I'm glad I did, because today I have found a large number of strange glitches and annoying sections of gameplay.

    Let me start with the good things first...

    -Loads to do outside of the main missions
    -Plenty of customisation
    -Intuitive controls
    -Good music
    -Co-op campaign
    -The ability to buy a share in businesses to make you extra money
    -Respect, a very good way of making players do cool things and have the best clothing/vehicles/cribs.

    Sadly that's where the list ends, here comes the bad list...

    -Average graphics with very poor effects such as sparks, fire, explosions.
    -Terrible Damage system, you can hit something flat out and only see tiny dents on the car, it's worse than the GTA3 damage system.
    -Glitchy animations, if you shoot a driver in a car, then get into it, you're sitting inside the dead body as it flaps about inside the car.
    -Still trying to copy GTA humour and failing.
    -Multiplayer has been stripped of the best gametypes.
    -During Mayhem games, or times where you are doing a lot of damage, certain things become invisible, such as pedestrians, pieces of cars, entire vehicles (which is bad to look at, but also annoying when you blow yourself up because you don't realise an invisible truck just parked infront of you), then if you keep on going the whole game will just crash, forcing you to restart the console (this has happened to me many times during Level 6 Mayhem games)
    -Poor Voice acting
    -GPS shortcuts, they are not useful, and often tell you to take your pickup truck down a shortcut only big enough for a motorbike.
    -Lack of GPS guidance when inside buildings, I can't be the only one that spent 10 minutes trying to find the prison exit after finishing the Fight Club in the courtyard.
    -GPS gets confused with different height levels, so if your route envolves flyovers or bridges it could get you lost.

    I could probably come up with a few more bad points, but those would be in comparison to GTA4, which really is not fair, SR2 is more like GTA3 with more stuff to do. The diversions, side missions and customisation save the game from 2 stars, because I can't really see much improvement from the original game, it's more like Saints Row 1.1 than Saints Row 2.

  4.  Expensive, but worth it


    Some people may be put off by the cost, you may wonder why Xbox Live costs you this much when you can get online gameplay for free with the PS3. The simple answer is that it's better, a lot better.

    I've had my Xbox Live for a year now, and I don't think a week has gone past where I didn't jump online to play against my friends, or just have a nice voice chat with them. All the menus are very easy to navigate, even someone who is not computer friendly will be able to work them out within seconds.

    With new features constantly being added, and the future looking very bright for Xbox Live, I would highly recommend it.

  5. Pure


    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £18.32  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.98

     Pure Excitement


    I have not stopped playing this game since I got it, it never gets boring!

    I love being able to design your own ATV from scratch, choosing every tiny detail such as the frame, engine, handle bars, body shape, wheels, tyres, suspension, hand gaurds and of course the colours and sponsors you want on them.

    The reviews are 100% correct, I am normally sceptical about game reviews giving 5 out of 5, because I've seen some real stinkers given good reviews, but this definately deserves 5 out of 5, maybe even 10 out of 5.

  6.  Meet the new Merc, same as the old Merc


    Mercenaries 2 suffers from the same problems that the first game did, and ends up feeling like a slightly easier and less stylish version of Just Cause with a bit more destruction and a bit less fun.

    The only thing that actually saves this game from being a complete waste of money is the co-op online play and the destruction. The weapons are poor, they sound rubbish and don't feel powerful, so you quickly learn to ditch assault rifles in favour of explosives and vehicles.

    But then you have to deal with the terrible driving physics. I'm not going to be harsh and compare the driving physics with GTA4, because that would be like comparing a Premier League football team to a Sunday League pub team with no legs that play using a square ball. The driving is not only very annoying and stupidly arcadish, it is also boring. If you are going to make it arcadish, you at least have to make it fun to use, instead it's frustrating and a chore.

    However the biggest joke is saved for the motorbikes, because I've yet to fall off one, despite jumping over half a city and crashing into the side of a building after launching off a hill at full speed...it sounds fun but it really wasn't .

    The graphics are average at best and wierd looking at worst, if you look at your character during gameplay you will see what I mean, they look like radioactive versions of Skeletor. The dialog in the game is very poor, often having to hear the same phrase over and over again everytime you want to talk to someone to get a new job, or buy something.

    A few more plus points though are the support options, such as airstrikes and ammo drops, it's fun to just call in an airstrike if you are too lazy to go into a building and use bullets to kill the baddies, and just want to raise the building to the ground instead. I also like having to collect resources from the map, with big stashes of money and fuel tanks ready to be stolen, although you often have to fight for them.

    The sum up my review, I would say Mercenaries 2 has made very little progress from the first title, it just has slightly better versions of everything it had before, and that includes the annoying gameplay and frustrating bugs.

  7.  You would have to be one to find this funny


    The title Headcases is clearly describing the people who might find this series funny. It's a poor rip off of 2DTV and Spitting Image, but without the laughs. The animation is terrible, the impressions are terrible, the jokes are old and predictable, and the whole thing is more smug than a Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan love child.

    Do yourself a big favour, buy 2DTV, avoid this at all costs.

  8.  Nor am I


    This film spends more time trying to be clever than telling a good story. Its the type of thing the academies will go nuts for, because the critics don't understand it so they call it brilliant so that they seem intelligent.

    The acting is good, but the story jumps around all over the place, even if you can get over Dylan being played by a black kid that looks about 10 years old, then Batman, then a woman, you still end up struggling to see the point of the movie. I get the idea, the different actors representing the different personae and the different influences and stages in his life, I expected that and was looking forward to seeing how they executed it. They executed it poorly.

    I was really dissapointed, because I bought this for my father who is a big Dylan fan, he wanted to turn it off after the first 10 minutes, but we watched the whole thing, I say watched, I mean endured. He has been a fan of Dylan since he played folk music, and he could identify who each character was meant to be, no mean feat when they use fake names and characters that neither look, sound, nor act like the real ones. If a life long Dylan fan can't follow the plot then how would someone who knows nothing about him manage?

    This was an experiment gone badly wrong, it fails to do the basic thing that all films must do, and that is entertain the audience.

  9.  An Insult to PES fans


    This game feels like Konami have an attitude, the kind of 'they will buy it no matter what we do' attitude. I can't even be bothered to list the problems with this game. I've got bored of doing it and the I only have 3529 characters left to get it all in anyway, so I would run out half way through.

    Please take my advice guys, this game is not worth your money. The alternative is not worth it either, Fifa is just as bad this year.

  10.  Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss


    This game is quite frankly an insult to PES fans, its a spit in the face to all those people who have put up with buggy unfinished games such as PES5 and PES6. This spit in the face has an additional kick in the family jewels for anyone buying this game for the PS2. You pay more for the PS2 version than you do for the PC version, yet they have taken many features out of the PS2 version. You may have heard of the great new diving system, or shirt pulling, but if you own the PS2 version you won't be seeing them.

    Lets see if I can list the new features...

    Intelligent AI (they know how to move out of the way so you can run the length of the pitch and score...on Top Player)

    Better goalkeepers (with poor reaction times and positioning, that enable you to score from the half way line almost every time you counter attack...on Top Player)

    Player Animations (the ball goes through the goal keepers chest, arms and legs pass through each other, players limbs can bend over their backs to volley the ball, feet dissapear into the ground, and players still run through the goal posts)

    No kit selection in ML games (meaning you play in a black strip against a team in an almost identicle kit, which means you must rely on the radar to identify your team mates)

    Improved Training (you can now save the game on the last week of negotiations and train your players over and over and over, until they have perfect stats, all you need to do is save and reload each time)

    New Editing system for kits (which means unless you know how to use photoshop, and get those files to your console, you will only be able to have about 12 combinations of kit, so your team is bound to look just like your mates)

    You know what, I could go on and on all day about how awful PES2008 is, but the alternative is worse. Its still better than the latest FIFA, but thats not saying much. We need KONAMI to sack the guy in charge of PES, the game is being ruined and fans are losing faith.

    To sum it up, save your money, keep playing PES3 or PES4, because since PES3 it has all gone down hill.