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  1.  Highly Literate - Musical Genius - An Artist like no other


    I've never taken that much notice of Alicia Keys until I heard the mind blowing single 'Try sleeping with a broken heart', which is so genuis, so structured and so ridiculous high standards in the music producing and making industry. This album is the highlight of Alicia Keys career without a doubt and songs like 'unthinkable', 'love is my disease', 'try sleeping with a broken heart' and 'wait to you see my smile' prove's that Alicia is a uncomparable musical genius.

  2.  Thriller Masterpiece!


    The Movie, directed by the superb Martin Scorsese is without a doubt the #'1 movie of 2010 so far. The film is the remote to your robotic brain, and controls every brain wave and level throughout it's entire running time. When Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) feels like he's going completely insane, you feel yourself going completely insane, it's as if you are the character itself. The #1 box office movie is powerful, mind-controlling, compelling and contains a fine ensembled cast. A must watch for absolutely anyone.

  3.  Brit 'Heroes'


    This series has a very thought out storyline and is completely ingenious. The characters have a brilliant contrast with one another and it's probably the funniest show since 'the inbetweeners'. If you didn't watch this on E4, i advise for you to buy it, you'll love it, and it doesn't imitate 'skins' for example to become popular. It's original and fresh TV. And for the price of 11.99 for a whole series, where can you go wrong?!

  4.  Beautiful crafted movie.


    This is without a doubt one of my favorite films of all time. Its just absolutely captivating, the storyline is undescribable& it let's you decide the story at the end, just like a imaginative dream. The characters are brilliant and the movie been in a different language is strangely better as it takes us even more into a different 'world'. Perfection.

  5.  What A Year.


    'Bad Romance' is a true unique, rare& influential single. Lady Gaga has made many artists raise there stakes of performance, setting, music video's& performance outfits. I don't have to go on and on, people who have a undertstanding of music will know that Lady Gaga is a very clever woman. Releasing 'Just Dance' as a maintstream typical pop song, to bag her career in the music industry, which is apparently a 'pop anthem'. Then she wen't on to release 'Pokerface' (the most successful single of the year, most downloaded song ever& went to #1 in 17 different countries) this proved that not only was Lady Gaga a upcoming pop star (just dance material), she was a upcoming superstar. Paparazzi was then released been a mid-tempo song, many music experts suspected that it would 'flop' because of her fast tempo first debuts 'just dance' and 'pokerface'. But it deffently did not, charting at #4 in the UK, making it a TOP5 single! Lovegame was a sexy hit but unfortunately people downloaded it way way before it was released in UK, leaving it to slack in the top40 when it was released..... it did chart to #17 in the UK, but #4 in the USA Hot Billboard! Then 'Bad Romance' was released from the darker side of the fame, moster. Its easily said that Gaga is beyond entertaining, clever & facinating. Gaga has now dented the music industry, and claimed her spot. Now becoming herself, without releasing too much pop, pop... she's now releasing her own personally 'material'- 'Bad Romance' and taking risks which are proving to be right moves. There's three number one's from this album, all achieved in one year. Astonishing... what does she have for us in store for 2010?! Her tour is set to be 'one of the most important moments in music ever'.

  6.  Stunning Original Sci-Fi Blockbuster


    Many people didn't really hear about this movie, until the hype began. Reviewers, viewers and cinematic experts were almost forcing movie lovers to watch this full feature length film. I remember it was a 'trending topic' on twitter for the longest time, people could not decribe at how freakishly amazing this movie was. It touches the emotions of what 'E.T' exceeded& makes viewers squirm and sympathise for what 'The Fly' achieved. This movie is techniqually brilliant, visually stunning, compelling and a absolute SCIENCE-FICTION-CLASSIC. Explosive. An absolute must watch. My personal favorite movie of the year. Lets see if Avatar can take it's place before the year ends....

  7.  Finally


    A female artist comes along which captures you attention in interest, produces infacuating music and talked about style. We've been missing a artist like this for a very very long time. Instead of singing about how interested she is in men, like other artists such as Britney... she sings about sex, fashion and her interest in life. Thank God we have a fresh artist in the music industry, you cannot deny shes the most talked about artist of 2009, without a doubt.

  8.  Cannot Wait


    This album will be fantastic.
    You will not be dissapointed, theres 3 artists this year which stands out the most and they are lady gaga, florence and the machine and the man himself frankmusik. Buy it.

  9. Lungs


    Florence & The Machine - CD

    24 New from  £3.63  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.99

     A million stories which take you away.


    This album is one of best literature albums of all time. Each song portrays a unique story which takes you out of this world. Florence Welch's distinctive voice intertwines beautifully with harps, strings and drums as she sings her inimitable 'soul inspired indie' and 'Tim Burton-style fairytales'. Do not miss out on this, I urge you to buy it.

  10.  The script of this movie is epic


    Storyline- absoloutely stunning
    Comedy- 'i can be sexy' hilarious
    Betrayal- sex/ love/ wages
    Vocabulary- written in the script is immense& so so clever
    Acting- Ryan Phillipe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, great actors and actresses.
    Fantastic Directing- Roger Kumble, wow what a amazing job he did of this movie.
    Music used within movie- colorblind by counting crows, what a spot on song to use within the one of the scenes in this movie.