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  1.  The Best Game on the Wii


    WOW I'm impresed, this game has superb visuals, I would go as far as to saying the best graphics on the wii, although some of the doors don't look very good.

    Then there is single player which is amaazing, its reasnably long, and its really fun and enjoyable.

    But online is where this game really shines, its fun its enjoyable, its got all of the xbox 360 features, unlike workd at war.

    Buy this game then we will have more of a chance of modern warfare 2

  2.  Utter Brilliance


    This is the best game on the nintendo wii, and it also has the most value for money. I hadn't played any of the previous metroid prime games, but I was a fan off fps's so I though I would pick this up. I am playing through the games in order, and I must say they are brilliat, the games have some of the best graphics on the wii, which is amazing when you consider that metroid prime, and metroid prime 2 echoes were originaly gamecube games, a must buy for any wii owner.

  3.  Best Sports Game on the Wii


    Okay, there are a few, not so good games on wii sports resort, but who cares, there are some brilliant ones as well. I was astonished by how acurate the sword play is, if you bring the wii-mote behind your head, it puts the sword behind your head.

    Golf and bowling are both improved, I know find it harder to get strikes in the 10 pin bowling, I found that the original one on wii sports was too easy.

    I don't know why people don't like the power cruising it's one of my favoruite on there. And, I dont know why the critics are complaining about the cycling, as the cycling is great fun.

    Overall, Wii Sports Rresort, is a fun enjoyable Experience, a must have for any wii owner.

  4.  Best Wii Game Ever


    Okay I'm not going to lye, at first this game was a massive disapoint, the controls were unusual, (becuase I was used to call of duty) I was getting aboslotley owned by noob's on the onnline, but then someting happened when I got to level 2 of the game I found it pure brilliance, the graphics are superb for the wii and the online is ace, I'm no longer a noob on online., Thank god, If I have one complaint though it is that you can only use wii speak to talk to your friends which is not high voltage softfwares fault or sega's its nintnendos. This game is easily the best game on the wii, Im just hoping there may be some DLC, which high volatge software said they are working on.

  5.  Great but it's criminal


    I must say i was extremeley imprssed with this game up until it ended, really there is only about 4 hours worth of story in the game, the dueling and quiditch is greta but I'm not a hudge fan of the potions.

  6.  Brilliant Game


    This game is brilliant and has superb garphics, a must but for anyone who owns a wii a+++++++++++++++++++++++++++