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  1.  Actually...rather good!


    Set in the Dark Ages of the 12th Century this is a well acted, gritty & often gory tale & deserves your attention. It creates a mood & atmosphere that will stay with you, long after the credits have rolled. I went into this with no expectations & was immediately drawn in to the story & characters. Don't be put off by negative reviews. Blu-ray PQ whilst not perfect is still very good - great sound too - Recommended.

  2.  DIRE...................!


    If you looking for an intelligent, suspense filled, adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, nerve shredding thrill ride - then AVOID this movie at all costs - you will be surely disappointed! The premise is simple enough, 2 guys & 1 girl trapped on a ski-lift. That's it! The script is awful & riddled with every cliche in the book. The Direction is ham fisted & the 'acting' so wooden & unconvincing, it made me cringe. there is no character development - you don't really care about these people - the 'action', when it comes is totally unrealistic & the SX are those of a very low-budget movie - even the snow storm looked fake - like it came from a machine. It takes well over 45 mins of its 90 mins runtime for anything remotely exciting to happen & when it does you just wanna laugh! I very rarely write scathing reviews, but this is a very deserving candidate for 'Turkey of the Year Award'. Its beyond my comprehension how anyone else could give this trash more than 2 stars...? Blu-ray PQ is ok - though black levels suffer consistantly. However the DTS HD MA is cool. If you love movies - give this one a MISS...

  3.  A Perfect Movie...


    From the Director of 'Pitch Black' & 'The Chronicles Of Riddick' David Twohy, comes a narrative of slowly building suspense, character study, fine acting by all, great script, though whilst a familiar story is both fresh & exciting & is never boring to watch. The scenery alone is worth the price - its simply breathtaking on blu-ray & if you're looking for a disc to show off your tv - this it it. From the start this is Reference material that you don't expect to find. Colours are amazingly beatiful & will blow you away & test your tv's ability to reproduce lush, vivid colours & deep inky blacks. The fine level of detail that is available is spot on. Audio excells also, creating highly believable sound effects driven along by a great musical score. David Twohy always likes to give us something from a slightly different perspective - the road less travelled & he succeeds admirably here with a finely crafted thriller, exquisitely filmed. Highly Recommended!

  4.  Excellent Movie!


    A perfect collaboration between Cage & Herzog in this masterclass of character development with possibly Nicholas Cage's best performance to date - proving that when he wants, he can be & is, a very fine actor. Beautifully filmed, directed & photograped with an intrigueing plot that twists & turns & keeps you hooked. Clever, intelligent & very funny. The blu-ray 1080p transfer is also exemplary with a highly detailed picture & a great DTS MA soundtrack that captures every subtle nuance of the Director's intent. This is a journey well worth taking & comes Highly Recommended!!!

  5.  Ace(r) Monitor!


    With its ultra-slim 15mm Full HD 1920 x 1080 LED display and Winner of the 'Product Design Award 2010' the Acer S243H is both sexy, stylish and innovative & will compliment any desktop. It comes with impressive specs & 2 HDMIs and a staggering 8,000,000:1 ACM Contrast Ratio. Straight out of the well-packed box, the build quality is excellent & the unique L-shaped stand is assembled in seconds, feeling secure & safe. Connected via HDMI to my PC Windows 7 recognised it immediately. PQ is stunning, with crystal clear text and sublime colours. If your looking for a good 24" monitor for games, movies or just surfing the net, then this comes Highly Recommended!!!

  6.  BRILLIANT!!!


    Guy Ritchie just seems to be getting better with every movie he makes...this is tremendous fun & superb entertainment! The onscreen chemistry between Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law works like a dream, in fact all the cast excell in their roles & Mark Strong as the villian is what defines a great actor. The attention to period detail is amazing & Victorian London is recreated perfectly. Non-stop action from the word 'GO' with expertly choriograped fight sequences & totally convincing CGI... its a breath of fresh air & will keep you entertained right up until the final moments when Holmes exclaims: 'I think we should reopen the case!' Please Mr Ritchie, can we have a sequel? Highly Recommened on blu-ray with great PQ & Audio.

  7.  Awesome Fun Movie!


    Why the harsh negative reviews of this movie is a mystery - its about having fun & credit were credit is due, the Production values definately earn 5 stars. Lavish set designs, spectacular scenery, brilliant SX & great performances from all - though why Jake Gyllenhaal had an Upper Class British accent & Alfred Molina sounding like an East End cockney, I've no idea - but who cares! Its very much in the vein of 'Pirates Of The Carribean', but not much in the way of character development or plot - but it's so well put together that its a great way to lose yourself for 2 hours & just suspend belief. Picture Quality is outstanding & the DTS HD is fantastic. Go in with no expectations, and you will enjoy!

  8.  Great movie - Great Transfer!


    The Hughes brothers, Albert & Allen, have done it again with this post-apocolyptic tale - that really isn't anything like 'Mad Max'. It's a movie that demands your attention from the eerie opening sequence, beautifully filmed & photographed. The stark, surreal landscapes are magnificent - almost monochrome with occasional bursts of colour that translates perfectly to blu-ray. Every detail is revealled in glorious Hi Def. Denzel Washington is superb, as is Gary Oldman & the supporting cast. Music too is sublime & the DTS MA will make full use of all your speakers. All-in-all, one of the best of 2010. Highly Recommended.

  9.  'Clash Of Opinions'


    Those who give Negative reviews of this movie, take it far too seriously! It's meant to be FUN. If your looking for a no-brainer, first rate popcorn movie - look no further. Good acting, esp Liam Neeson & Ralph Fiennes. Fantastic SX, perfectly paced & plotted. Great cinematography with a 5* 1080p picture & room shaking DTS MA. What's not to like. Fab movie to escape into...Highly Recommended!!!

  10.  Captivating Little Gem!


    Good actors will make you believe - great actors will make you feel. Based on the wonderful story by Christopher Isherwood, this is a deeply felt & heartwarming, life reaffirming movie, that reaches out & grabs you from the first moment. It takes us on the journey of one man's love for another. Colin Firth's performances is a career best with a superlative portrayal of grief. love lost, joy, pain, anguish...and young Nicholas Hoult from CH4's 'Skins' is a revalation - both are electrifying when they share the screen together. This reaches out & touches a part in all of us & you feel what this man feels. Great movie, beautifully filmed & photograped with an exemplary BD transfer. The picture can & deliberately does, change from washed out & drab, to vivid blooming colour & incredably sharp detail - this was Director's: Tom Fords intention. grain is there in minor quantity, but gives the movie a wonderful film -like glow. Perfect attention to early 1960's Los Angeles period detail only adds to a great movie experience, complimented by a fantastic musical score delivered through rich & immersive DTS HD Master Audio. Can't really fault this underrated masterpiece, that takes its rightful place in this movie lover's blu-ray collection. Sublime!!!