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  1.  Works Great


    Charges both at same time, very nice to use and sturdy rubber grips! Do not be fooled by the cheap versions out there, they do not charge both at same time.. buy official playstation and you know you're getting great quality.

    4 stars because of charge time, that is all.

  2.  LOST = Amazing


    This is by far the best tv show ever!.. From the first episode i have been hooked, and every single episode makes you want to watch more and more, this series has been the most action packed and most answered in terms of not knowing what is going on, even though it has not got as many episodes as previous series it surely does not fail to please! ... The ending was just... Omg!... If you have never watched lost, then i suggest you buy the first series for only £14.99 and trust me , you will not be dissappointed!

  3.  Wii Wheel


    I got MarioKart yesterday and was playing on it last night, and i must say i am impressed with how well the Wii Wheel helps you play this racing game. it is not essential but feels better when turning corners and has a very good response in the game. also when you use online play it has a Wheel icon next to peoples name if they are using the Wheel, and the more you use your wheel the better it thinks you are so eventually it turns it gold!.. this is perhaps to encourage people to use the wheel to get the full effect of the game.

    but all in all this Game is a true classic and is very fun to play at all ages.


  4.  Wireless Freedom


    I bought this because i don't like wires everywhere, and i am so glad i did!

    This wireless headset is so much better, the clarity is better volume is better and the quality is clear!

    This is a must have for people who play on xbox live a lot as this becomes the ultimate accessory when chatting to friends.

    I have also wore it for so long that i forgot it was on my ear, that is because it fits comfortably and there is no hassle

    So i would definately recommend you buyers to get this and enjoy wireless freedom in gaming!

    Besides you're on Play.com where the prices beat the unbeatable!

  5.  12 Months of Fun


    Perfect for xbox fans who like to play anyone around the world!

    this is the gate to the open world of online gaming.. a must have especially at this great price on the famous and best . Play.com

    Also because it is 12 months it gives you the freedom to play whenever you want without worrying when it is going to run out