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  1.  Sci Fi classic


    The Thing is arguably the finest Sci Fi horror film ever made and is every bit as good today as it was 25 years ago. A gripping story devoid of American bravado is set against the backdrop of an Antarctic research station. These individuals cut off by 1000 miles of ice find themselves infiltrated by a highly aggressive alien organism. What follows is two hours of finely honed tension and incredible special effects. CGI simply didn't exist back then and the film is all the better for it. Kurt Russel is great as the surly put upon pilot and the rest of the cast put in fantastic performances. Being so old the transfer to HD is not as clean or crisp as modern releases. However it does offer a clearer picture which is well worth watching again. If you haven't seen it before you owe it to yourself to rent this.

  2.  Best 360 game this year, so far!


    A lot has been said about the Darkness. Just look at the many negative reviews on this site. Many seem to be missing the point. For starters what an opening. The game really starts as it means to go on. The presentation and voice acting are second to none. No games this year and I would say none bar Gears can boast this level of quality. Dropped into a speeding Taxi as Police chase you down a tunnel. Your slightly mad mafia friend driving. It's great stuff and drags you into the world from the off. Yes this game is a shooter. And at the start of the game it feels like any one of a dozen similar games. But that rapidly changes. The introduction of your Darkness powers represents a shift in how the game plays. Each one of the four powers gives you different ways to approach battles and missions. Go in all guns blazing if you wish but a swift death will likely await you. Far better to stand in the shadows and draw on your abilities. Create a black hole to engulf your enemies. Conjure up a goblin like helper to terrorize your foes. Maybe detach a darkness limb and slither along the walls to deliver a face eating stealth kill. The options are many and varied. There are a fun set of achievements to unlock as well which reward experimentation. There are numerous collectibles to find which unlock pieces of artwork, videos and of course achievements. Each one represents a telephone message that you can dial up from the pay phones dotted around. Some are hilarious. Well worth tracking them down. I won't spoil the story but it at points it really affects the player. This is a thoroughly well produced game that oozes quality. Ignore negative remarks about the "shooter" nature of the game. Any one that remotely cares about games will find this a game to savour. Hopes are high for Riddick if this is anything to go by.

  3.  Low quality Movie tie in


    Another month another game rushed out to meet the movie. The multi format origins are painfully obvious. Low quality graphics more at home on first generation PS2 games, seriously. Level design so utterly bland you end up navigating on auto pilot. "Puzzles" involving finding a door switch then opening said door. Repeat for about 6 hours. The team nature of the game should have offered a great experience, swapping characters to utilise their individual skills. Instead you will use the Thing. And use the ground shake move. All the time. You will have to switch character every now and again because the game tells you to. Then you will switch straight back to the orange one. Combat is essentially button mashing. Progress involves simply killing everything in the level then sometimes killing a boss. There are collectibles thrown around which unlock content like comic covers and artwork. These will only really be of interest to die hard fans or achievement addicts. On a positive note the game is a goldmine for easy achievement points. The last three take repeated plays but with a game span of only 5-6 hours, you can blitz this in a weekend. All told not a good game. Great for kiddies or inept players. This game is easy. Even Fantastic mode was a joke. Rent for the points. Don't invest your hard earned in this.

  4.  Slightly depressing "Action" game. With brooms!


    Lets start by saying this game is not worth 40 of your hard earned pounds. Get it for £20 and you won't feel overly hard done by. The game is something of a mess to be honest. Graphics that wouldn't trouble any of the last gen formats. Instantly forgettable soundtrack with mediocre sound effects. The voice acting is that strange mix where they get actors to read in English but from a bad translation. The script is also bland beyond belief, some nonsense about a father losing a child and unleashing demons upon the Earth to bring her back. Or something. The "action" is viewed from an off to the side third person view. You always feel that you want to see just a little bit more. Control is ropey. You need to increase the sensitivity controls to max to get anything really useful out of the main character. The "Bullet Witch" herself? Well she looks sort of ok and you can download costumes for her to wear which generally amount to a decrease in clothing. The actual gun mechanics are unsatisfying. Lining enemies up can be a chore and you end up jumping in and out of a zoomed in "aiming mode". The magic, which should be an integral part of the process can be largely ignored. A few tanks specifically require a blast from a lightning bolt to dispatch, but apart from that you can sail through the game with all guns blazing. Achievements are tied into multiple play throughs. Complete on Easy, Normal, Hard, Chaos and Hell modes for points. Get all upgrades and play for 15 hours for some more and finally you get points for completing each of the 6 levels. Yes 6. You are looking at less than 6 hours to complete this. It's not particularly hard. All that's left is spending another 24 hours getting all achievements. If that sort of thing appeals and you are in it for the points then give it a go. My lasting impression is of a game that made me feel slightly dirty after playing it and not in the least satisfied. One for the bargain bins.

  5.  Thought provoking read. With Vampires!


    I was quite surprised when I realised that this book was written in the 50's. It is surprisingly contemporary and will translate well to film, the Will Smith helmed version is coming shortly. The book itself is short, only 156 pages and was not what I expected. This is not an action packed thrill ride. This is the story of the last human. Alone in a world filled with Vampires. By day he lives his life, gathering supplies, repairing the damage caused to his house by the night time attacks and slaying Vampires as they slumber. By night he shuts himself away and contemplates his lot in life. There is a very tangible sense of loneliness. His daily routines to stave of madness, the longing for companionship. This is what the book is about. There is the occassional confrontation with the undead but largely he spends his time avoiding them. The book builds to a surprising climax which leaves you looking at the Vampires in a different light. Well worth a read just don't expect a gore filled actionfest. This is not that book.

  6.  Spidey tastic? Not quite


    Lets be honest. The hype of a big blockbuster movie is difficult to ignore. It's a quiet time for releases and out pops Spiderman 3. The movie trailer taunts you every other hour it's hard to resist. So you spend your £40, £50 if your are lazy, but what do you get? Well a competent action platformer. It doesn't feel next gen. I get the distinct impression that the basic game engine is an enhanced PS2/XBOX effort. Spiderman himself is nicely detailed. The other character models are often painful to look at, staggering around as if they have been subjected to botched face transplants and artifical limb replacements. The city itself is probably the saving grace. Swinging through the streets, leaping buildings and exploring the environment is a genuine pleasure. It's only when you start to get into the mission that things go awry. For starters you need to track down a mission marker. I half expected to see a character model waiting to speak to you but instead you get a spinning icon that you have to press X at. It destroys that illusion of being involved in a breathing world. Once underway the missions are quite enjoyable and varied. The many boss battles are handled well and the much needed restart points are generously spaced. With Boss fights often taking place over three or four rounds, this is key. During the final parts of the battle you are prompted to hit the correct coloured button at the correct time. Hit enough of these and Spidey will dance around on screen, avoiding attacks and generally doing things you couldn't hope to replicate yourself with the control you have.

    That brings up another issue. The control system. Swinging works well, it's simple and effective. There are a few too many missed webs but you learn to cope with that. Combat is an issue. Despite there being, on paper, dozens of different moves to learn, you will end up hammering X and Y in a desperate attempt to pull off some kind of combo. The unlockable moves are often too convoluted to remember. The slow motion button seems a bit inconsistent as well. At times it seems to last for 20 seconds allowing you to mow down several enemies at once. Notably, during the frequent boss battles, you are seemingly restricted to about 5 seconds. Before you realise the effect has worn off you have received a smack in the face and a chunk of life lost. Battles often take too long as well. Punch two or three times, retreat, jump around, repeat. Still achievements are regularly unlocked which is always comforting. I suppose credit must also be given for getting the cast memebers to lend their voices to the game. It does add something to hear tobey maguire talking his way through the story. So to sum up then. A good game. It has moments of real freedom, web swinging is always a pleasure. The combat and repetitve nature of some of the boss battles does detract however. It never seems to reach the heights of greatness that I so desperately wanted it to. Still I keep going back to it so perhaps that's the point. Don't expect too much and you will find much to enjoy here.

  7.  Addictive yet average shooter


    £18 for a new 360 game is no bad thing. But it does give an indication of the quality you should expect. This game is strangely addictive and yet does so many things halfheartedly. The graphics are generation 1 XBOX and PS2 standard. The music is instantly forgettable and the the pick ups, left behind when you shoot enemies are static sprites and really look odd on the 3D levels. However all that said, the game has something. For a start it is big, 53 levels in total. It's spread over 5 difficulty types with an achievement unlocked for completing each, the sixth achievement kicks in when you unlock all the weapons. There are 170 of those spread over about 5 categories. Sniper rifles, missles, grenades and shotguns are some of those on offer. The higher the difficulty, the better the weapon obtained at the end of the level. There is no depth here however. It is blast all that come your way and proceed to the next stage. The levels themselves rotate between the same tunnels/city scape/beach area but really it doesn't matter. For complete switch your brain off, trigger happy action it is essential. This harks back to the days of the arcade blaster and at £18 is well worth a look.