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  1.  Good Bit Of Kit For The Price


    Ok so i had be in two minds about getting this after seeing some of the reviews left about it but i took the risk and it has definatly paid off! Very easy to set up comes with all the leads appart from one, you need to buy the HD component cable. After pluging it in and installing the softwear i turned it on only to find the recording screen flickering realy bad but a quick fiddle in the options/setting and cchanging the tv standard to NTSC_M or PAL_M it was fine.

    Have been recording in 720p (Although not the best looking 720p) and iploading things to youtube easily, all my videos so far are here if you want to see the quality - youtubecom/S1minIIuk, but considering a HD PVR is about 150 quid and Roxio is about 50-60 quid its very good for the money i mean an extra 80 quid just for a bit more quality for a HD PVR, not realy worth it.

    There is a little decrease in quality on the tv when your playing through the component cable but its hardly anything and when recording the file size of the video is pretty small i recorded dead island lastnight for 3 and a half hours and the file size came to 4.3GB and a 20min game of fifa came to 540MB.

    The video editor is quite good, its nothing amazing but good enough for cuting and adding music or comentary and it doesnt freeze like others i have tried

    Overall this is a good capture card, dont expect flawless quality but you can expect it to be good for the money.

  2.  A Unique RPG/FPS


    After playing the first mission i was ready to sell the game i did not like it at all but thought i just spend 40 quid on it so ill give the game a chance and im glad i did.

    After getting used to the game i started to really enjoy it, there is a good social side to the game when interacting with people, a good few side missions that are done well, the augmentations are good and give the game its own identity, a solid cover/shooting system, multiple ways to play through a level such as goin in guns blazing or sneaking and even a mix of the two or hacking enemy turrets to use against them and its a good looking game.

    I diddnt like this game at all after the first 30mins - hour but if you stick with it you will learn to love the unique game that it is.



    Im not the biggest fighting game fan, i own one other beat 'em up and thats tekken, but this game is amazing i likes the old mortal kombat trilogy on ps1 so i realy wanted to give this a go and it delivers.

    Fast paced, bloody and exciting MK is my king of the beat 'em ups its everything you remember it to be and more with the great fatalitys and the new 'x-ray' moves for a bit of eye candy and a fight changer, a good selection of fighters and nice looking fight stages plus a whole lot of mini games (test your sight/might/luck/strike) this will keep you going for a long time.

    This is Mortal Kombat at its best there is no other fighting game like it, pick it up and see for yourself.

  4. Brink


    PC Games

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     4* If They Fix The FPS Lag


    Ok so the hype killed this game a little bit, its not amazing by anymeans but its still a good game, dont expect call of duty style gameplay guns are underpowerd in this game so it takes more than normal to kill people (not a stupid amount just more).

    The free running is smooth when using the smart button but the maps dont arnt made well and dont seem made with the free running in mind and the game modes...... well there arnt any every map has its unique objective simalar to killzone 3's operation maps so theres no TDM/CTF/Conquest/rush etc.

    The big downside of this game is the fps issues but after two very quick patches from splash damage it is getting better, still not there but its on its way.

    To sum it up this game is not a next gen shooter but it does do something different to stand out in the sea of fps games, worth checking out but dont have realy high hopes.

  5.  NFS Is Back!


    After a good few poor game from the Need For Speed series (pro street/undercover) its finaly back on track with Hot Pursuit.

    Now you can play as a cop and its great, it has its own single player campaign and you can take it online to bust your friends!

    The racer campaign is just as good there are loads of cars to choose from for both racer and cop and the all look and especialy sound fantastic plus the new addition of Auto Log witch is a fantastic idea its basicly a facebook for NFS, it posts friends lap times etc for you to beat and keeps you informed if anyone has beaten you.

    If your in two minds about getting this because of previous NFS games dont worry this separates its self in nearly every way and is one of the best in the franchise.

  6.  Over Hyped, But Not To Bad


    The hype damaged this bad, while its still an ok game it has its fair share of prblems.

    The single player is sooooo short, you can do it between 1 to 4 hours depending on how well you play fps games, the characters are plain, the voice acting is way below par, graphicly the game looks very outdated and the story although a new setting for an fps it falls short in nearly everyway.

    The multiplayer is alot better than the singleplayer, although it looks just as poor, with battlepoints giving you something fresh in an online shooter but there are only a few maps and a very small amout of guns along with clunky controls (not sure what it is but theres something about them thats not right) and hit detection that doesnt allways work very well (that might just be me but im not to sure) its a let down given the hype surrounding the game prior release.

    If your looking for something a bit new and different its worth renting first as its not the best shooter to date but its worth having a go.

  7.  The Worse RE Film Yet


    None of the Resident Evil films have been that good, firts was ok second was pretty good third was pretty bad and now this is just awful, the fight scenes are boring over the top and cheesy and you just dont care about the story, have to agree with MrBull's review, give this film a miss.

  8.  R.I.P The Old School Action Hero


    I love the old over the top action films and was excited when i saw the trailer for this film and the amount of big names in it is impressive..........but thats where it ends, the film is sooooo boring stallone gave himself the biggest role in the film and it makes everyone else seem as if they dont need to be there.

    Jet li gets 1 fight scene and its so bad why have him in the film if your not going to show off his martial arts skill? also randy coture, i think for a ufc fighter he did a good job just the film made him look bad. The same thing with terry crews why have him in the film if your not going to give him a funny part to play.

    Statham has the only other meaning full part in the film and its just not that interesting, Action scenes are boring with none of the old school flare that makes you think "that was cool!" i think even if a 13yr old watched this they would not find it that good.

    The only thing that is getting this film high praise off people is the big names in the film and nothing else this film is deffinatly a big dissapointment and the end of the old school action hero

  9.  What You Expect From A Tiger Woods Game


    Its not a bad game at all just theres not alot of difference from Tiger 10, worth getting for the price and if you have missed out on a few Tiger games then you will be in for a treat.

  10.  Dont Miss Out On A Gaming Masterpiece


    Im not the biggest fan of rpg games but Mass Effect 2 is amazing.

    Combinding 3rd person shooting with an rpg and a quality story with so much depth and information bioware have created a believable sc-fi world.

    You will interact with loads of unique charicters both human and alien and you chose what to say to each of them and how you want to be percived (a paragon or renegade) witch in turn opens up even more in the way of speach ind interaction.

    A lot of work has gone into this game and it shows when you are playing it definatly worth buying especialy at this price.