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  1.  One of my highlights of the year.


    This was a fantastic game, and one of my highlights of the year. Brilliant fun, reasonable graphics and generally slick gameplay.

    Let down by level 2 being poor, but the rest of the game is so good that I still have to give it 5 stars. The multiplayer could be better, but for a single player experience it is just so much fun.

  2.  Good series, but not the best.


    I have been a long time fan of the series, and glad that the DVDs are finally releasing outside of the US.

    Season 7 has some very good moments, but tends to middle, much like it's position in the series as a whole. It is not bad, but nothing exceptional. The season that preceded it, number six is superior, but you will still find yourself laughing and cringing at at the episodes.

    Anticipating the later series releasing as it really starts to pick-up again, but any fan must add this to their collection, and if you haven't got seasons 1 through 6 yet, then do it now, buy them.

  3.  Glitchsite Around 51,000


    I paid £35 for the game. So I am annoyed that it is now £20 just 3 weeks later.

    The game is acceptable. The controls are fine, and the gameplay and difficulty are O.K.

    What really lets this game down are the numerous glitches. I thought it was going to crash my 360 when it froze loading for 1 min +. It has numerous slowdowns. I am not sure if it is the framerate dropping, or the console struggling with the coding. Not an issue on other games I have played, and it seems a common issue on forums. The loading screens bleed into the game. An issue mentioned elsewhere on the internet.

    The achievements are very glitchy, hit and miss if you manage to unlock them or not, but the online achievements should be Okay, as the online community is surprisingly high.

    The game suffers from a lack of story, and some areas of immense frustration. Last gen this would have been a very good FPS, this gen it is mediocre, with some annoying AI, poor textures, and some major bugs.

  4.  Death Trap


    This is the first MoH game I have played, and I must say it was very irritating.

    It is no replacement for CoD, but is an decent WWII shooter. The graphics are fine, and the gameplay generally good. The problem is the difficulty is a bit excessive. It suffers from "Didn't I kill you already" You can clearly see that you have killed someone, but they just don't die. On some occassions you get stuck in areas where it is just a fluke you survive, cover often is useless, the bullets get you from no-where.
    The final problem is that you often respawn in the air.

    It is a solid game, with enough gameplay, I often found myself throwing down the controller, especially on the bridge on the penultimate level, and the SS Uber guy when you get ambushed by the train. If you are used to CoD then you will be fine, but this is not a game to be your first FPS.

    Get it for £25, it is definately worth a play through.

    P.S. How did anyone get the Achievement to complete a lvl without dying, it can't be possible.

  5.  Worse one ever.


    The handling in PGR has always been poor, but I started to really enjoy PGR3 as I found a style that works. However in PGR4 they ruined everything, handling is worse, you can hardly get around a corner. The Solo campaign is butchered, and the cars have been restricted too much.
    They have ruined the HUD, I play in-car-view, but in PGR4 you get no speedo or rev counter, which many are complaining about.

    And the worse thing is, you can't short shift at the start of a race, in PGR3 you can do flying starts by switching up to 2nd, but in PGR4 you can't do this, and get overtaken by an AI which on paper is in a slower car than you.

  6.  Dissapointing Collectors Edition


    The game is good, a bit short like most current games, but fun. I feel that bringing it upto date has lost some of the CoD magic, but it is a good game.

    There are a good range of missions, and some fun achievements, but they are weighted a bit to much to the Veteran campaign, and there are no MP achievements.

    The problem comes with the Collectors edition, it is bascially a card box, which contains the standard retail game, a book, a DVD that looks like it fell out of a Newspaper, and a poster.

    If you are expecting a metal tin like me you will be disappointed, but if you want the kudos of having the Collectors edition £44.99 is a reasonable price, and the game is defo worth a purchase.

  7.  Not great, but worth buying


    This is my first Tomb Raider game, and it really makes me want to get Anniversary when the 360 version launches.

    The game has a variety of levels, set in many interesting locations rather than the expected tombs.
    I especially enjoyed the motorbike section, and the fork-lift truck. The boses are fun, but a bit easy, and there are only 5 spread across 9 levels.

    The only negative is that sometimes it is far from obvious what you have to do to progress, and checkpoints are sometimes too widely spaced.

    The game loses a star for being short. Easily completed in 16hours, and that was taking it slowly. A player who has experience with Tomb raider could do it in under 10.

    The graphics, and gameplay are first class, with the occassional glitch but nothing major if you have played through CoD3 then in comparison Legend is bug free.

    The ending hints at a sequel, which I hope comes soon.

  8.  I don't see the problem.


    I got this at launch. But due to the onslaught of great games only just completed it in August, played through all of Act 3 and half of Act 2 in about 5 hours.

    The game does have the occassional framerate issue, but they aren't common, and even 18months after release it still stands up as a great FPS for the 360. It does have it's annoying moments, remembering you can save at any point, not just a checkpoint is key.

    The cliffhanger ending leaves you feeling a sequel is on the way, but as far as I can tell it is not.

    Definately a game to buy, and compared to F.E.A.R which I feel was ported badly with controls not optimised for the 360, this game plays fantastically well.