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  1.  The definition of epic.


    Stunning landscapes, epic quests and a whole world of creativity await the armchair warrior eager to carve a name for themselves in Skyrim. Dragons wheel overhead, seeking to destroy all life in Tamriel, civil war tears the populous in two and it is into this arena the player is thrust into.

    Invest the time and patience into this game and you will be more than rewarded. The main quest is short, true, but it is in my opinion the main excuse to immerse the player into this rich world of high fantasy.

    Don't get hung up on 'Theres no multiplayer!' and " We've seen it before!', why would you want a multiplayer in such a vast world, and why, if you are a fan, wouldn't you want to see it all again? I've not played any other game in 5 weeks, and until something else come along, I dont think I will be.

  2.  At last, a challenge!


    Its so refreshing to finally get a game that wants to make you fail, while at the same time willing you forwards. The contents of the limited edition is pretty nice, as I got the printed book, dvd and cd soundtrack in the box along with a code to get digital copies of this content as well, so I was quite happy. Add to this the nerve shredding sections of pure doom, the satisfaction of beating 'that section' and the online elements and you got yourself a winner. Dark Souls is as much of a game of skill as it is determination, so just keep plugging at it and you'll crack it.

    Just draw the curtains, pull the chair that little bit closer to the screen and ....prepare to die. A lot.

  3.  Are we all playing the same game?


    I love zombies, they are my kinda person. So I was excited to get my hands on this. Co-op, sun ,sea and slaying, what could go wrong? Well quite a lot really. Poor visuals that look very dated, ropey collision detection, weak characters and poor repetitive quests all add up to one massively missed opportunity. Deep Silver's Chrome engine isn't at all capable of chucking about anymore than 10 zombies at any one time, and the 'types' of the infected have shamelessly shambled from the classic L4D series straight into this wreck of a game. I played it, and I really tried to love it, but after wondering aimlessly around a sewer I just had to give up.

    If you are able to see past the massive flaws then maybe you'd have a gem on your hands, but I really wish I'd waited for this to hit the bargain bin before buying it.

    2 stars? Well, the first star is for 'its an Xbox game that runs!', and the second star is for the driving sections. Because as ugly as the undead are, they make freakin' awesome hood ornaments.

  4.  Too Short


    Sorry to say, but the title says it all. This game is far too short - it ends just as it appears that the game might actually get good! The end meant to be cinematic, a cliffhanger, a real reason to buy the next instalment, but its not. In truth, its a slap in the face. To even describe this as an RPG is insulting, there is no real depth, no reason to replay the tedious sections of this game and the multiplayer is plagued by XBLA's dumb gamers. I'd like to finish on a plus though - the soundtrack is pretty decent in the big fights.But thats no reason to shell out on this title. Wait until its on a deal like 2 for £20 or some other low low price, and for now wait for Fable II.Now THATS going to be an RPG!