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  1.  replaced ipod shuffle with this wonder


    great music machine, decent battery life ( 15 hrs ) easy to use interface ,expandable memory..micro sd, the low vol noted is a eu nanny state precaution, the workaround is to set the player to 'rest of the world', when first setting it up ( or after a system reset ) this gives you a lot more oomph..i replaced a ipod shuffle 3rd gen with this and it's much better sounding, has more features and causes me less stress ( no itunes to navigate ) and as a consequence i use it a lot more

  2.  luv your battery baby !


    unsung but very capable nokia smartphone, it's highlight is its stunning battery life, for a powerful handset with loads of functions its remarkable..all the nokia plus points..familiar os..reliability..free push email..free sat nav feature thru nokia..wifi..gps..accelerometer..half qwerty keypad..3.5mm audio out..600mhz processor..bluetooth 2.. etc etc

  3.  close to perfect


    splendid amp for home cinema thrills, loads of toys, next gen lossless surround codecs, thx ultra 2, fine upscaling, upconverting video processor, 2 hdmi outs, thx volume, audyssey multi eq xt, audyssey dynamic volume, i could continue for a long time.
    stunning sound with massive power, low noise floor, better than expected music playback, unexpectedly easy to set up thanks to a great manual- minor caveats, the remote is bulky and the amp runs quite warm, though i hammer mine and the cooling fans have never kicked in yet, it also weighs over 50 pounds so be careful when locating it in your set up. personally i regard this as a minor bargain, "budget" monies for true high end gear

  4.  the holy grail of dvd soundtracks


    I've heard lots of dts track dvd's over the years, generally they're a bit more robust and powerful than the dolby alternative, this dvd has possibly the greatest audio track ever, presented at half its recommended bit rate, which is fairly typical for dts tracks on dvd's.
    The sonic experience is almost holographic and truly cinematic, if you ever wanted to really try out the av rig that cost you 3 months salary, try this.
    It helps enormously that the film is generally so good too.

  5.  oh dear


    possibly a result of the endless touring / studio cycle, this is instantly less substantial than previous efforts, some keyboard bleeps and tight production can't disguise a patchy set of songs, sung with less conviction than ever, a minor rethink and some time off before the next one please

  6.  great mindless fun


    I'm not a gamer, i got ps3 to upscale dvd and for bluray. I downloaded a few free demos though when installing the console and motorstorm was one, its huge fun, easy to play and looks and sounds lush. I soon picked up the full game, i don't think it will challenge true enthusiasts for too long but only a hard heart would deny its "grinning" throwaway appeal

  7.  not essential at all


    Never owned a games system in my life, got ps3 for bluray and dvd upscale and as a consequence got used to the "six" controller to navigate dvd and bluray, i then bought the dedicated bluray remote, to be honest using the game controller is no hardship and the dedicated remote is hardly life changing, a little more coffee table friendly perhaps and to be honest not much more than that

  8.  benchmark recording


    The greatest remix album ever, and the most influential too. Try any other ie, david holmes or fred deakins and your left with a "semi skimmed" feeling, they are both fine but a bit toothless and vanilla.
    The soulwax brothers deliver full fat and its anything but vanilla, if you own only one "dance" album make sure its this one

  9.  fincher grows up


    i thought paramount didn't make challenging stuff anymore, fincher does however. absorbing film making, like the offspring of coppola and pakula, superb script, fine lead players and great support off john carroll lynch, chloe sevigny, brian cox etc. at some point a film so layered and ambtious should fall away a little, finchers real skill is that this 150 minute plus affair doesn't, its rivetting from the opening shots to the final reel.

  10.  real pop gem


    pop music should not mean foul tosh from girls aloud and busted, it's this splendid collection of real songs, produced by trevor horn and performed with aplomb. it comes on like prefab sprout formed in 2003, no small compliment. don't worry if the skip button on your cd player is like mine, broke - you ain't gonna need it here !