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  1.  Amazing!!!!!


    Instantly playable, both online and single play is fantastic!!! Pro Evo has and always will beat Fifa for playability!!

  2. Angles


    The Strokes - CD

    17 New from  £7.46  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     Coming from a new Angle, but the same awesome Strokes.


    This album is ACE. That's my review in a nutshell. This is old skool Strokes. Personally, I love all the Strokes albums and this one is as good if not better. I'd say 7 of the 10 songs are 5 out of 5's. The other 3 are 4 out of 5's. Very consistent as always. If you want to listen to the old Strokes, buy their old albums. This is new, so it isn't the same, but it's a fabulous album. Anyone who says otherwise it being RI-DIK-O-LUS.

  3.  King Julian


    One of my favourite albums of the year although it did take a while to grow on me, once it did I was absolutely hooked! This is a brilliant album and very consistent. I must've played it a hundred times... (so far)... Now I can't wait for his next one!,,,

  4.  Amazing!!


    Every track on this album is amazing!! There is a bit of everything, from Dance, Pop, R&B and Soul. I really like the colaboration with Justin Beiber. Chris Brown is the next best thing to Michael Jackson. Get this album, and then if you haven't already got it, go and buy Graffiti too cause that's also flipping amazing!!

  5.  Beasty!!


    This film is one of my all time favourites and in my opinion one of the best animated movies of all time. Really great story full of Disney Charm and as ever, great music too! A must have!

  6.  Possibly the most under rated album ever!!


    In my opinion 'Graffiti' is the most under rated album of 2009/2010. I've not heard a more consistent album for a long time. Each track is unique, well written and brilliantly sung. Chris Brown has un-matched talent in todays music industry. From pop ballads such as 'Crawl' and 'So Cold' to upbeat 'What I do' and 'Girlfriend' to euro pop songs 'For us' and 'Pass Out' , this album is awesome and deserves so much more recognition than it is currently getting. I hope Chris Brown can ignore any negativity he receives and continue releasing cracking albums like this.

  7.  This'll 'Rock your world'


    Forget the stories, forget the tabloid rumours, this is an awesome Album. On first listen I thought Michael Jackson had lost it, I really did, but for some reason I kept comming back to it. I've owned it since it was released (about five years ago), and I can honestly say it's the best album I have ever bought. I love every song on the album, they've all grown on me and I'm still finding new bits which I'd previously missed. He's got style, class and is a cut above any other artist in todays world of throw away music. Highly highly recommended!

  8.  Average in the beginning, but it really grows on you.


    At first I thought this was a pretty average album, but kept feeling compelled to return, it is now one of my favourite albums. Particular stand out tracks in my opinion are 'Razorblade', 'Ize Of The World' and 'Vision Of Division'.