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  1.  Seriously!


    This film is complete and utter rubbish. 1 hour and 44 mins of total dullness. I seriously must be missing something as i bought this film due to the good reviews. The first 1 hr and 25 mins is just talking/subtitles, which is basically between 4 characters, mega boring! Then the last 20 ish mins has the supposed "horror" scenes but if your a true horror fan they don't even scratch the surface of being horror like. If you call someone sticking needles into someones skin about 1cm horror, or cutting off their foot with a piece of wire which doesn't been get bloody, then this is the film for you. My advice for any true horror fan, or even just a junior horror fan - AVOID AT ALL COSTS, i wish i had!

  2.  Be prepared...


    to waster half the book if your not interested in camera raw and mini bridge.

    Pages 1 - 113 cover the above and i found were wasted as i knew all that stuff, if however you want to learn about mini bridge and raw then its very helpful.

    The rest of the book is very good. Its full colour and printed very well. All the information is presented neatly and readable. The step by step tutorials are very easy to follow and some are quite fun. The HDR section is great.

    I would definitely say this is a book for beginners though as the tutorials are very short and basic.

    I would recommend buying this book, i did and have had some great use out of it.

  3.  What a let down, save your money....


    I had great hopes for this game, having seen some good video clips of it earlier on in the year, i even pre ordered it.

    First impressions, i must admit i wasn't overly impressed, when opening the box i found the manual consisted of a handle of pages, about 5, most of which just covered legal details, credits and half a page for the controller controls. There were no in-game details of anything that would make you hurry up and put the game in the drive and no trick list. I must admit i'm not a manual reader but i do like to have a little bit of info about the game structure.

    Anyway, i Inserted the game and was really looking forward to a weekend of skateboarding, but how wrong was i?! The game was back in its box after 30mins and was now going to be collecting dust!

    Why was it so bad - Well, the opening video and graphics are shocking for this "2010" game, which really surprised me seeing it was made by Ubisoft and its 2010, not 1990. In fact its so dated and badly done i thought i had been sent a pre release version and had to check the box! The skater design - well, what skater design, it feels like we have gone right back to the realms of the ps1. Hardly any boards, clothes, styles to choose from, and the haircuts have to be the worst part in the whole game. The world seems very samey, same cars, same people, same jumps, same rails.... There seems to be no free play or tutorials, and all you need to do to unlock the grey world is skate round doing ollies. The trick controls are doubled up, so you can ollie with the X button (which jumps ridiculously high and you constantly miss the rail) and the right stick, making it slightly confusing.

    I definitely wouldn't advise buying this game or even renting it, its a real let down in all aspects - graphics, gameplay, design, feel, quality... need i go on!. I think the main let down are graphics, they are so bad, it feels as if it has just been rushed out the door ready to be on the shelves in time for christmas. AVOID!

  4. SAW



    5 New from  £25.51  Free delivery

     If your a saw fan....


    then this is for you. Great graphics, very atmospheric. Some decent puzzles with plenty of action and games along the way. Lots of traps from the films and boobie traps to deal with. Slicing open the bodies is pretty fun, especially as they are still alive!

    The only con i have with it so far is that you need sixaxis control for parts of the game, great idea, but in my case this meant i had to buy a new controller as the sixaxis didnt work on my orginal control bought with the very first ps3. It would of been better if there was a choice of how to control your player, but thats it so far.

    Definately worth buying!

  5. Fuel



    3 New from  £6.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.94

     Like large free roaming games??


    Then this is the game for you. The map area is huge, it takes a couple of hours to drive from one corner of the map to the other, like I said it's huge.

    There are 74 vehicles to win / buy, ranging from bikes to monster trucks, with the odd bonus vehicles thrown in like a hovercraft which is the only vehicle in the game to be able to drive on water.

    The gameplay is brilliant, the map is divided up into areas, each area has a certain amount of career stars to collect, which are needed to unlock other areas and give you money to buy new vehicles, then there's seperate challenges, plus loads of dopler trucks, liverys and vista points that need collecting, there are also loads of barrells of fuel lying around the map ready for collecting.

    The gameplay is endless, even if you have collected everything there's still plenty of jumps and terrain to work with.

    All in all it's a great game, if you don't like free roaming then do not buy, but for all you lovers of being able to do what you want when you want, then this IS for you!

    Over 50hrs of gameplay and still plenty to do!

  6.  Great price


    I bought this to use with the new samsung s8300 tocco ultra edition. Wasnt sure if it would work but it does, perfectly. It doesnt come with a card adpater - so you can transfer stuff to the pc, but if you got a free memory card with your new mobile phone or even an old adapter, whether its just for SD or SDHC, it will let you use the old adapter.

  7.  Amityville horror remake??


    If you liked amityville horror, then you'll like this film. Its practically the same story. There are some good bits in it but being a major horror fan, its all been done before. Bit of a let down.

  8.  Head turner


    This t-shirt is awesome, its very eye catching as the coloured logo is so viberant. The t-shirt is a thin style and its quite a tight fitting, but the size seems to be ok, i wouldnt advise buying a larger size. This black however isnt really jet black, its more a charcol black, seemed abit faded, but still a great t-shirt.

  9.  Stylish


    This shorts are very stylish, but they are quite a tight fit, so when ordering maybe consider a larger size. They are very thin and lightweight, and dry very quickly. They come just to about mid knee.

  10.  Subtitles


    First of all both these films are Norwegian so have english subtiles. The first film was quite good, your typical teenage slasher film, but the second film is abit silly - with the original killer from the first film coming back to life to do the same killing story all over again. So the 3 stars is for the first film.