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  1.  A true OMG WTF flick


    The 'Found footage' genre is becoming very overcrowded. Some are good, some are truly awful. Evidence starts out like the Blair With Project. A film that's good in its own right, but knocking it off directly is kind of a mundane thing to do at this point. And Evidence does seem mundane in the beginning: a man holding a video camera making a personal documentary while he and a few friends go out to the woods. It's not exactly original. But... oh my God, does that all change. By the end, I was glued to the screen watching some pretty astonishing events unfold. It's gets even more frenetic than Rec by the end. Clearly, the slow boil first act and curious second acts were nothing more than a deliberate ploy by the filmmakers to lull the audience into a false sense of security.

    So, it starts out like The Blair With Project then turns into Rec on steroids. If you're a fan of either or both of these films, you cannot go wrong with Evidence. It'll be hard to top this one.

  2.  Excellent quality


    A faux double layer, so more suitable for spring/autumn (or cool UK summer) rather than winter. The quality and design is, as expected, A1. At the time of writing this is only 19.99 from 59 pounds. You'd be insane not to. Really :-)

  3.  Not a lot of action, despite what people say


    It's not a bad film by any means, but Iron Man is on-screen for a total of between 10-15 mins for the duration of a film that clocks in at around 125 minutes. And MIckey Rourke's bad guy is defeated twice in a despairingly short time. Critics didn't warm to this one, but from what I saw it's no different to the first movie (anti-climactic showdown and all). So, if you liked that one, you'll certainly like this. As long as you don't go into this expecting lots of action, because it's mostly blink and you'll miss it stuff. Great cast, btw.

  4.  Asian Horror with a difference


    Not a Japanese film like the other reviewer states, but a Thai one. But don't let that put you off. Actually, it's probably a good thing because, rather than the typical cliched slow-bore Asian scares, we get an absolutely demented ghost killing off a group of hot nurses (in full uniform and all looking more like glamour models than anything else) in some very creative ways. Now, this ghost has long hair and does look like the usual J-Horror spook, but that's where the comparison ends. Actually, it's more of a prank on your expectations, since J-Horror rarely ever features a drop of blood, most people dying of fear rather than being physically torn to shreds in some manner. If there's a victim to all the relentless chaos on display, it's the plot. There is one, but it's threadbare. Same goes for characterisation. Sick nurses is certainly more Evil Dead (it's tongue firmly in its cheek) than it is Ring or Grudge, and as long as you approach it with this in mind, a good time is sure to be had.

  5.  Easily as good as parts 1-4


    C'mon people, it's Friday the 13, what did you expect? It plays out exactly how a classic Friday film should. The new Jason is leaner and meaner than ever. There's method to his madness, and it all makes sense (well, a Jason kind of sense). This particular flick plays it back to Jason's hey-day before he became the Kane Hodder lumbering zombie, and is easily better than everything that came after part 4. In keeping with tradition, the kills are swift and very brutal - and there's lots of them. In short, If you're a long-time Vorhees fan, you'd be mad to listen to the naysayers and not give this a go. The actual Blu ray itself has crystal clear 5.1 HD dolby sound and a flawless picture. Black levels are deep and colours well saturated, with plenty of detail. This version is 9 minutes longer than the cinema version, adding extra plot and some gore. Jason isn't in Hell, he isn't even in outer space (lol). He's back where he belongs at Camp Crystal lake, doing what he does best ;-)

  6.  Mindblowing


    At least, the demo was. Casting an eye across the various reviews online via metacritic, it's obvious the full game is at least as good as what was displayed in the demo, and has even grander set-pieces again. I rarely play a demo more than once, but I've been through this one almost half-a-dozen times. I've never witnessed anything so visually and aurally intense. The graphics are incredible. Only Crysis running all-out on max competes, although Killzone 2 still has more weight to the world and therefore feels more real. Of course, there's the bee in some peoples' bonnets right there. If you prefer the floaty style first person shooters like Left 4 dead (where it actually feels like you're hovering rather than running), this isn't for you. There's real weight here. It's all substance but with a huge helping of style. Playing for the first time is like the same kind of shock you felt when first playing GTA IV. Everything just looks and feels so much more realistic than what you're used to. Killzone 2 may be just another first person shooter, but it's a genuine move forward. I'm not going to say this is the best first person shooter ever. I can't, not from playing a demo. But, based on what I have played, and based around a great deal of reviews which claim the demo isn't the best the game has to offer, it's safe to say this is easily one of the best first person shooters ever. As far as I can tell, the only thing which could possibly improve this game, as it stands, would be an Xbox 360 controller :p

  7.  Effective thriller which looks great on Blu Ray


    I imported the region free American version a couple of months back and the picture is utterly amazing. Deep blacks and solid colours, great detail, but it's the uncompressed soundtrack which really shines. Will scare the living daylights out of you if you crank it up. It almost sounds like someone's trying to break into your own home.