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  1.  Best so far


    Well played this thinking they couldn't take the game any further was wrong. Set in a new timeline the towns are alive with people and animals. New weapens to use and new fighting moves. One I add to christmas list good game to end the year with.

  2.  Not as good as others


    Played this and didn't enjoy it at all. One the worse single player games in all of call of duty and nothing really new expect weapons. Online was ok but yet again no running your own server. Time for this to end now as game dont ever change much.

  3.  Better than last two


    Played part of this and the better one out of all far cry games. As far better story line and better graphics. Plus no silly map opening to see where ya haeding like last one. If your call of duty fan then stick with that and as that never seems to change. Think the last review was writing that for call of duty boring

  4.  good film


    good action and a fun story line thing the other guy must of been doing his home work and was watching the wrong film lol worth a buy

  5.  No good for offline players


    I played this on a friends pc and what a big let down all this having to be online is rubbish it now shows how bad the sales are all the games with having to be online to play have dropped in price within months so shows you this game was a waste of time. i went back to silent hunter 4 which as far better action. only good thig about this was being inside the sub and moving around about it .

  6.  cool


    Very well done but very stiff and as said the sword is not explain how slides in the hand with this but true likeness of Arnie as conan glad i bought it. be careful how its taken from the box as the hand that is the length of the arm without sword the fingers broke off.

  7.  spot on


    true likeness of Arnie and was well happy when got this

  8.  was not bad


    This aint a bad bond movie about time he harded up dont take any notice of first 2 reviews .but will say play you need to check on prices seen this for £6 and i just got it for £7.so for that price was a good buy. clive owen lol aint even english. this is worth the watch better than some bond films

  9.  fab


    well done bruce pulls it of yet again what a die hard film eat ya heart out rocky best action seen in a while since anrie. one to buy on dvd.
    so get ya orders in here now lol