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  1.  Beautiful.


    Best price on the net as of 14/04/2012 from play.com - and fantastic delivery as per usual.

    These headphones are the most comfortable headphones I have ever had - the additional large cushioning really make a difference here as I've had several pairs of headphones before that sound great but are a little uncomfortable. These I can wear for as long as I like with no irritation.

    The sound from the 40mm driver unit really do create a wonderfully balanced bass sound that doesn't overpower the treble. it's not like a fake digital-over-the-top-over-powering bass that ruins the tracks you cherish. That being said, you still need to like bass to enjoy these.

    I've read a couple reviews on here that these are only for drum 'n' bass type genres - I will have to completely disagree with and choose to believe that these are for anything. I've tested these out on many different genres including jazz, classic, alternative rock and even metal - and they all sound great. I hardly need to point out they are also fantastic for gaming.

    Low level noise reduction is aparant, though I don't think it was intended - so this is a nice benefit.

    size wise, they fit over the entire ear, which may be obvious from the picture, though there was no real confirmation from the other reviews or product description, so i thought this is worth mentioning as it is important to some, including myself.

    The flat y-form cable is of 1 metre length, so perfect distance for your pocketed media player - but *not* good for long media centre or computer/console usage. In those cases, you'll need an extension cable - though I don't consider this a down in its product rating.

    The price itself of 40 pounds (of date) in my opinion and I'm sure of everyone who have these will agree - is *well* worth it. I'm surprised they aren't 45-55 pounds. Of course, it shows in the price of all three of these products from Sony. If you have the extra cash and want to go a bit further, then the 65 pound model xb-700 may interest you as it offers the additional 10mm driver unit from 40 to 50mm. the question of course is, is the 10'mil minor addition to the bass as sustainable as to pay an additional 25 pounds? If you're unsure, as I was, then perhaps go for these ones.

    Hope this review helped out. :)

  2.  Versatile, good feel, range and price!


    This is my second one of these (for different rooms). I use this remote for my XBMC live OS loaded onto an acer revo machine. Plug the wireless device in and it instantly works.

    Additional programming is needed to get it working on linux, but instructions can be online the xbmc forums, which are easy to follow.

    the buttons themselves and solid and click down when pressed making button pressing easy and fluent.

    the remote itself is comfortable to hold and button location is also very good. this is among the best remote to get for media centres in it's price range.

    play.com is also the cheapest i've found this remote, so a big thank-you to emprex for making it, and play.com for providing it.

  3.  great practical present


    got this for my dad, he loves, i love it.
    design is great.
    really nice mug.
    comes in a henry box. plain, simple, cheap.
    what more could i ask for?

  4.  Excellent, despite the low price.


    Don't believe the negative reviews this product has been getting by other people. This mouse is fantastic!

    For under £8, you are getting a wonderfully responsive mouse, of which you can change the dpi without any software via a button on the top of the mouse.

    The two buttons on the right hand side for web browsing are very usefull and fit perfectly with your thumb, whilst not getting in the way either. some people say you have to move your thumb to use both buttons. they are stupid if they can't figure out how to use their proximal phalanx (the middle of their thumb). There is also a rubber grip for you thumb to rest on while it's not in use, which is very comfortable.

    There are grooves in the middle of the left and right mouse click buttons, which makes resting on the mouse very ergonomic and highly confortable when resting. it even makes clicking easier becauce your fingers do not slide anywhere. the groove is hardly noticable to the eye from the picture, so i thought this is something worth mentioning as it is one of my favourite parts of this mouse.

    the wheel is completely silent and works perfectly as it neither too stiff or too loose - it's just right!

    For gaming purposes, the ability to change the dpi is wonderful. if you prefer a lower sensitivity, you can change it to the lower dpi, and vice versa. Even during mid game it is usefull to change the dpi quickly for instance if during a game you go to control a turret, so you'll want a higher accuracy, you might choose the lower dpi etc.

    some people are also saying the general shape of the mouse is only ergonomic for a chimp... I honestly don't understand that because it fits my hand like a dream and I have slightly smaller hands than most other people i meet.

    Another thing that's definitely worth mentioning is that there are no silly drivers involved like some other gaming mice you'll find. this is a standard driver that works instantly with the mouse and causes no clashing drivers with anything else.

    Overall, this is one hell of an excellent product, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone else whether they want a mouse for low dpi desktop use, or high dpi gaming, it's all good.

    For just £8, this is probably a lot better than other mice at 3 or even 4 times the price. Really happy with mine!

  5.  Ready Boost, HO!


    I got this purely to use as Ready Boost. My second PC only has 2GB RAM, and with Ready Boost, the cache is then stored on the USB stick instead of the Hard disk drive.

    Performance increase was very noticeable for that particular PC. My other PC has 4GB Ram, so something like this won't affect that at all.

    If you've got a low amount of physical memory, Ready Boost can help out. However, please note that it is still a better solution to just buy memory upgrades.

    The USB stick itself is very compact and durable. The retractable male USB connector comes in great handy when transporting (if you do use for your portable data), and has a rather 'cute' price.
    Good Buy!

  6.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...


    The sixxasis controller is great. It did what it was supposed to do and was very light and conformatable.

    This controller is not much different at all to be honest. The vibration function is much weaker than the duslshock2 for the ps2 and im quite dissapointed by that.

    People are complaining that it's heavy... Are you serious!? This thing is a tiny bit heavier and hardly noticable when you're playing games. In my opinion, the extra tiny bit of weight makes this controller better than the sixxasis alone - never mind the feble vibrations.

    Overall it's a good controller. But not worth the retail price of 34, or 39 pounds in some stores.

    Don't get excited about this as it's not anything to be excited about.

  7.  Unfortunately, 'The Happening'... HAPPENED!


    When I saw the trailer for this in the cinema a while back, I was really looking forward to it; M Night Shyamalan has done some excellent movies! Unfortunately, this film was a complete tragedy. The idea put forward here is incredibly interesting.
    However, there are so many problems with the movie; the 'interesting idea' put forward quickly turns into a joke. Instead of being gripped, or shocked, you will more than likely find yourself laughing the whole way through it.

    The main problem here is that M Night Shyamalan is completely obsessed with plot twists. When done correctly, these types of films usually blow your mind away leaving you really impressed by the end of it. This film, however, has no twist. In fact, the whole damn film IS the twist.
    From the moment the film starts you are completely bombarded with hints as to what's REALLY *happening*. The first instance is the display boards in the school - I guessed 'it' as a joke, and lo and behold that's what it was.

    The acting and Cast in the movie is ridiculous. One person in particular really frustrates me is Zooey Deschanel. She is without a doubt one of the worst actors ever to come into existence. She is completely emotionless, she can't seem to move her face even a little bit, and she always seems out-of-place. ~The little girl was a better actor than her.
    Mark Wahlberg was okay. He is actually an alright actor, but there were some moments where even his acting was put into question. One scene specifically is where the old lady was listening to their whispering... She asks if they're going to kill her in her sleep. Mark says "NOoooo". Strangely enough, he said this with a massively sarcastic tone, which I simply found both stupid and hilarious.

    **Rant** what's with that psychotic old lady anyway!? Completely off her head. There was NO reason for her to so damned insane... None whatsoever! **End of Rant**

    Another major problem is... What happened. Even in the laws of nature, what happened in this movie is somewhat retarded - I mean to say that Nature would not target the east coast of one area, in a perfect sphere. It would either spread, or disperse and weaken. It would not maintain one area and only that area. And just as quickly as it ended, it starts up again.... 4000 miles away.
    On that note, I absolutely hated the fact that the film seemed to portray the plants and trees as sentient being working against us. REALLY!? Why oh why M Night stuck in scenes of trees seemingly 'talking' to each other is beyond me. I can't see any reason for it. And of course, let's not forget the ridiculous running--away--from--the--rather--slow--and--somehow--solid--wall--of--wind!

    Some more bad things are:
    - The puppets used when people started throwing themselves of buildings they looked absolutely absurd.
    - The sign in the middle of the film "You deserve this!" (Just why?) - The radio in the middle of nowhere
    - Even though our main characters pretty much knew what it was, they continued on foot in the open.
    - Complete lack of understanding of how the human body would tear apart (tiger scene).
    - And the overused and unnessacary slow motion scenes of doom. A lot of overacting and lack of character depth for them to be reasonable.

    When it comes down to it, this film is really poor. Although, if you're looking for a laugh... Despite the colossal mound of problems, I enjoyed this movie. But only because I found it funny. Others might take it too seriously and hate it.

  8.  one two three four, rock on for more.


    OK, I recently got this as a present for my birthday, and I'm highly surprised that this actually works! It's fairly simple to use - you slide it in the GBA option pack, and all you do is slide your hand in. simple as.

    Rather than spouting out why I love it so much, I thought I'd go for something a bit more condescending. There ARE problems with this game. Being a Guitar Hero fan, I absolutely love getting hold of the guitar, sticking it on expert mode and rocking until my hands hurt an hour or so later. With this, however, you don't get that same feeling. For a start, there are only four buttons instead of the normal five, which makes it much easier than the previous games.

    Since it's on the DS, you don't have much of a screen to see everything properly. The combo meter is on guitar side of the screen, which makes it difficult to see what combo you're on, which then makes it difficult to determine when to use the star power. On the matter of the star power itself, you have to make a noise into the microphone of the DS. Anything you say however is usually just a distraction. I find it best to whistle at it.

    Getting back to the 'feel' of the game, as I find myself whistling at it, I can only imagine I'm playing a trumpet instead of a guitar. Maybe they should rename it Trumpet Hero!

    The song choices were also supposed to be a new set list. Unfortunately, that's not completely true. Some of the songs are simply taken from the guitar Hero III, which is fine from me, but some other people may complain, especially when this game delivers a different experience from the others, and in my opinion, should then have different songs, at least.

    Another fault I quickly found is that if you accidentally, "Rock too hard" and knock the hand grip, and buttons peripheral out of the GBA option port, then the game will stop, and you lose your current data as it asks you to turn the console off. It does NOT let you simply plug it back in again.

    Now, about those times. Most guitar hero players I know, like to play it for anything between an hour for up to 4 and 5 hours. The reason? It's incredibly FUN! In previous games, you have your guitar; you're standing in front of the usually big TV, which pumped up sound system to give the affect of being a rock star. Guitar Hero: On Tour, however, gives very little to create this affect. The DS has small screens, with Video out for obvious reasons - but still, it has terrible speakers, which if you want to hear a decent sound, you will have to plug in headphones, which severely limit you're rockin' experience, and the guitar peripheral severely cramps your hand much quicker than the guitars would in previous games.

    Now don't get me wrong, although all I've wrote about so far are bad things about the game. But there are some things in it. For instance, there is a slightly higher level of customization in this game than there is in the others. For instance, if you change your guitar, it will change the guitar IN-Game, and since one screen is dedicated to the strumming, you get a nice image of your guitar. That's about it though.

    The main advantage this game has going for it, is its amazing sense of portability! IF you're going out on a road trip, or are simply going to be somewhere where you aren't able to get to your not-so-portable console, then this is a great game to take along and kill some extended time.

    Overall, it still holds up as a GH game, and its portability factor certainly sets it apart from the others. But if you want the proper GH experience, then Guitar Hero III is a much better choice at the moment, and let's not forget the soon to be Guitar Hero V.

  9.  not one to notice.


    Although this film was funny in places, it just didn't go anywhere. At the end of the movie, they were all in the same position as they were in the first place. It's the very essence of a movie that has no real development at all.

    My first problem I had with this film is Jack Black. Why in the world he was cast in this film I have no idea - he doesn't fit into the movie at all, and I truly wish he cut out of the cruddy movie business. He should stick to what he does best.
    The first real thing that noticeably happens in this movie is that Jerry (played by Jack Black) becomes magnetised in an attempt to sabotage the power plant... he gets electrocuted for a ridiculous amount of time, while in between he is still calling out for his friend Mike (played by Mos Def) who has abandoned him on the grounds that it's a stupid idea. 5 minutes later that is all forgotten about and we move on the next arthritic plot - recreating all the movies in the store. I'm really not sure how such a weak story line passes for a movie plot to be honest because it can only be considered a waste of time.
    However, during the recreation of the film making, it is amusing to see our two characters making such absurd remakes. Not just funny though, but there are also some decent film techniques used in the film of them, filming themselves in the making of their 'sweded' films. in one seemingly-continuous take, the camera pans sideways as Mike and Jerry imaginatively recreate key moments in 'King Kong (1933),' '2001: A Space Odyssey (1968),' 'Men in Black (1997)' and countless others. The cuts in the shot are completely seamless, and presumably created using in-camera tricks, but serve its purpose very well.

    The side story in all of this is that Jerry and Mike are trying to raise enough money to save the shop building due to its demolition conditioning. But just like every other aspect in this film, that gets nowhere due to the lawsuit filed against them by the production studios and agencies for infringing copyright patents of the movies they've recreated. At that point I was finally interested in the movie! It actually had something more going on than just a couple of guys mucking about with an old camera. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long and the before you know it's the end of the movie and they have nothing left but an hour to watch their last movie.

    By the end of it all, you are left with a slightly empty handed ending - you feel quite cheated out of your time, but despite that, it is sort of fun to see them re-make the movies. I guess, though, that you are left to imagine what should have been the rest of the movie. For instance, what happened with the lawsuit? Or what happened to the shop? They may be blatantly obvious answers, but I think the movie as a whole would have been better if they showed some form of progression and development. On top of all that, nearly every other aspect of the movie was fairly average.

    Due to the sheer lack of almost everything a movie needs, this film was only ever score a 5/10 at best.

  10.  another one?


    Although this film wasn't too bad at all, there were a couple problems, which can't just be swept aside. However, this is perhaps the best Loch Ness Monster film I've ever seen. What's more is that it's done in a way that can appeal for almost everyone.

    The main problem with the film though, is that it is what it is - meaning it's yet another Loch Ness Monster film. It would seem that about every few years or so, another one comes out, and they are usually awful. For that very reason alone, I can't give this film any more than 4 stars because this subject has been so intensely overdone it's easy to predict exactly what happens.
    This tale though, has a slight twist that makes it a little more unique than all the other Loch Ness Monster films. As I wrote earlier, it's got something in it that appeals for almost everyone.

    The story is set in World War Two times, and Angus (played by Alex Etel) is a rather lonely lad who just so happens to find one of the rarest creatures in the world, whereby only one can be in existence at any one point in time. Angus hides the creature in his house, where the military has strategically garrisoned there. For a little while, the events that occur in the house are trivial, silly, and just a little annoying, but that's the part where it will have all the children loving it. After a while Angus realises that he must let the creature go, and he releases it into the Loch. All misery swiftly breaks loose for Angus and he soon finds himself back at the Loch in search for his friend. The rest of the film is Angus pretty much just fooling around with the monster, at which point I wanted the monster to violently rip the poor bothersome adolescent up into shreds. Unfortunately it carried on into a loving story 'let's go nowhere'. Not literally of course, but metaphorically.

    In the end I see this as just another Loch Ness Movie... But it isn't half bad and it deserves to be watched... Once... Maybe a couple more for your children though.