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  1.  Rubbish


    Be aware, in this case 'shatterproof' means its not mirror glass but plastic with a piece of silver film on it. Hard to see behind as its not even convex. Waste of money even though its cheap(ish), not fit for use. Pic makes it much bigger than it is, its TINY

  2.  Another Robots v Aliens?


    Wasnt sure what to expect from this, bought mainly on it having an action packed cover. Once into the film, it smacks of British Actors trying to be gung-ho American actors. Dont get me wrong, the special effects are probably the strength of the film, and very good they are too.
    Plot is basically a load of Godzilla size alien monsters manage a time breach every now and again under the ocean, coming up to wreck cities and make lots of squealing noises, and the govt have to build 'robot suits' of same size to defeat them. All goes well until said aliens adapt, get stronger, and the 'suits' are no longer top dog, and prone to the expected EMP pulse thats favoured by a lot of baddies these days, to make the powers that be realise the old analogue suits dont get affected, so faced with aliens whupping them, set the quickest 'out of mothballs' recovery programme to pitch against the aliens. Once that happens its really a massive battle between good and bad and CGI rules as the San Fransisco bay is turned into a big paddling pool while battle commences. Its a good SFX movie, but you get easily thrown with Brits using verbal Americanisms you get used to at the movies. Give it 3 stars as cant decide how good or bad it is, so just plumped for the middle one lol. A bit of an action romp of the future, but seen better, seen worse.

  3.  Dont believe the hype


    Firstly, on paper, and was hit of the awards, seemed right up my street. I like sci-fi and space movies, but felt this was a try at glueing the best bits of others together and it didnt. It tries to portray the solitude of space and the vulnerability of it. It just about does, but gets a bit silly about space debris hurtling towards the astronauts, then announcing 'dont worry it will be as bad in another 24 hours once we have travelled round the earth'. I wondered why sandra bulloch got all the billing with a star like clooney in there, but he plays a voice on end of a radio mostly, until he becomes part of a dream sequence. Spoiler alert - dont watch bloopers unless you want the sfx explained and spoiled on how they did it. Have awarded 2 stars as initial special effects were quite good, but seen much better in other 'space' films. Ending came and that was it - seen more spectacular after an actual nasa landing. The film stops dead. So, bought it, watched it, sold it on. Not a keeper this one, sorry, had such high hopes for it too.

  4.  didnt get much better


    Tried so hard to enjoy this, but the quote on the sleeve saying 'Bourne meets Inception' is closest to the mark. NOT up to the slick action of the Bourne films, not as clever as the best part of or special effects of Inception, and think thats where it ends. Clever idea that didnt come off to me. Didnt know that wearing a hat was so vital getting round New York! (youll see). Sound quality was annoying, had to keep adjusting it up then minutes later pressing 'down' button as it was upsetting dog next door, no happy medium, may have been a bad disc, but worth noting, especially if you are watching with headphones. If you have seen Inception, you may think it would have been better if youd seen this first, I think I would, but cant really compare to Bourne as only the amount of running about compares.

  5.  Cant fault it


    Well, to start with, all I was told was that Iron Man and The Hulk stole the show. Much much more than that - this must be best Marvel film yet after so many not 'living up' to their origins. Where most funny bit and one-liners get a smile out of me, this had at least 3 times I actually laughed out loud. And I saw it on my own! But that doesnt mean to say its a comedy, it starts a bit samey like some previous Marvel attempts where they over-introduce the main 'baddie', but when it gets going, it just doesnt stop. Remember when you first saw Transformers in Blu-Ray and special effects blew you away? This is the same, some of the motion effects are as breathtaking as that film or indeed one of the spiderman movies. I usually buy, watch and sell on, but will be keeping this and watching it again at least once, because im sure I missed some bits, its THAT frantic in places. Even at the end, you find out that it was produced and directed by Joss Wheaton, so that probably accounts for the pace of action at least. To finish, where I was expecting to like it, I loved it so, if like me you are puting off getting it because most of the other Marvel films have been a bit on the dire side, believe the hype and give it a watch. If you have surround soound, even better. Dim the lights, amp on, press play, ENJOY!

  6.  Micro heaven


    Looks in photo as big as I was expecting (car phone charger size), but in real life an incredibly small,tidy design, small enough to leave plugged in 'out of the way' if you wanted and space allows. Buying another 2 at this price, I am THAT impressed with it.

  7.  Not genuine artist. BEWARE


    Bought this thinking it was a bargain box set, but if you read title like this: the music 'of' pink floyd, its nearer the mark. It is NOT BY Pink Floyd, it is presumably someone else's tribute to them? Ive not even opened it now ive realised it and cant see how to get refunded, as would never bought it for a pound if I had been aware it was basically just a false bit of selling?

  8.  Hammy, but good SE


    Firstly, I like superhero films, but there have been some strinkers lately. This doesnt completely fall into that category, but if you can last the first 15 minutes without switching off, and watch it for what it is, its not that bad, it even gets funny in places, which I think is what it was meant to be at the start, but failed. I wasnt sure if its was the direction, or the acting of the main character (the green hornet), but i didnt get any humour straight away. Character wise, they give a lot of time to Kato, who has an amazing ability in building cars to order (wont spoil it, but he definately glues the film together.Think of a really cool 'Q' from bond movies, mixed with terminator-like fight anticipation, a bit of Bruce lee type martial arts, and some superb one-liners, and youll be close. If you can say all that about the 'supporting' character and find it difficult to muster any real impression of the main character, then you may see the main fault of the film. I cant work out if its the director, the main actor or both, but if they had spent a bit more time being better than they were, this would have been a cracker of a film. I felt it lacked so much, but ended up enjoying it more than I expected.

  9.  Tongue in cheek? Cheeky film more like!


    Ok, typical review from me - in short, I actually liked this film! True, not taxing on the brain, with a fast and furious 'Flying daggers' type action, but at least the blu ray is also blessed with excellent graphics and scenery, this is no worse (violence wise) than any console game, in fact its quite beautifully put together, and sure i could have watched this at the cinema without a hint of a 'numb bum'!
    Its got bits of everything in it, Jackie Chan at his choreographed best, Jet Li doing what he does, excellently time martial arts, a couple of great looking females, no subtitles for a change, Flying daggers type aerial fighting, a slight 'nod' to the old Monkey series (if you are old enough to remember it) and the story (?) starts with the american teen being a know all about kung fu until he soon finds out he is not!
    To be honest, I put this on to fill an hour and a half or so of an afternoon and am really glad I did as the time flew and packed a lot into the time without feeling it had been crammed. At the price play are offering it at the moment, I bought it thinking I would watch then sell, but now im not so sure...
    Dont take it too seriously and you will love it!

  10.  Let Down


    Waited ages till it came off cinema and wanted to see it on blu ray, but apart from some half decent special effects, feel I should have just paid for a normal DVD. Not as unhappoy as Will Smiths performance as I was in Legend, but still think he has got nowhere better to go as I was sure this was going to be a belter, but it left me sadly deflated in both production and performance, so save your money and wait till it gets to bargain price and play it on a machine that upscales, as the price difference aint worth it, sorry