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  1. Demigod


    PC Games

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     Innovative and entertaining!


    DemiGod is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant market. The controls are fluid the gameplay fast and frantic but not so fast you feel overwhelmed. In DemiGod you control one character and in some cases depending on your DemiGod selection a small army of them as well.

    The game is set in arena style matches all the levels are perfectly balanced and allow for an extremely tactical experience with your teammates. My only gripe here is that there isn't in voice chat which is a complete letdown, although only a minor issue i had to point it out.

    The Demigods themselves and their abilities are rock solid everything is perfectly balanced for the most part there are may be a few "best combination" although for the most part there is always a counter. Since you only control one character most of the time it really comes down to skill and teamwork.

    To wrap up the graphics are stunning the level design is phenomenal, the combat is engaging and the game types always different and fun!

    Definitely a must buy for any RTS/Action gamer!

  2.  First impressions can be wrong.


    After downloading the demo, playing it for 20 minutes putting it down and thinking my god what a load of crap. I today came back to it and i am totally blown away i must say, to the people who have said this is a load of crap are wrong. This is a very complex game with amazing controls once you get to grips with it a bit. for the average player one play through won't be enough for you to learn the controls in the demo.

    I found the graphics to be top notch and the combat to be VERY intense, put this to some heavy metal and you'll have some awesome gaming moments.

    The gear collecting system is as deep as WoW with different levels of gear and their rarity, all the gear has different stats and attributes that effect your character differently - such as increased attack speak extra damage more armour. A deep and interesting skill tree really brings the game to life the ones i've played so far increase damage attack speed and also give new attacks.

    Day one purchase for me.

  3.  Awesome


    Well i caved in and downloaded the demo i wasn't expecting much from this game but i was totally blown away by the detail considering i was playing this on 420p the visuals were insane. The Tequila time as it's called in-game is very straight forward and easy to use which can give you some "WOW!" moments that you will be telling your friends about.

    This is with out a doubt a must buy!