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  1.  Superb!


    I am writing this review with the 8gb iPod Touch. Needless to say the internet browsing is excellent. This site works just as your pc. It also has google earth! As long as you have WiFi at home.
    I cannot understand why anyone would choose the iPod Nano over this.
    iTunes is a bit fiddly at first but you soon get used to it.

    8gb is enough if you have about 150 albums with space left over for apps. The processor is very good with apps running perfectly fine, google earth is just as quick as my laptop. I don't think the 32 or 64gb versions would be worth the money.

    The unit itself is very neat and slim, and the battery life is actually quite good.

    I thouroughly recommend this iPod.

  2.  Fantastic Game


    VERY good game.

    Single player is engrossing with quite a good plot. It all happens too quickly though, even in `hardened` difficulty.

    Multiplayer is where this game excels and is absolutely the top of its game.

    This is way better than the first one.

  3.  Say goodnight to Sleep.


    More addictive and fun than drugs.

    I still play this game even a year after it came out.

  4.  Worth a look.


    Some really good tunes on this one. Having said that, the Survivalism remix I could have done better myself.

    There some songs such as `Capital G` you can just imagine being played in a nightclub (of any kind) and it going down a treat.

    Personally I think it's not as god as other NIN remix CDs but still worth a look.

  5.  Great price


    Wobbles a bit on a flat surface but I can't complain about the price. Magic.

  6.  A cracker


    Very much like the Playstation 2 Gamepad. Very solid and comfortable. Recommended.

  7.  A Cracker


    A bit of a shock after anti-christ superstar but what an album. Excellent.

  8.  What a game!


    Such a fantastic game. You have to put out the lights in the room and turn the volume up for the first 10 minutes of the game. It is simply the most atmospheric game I have played. If you liked Half life, you'll like this even better.

    Some issues with lack of sound when theres a lot of action but the rest of the game is great.

    Could do with a bigger range of baddies but the `big daddies` are great.