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  1.  A really great movie with a lot of heart.


    The trailer for 'Adventureland' is somewhat misleading - you would think the movie is pretty much joke, joke, joke the entire way through like 'Juno' or 'Superbad' but it isn't. That's not to say that there aren't a lot of funny moments in the film because there are but at the heart of it, this is more of a drama than anything else.
    The casting is great and the two leads have a nice on-screen chemistry. Kristen Stewart is particularly fantastic in this film - it's her character that is the heart of the movie.
    All in all, a really great film despite the misleading trailer.
    Well worth watching.

  2.  Fantastic read - Honest, insightful and heart-warming.


    I've watched Girls Aloud right from the start with Popstars: The Rivals and this book goes right back to the start with the show and works its way back up to what the girls were upto in Spring 2008.
    The book is such a pleasureable, addictive read because its so well structured but more than that is because its so honest and revealing. The girls have really poured themselves into this and its so insightful. I've always liked them but I never knew just how hard they've fought to get where they are now and how much they struggled alone in the industry in the first few years. I respect them so much more having read this and they truly deserve everything they've achieved with hopefully much more to come.
    Kimberly, Cheryl & Nadine are particularly endearing and humble in this book.

  3.  Great game for hardcore Casino Royale / Quantum fans


    Firstly, to address the main criticisms of the game I've read in other reviews. I completed the game on the hardest difficulty (00 Agent) and the game was neither too short or unchallenging. It is true that you can flash through the game on easy or normal in 4-5 hours but thats true of several games.
    This game is a true gem, I love both the latest movies and this game ties in seemlessly and became quite addictive gaming. It flashes back and forth between Royale and Quantum but doesn't become confusing if you're familiar with both films. The likenesses and voices of all the main players from both films have being used which only adds to the realism.
    The graphics are pretty good and the locations for some of the games set pieces are shockingly faithful to the locations in the movies, particularly the Venice house and the courtyard where Vesper meets Gettler near the end of Royale.
    All in all, a great, highly addictive game but maybe one that can only be appreciated by true fans of the new Bond movie franchise who are willing overlook some of the games weaknesses such as the short single player campaign if you play on the two easier difficulty levels and the story jumping around the timeline of both movies.

  4.  Awesome Horror/Thriller


    Vacancy left me pleasantly surprised. With horror movies you often find that the plot is compromised for the sake of gore and violence. This is not the case with Vacancy however, theres no violence merely for the sake of it. The writing is smart and well structured and the pacing of the movie is superb, after the scene has been set in the first 20 mins the story moves along very quickly. Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale are great in this, they really sell their performances.
    My only critism is that the movie is only 1hr 20 mins long but the last hour is such a roller-coaster ride and a refreshing lesson in what a horror movie should be. Vacancy is a welcome addition to this genre of movie. A great horror / psychological thriller.

  5.  Hugely addictive 2nd season


    If you liked season 1 of Grey's, you are gonna love season 2. Drama, sex, scandal and loads of humour are all abundant in season 2 along with the addition of the awesome Kate Walsh as Dr Addison Shepherd that makes for an intersting love triangle. Clear you're weekend, unplug the phone and enjoy 27 awesome episodes of one of the best dramas on TV in a long while.

  6.  Best Season So Far


    Desperate Housewives really came into its own this season, while I loved the 1st & 2nd seasons, theres just something about season 3 that is infinitely better. The Mystery, Drama and Scandal remains but the storylines are much better and theres alot more humour than before. The season 3 finale is a real shocker too that'll leave you desperate to see season 4.

  7.  One of the best 360 games available


    Double Agent is a fantastic game. The gameplay is a perfect blend of stealth and action and you get to decide how to react to events unfolding around you, you can be a good agent or you can make a rogue decision. This option really adds to the replayability factor of the game. The graphics are very good and the plotline is both engaging and interesting.
    I would definately recommend to all fans of this genre.

  8.  Stunning Graphics, Awesome Game.


    Resistance Fall of Man is by far one of the best FPS games I've ever played. The story is engaging and well paced. The graphics are truly amazing, I dont have a HDTV but the game still looks stunning. The attention to detail in every single level is top quality. The action is frequent and fast and even better when you play online. This game is definately worth the money.

  9.  Fantastic performance by Sandra Bullock


    Premonition is a really good thriller but its not a movie you can just watch, you do have to think about it or you could easily lose track of things.
    The movie takes place over the course of a week but the days of the week are shown out of order through the perspective of Linda Hanson (Bullock).
    It all starts with a horrible dream, Linda learns her husband was killed in a car accident. Waking up the next day to find him alive and well, Linda puts it behind her until she realises that the dream was in fact a premonition and if she doesn't make sense of things quickly, her husband really will die.

    An engaging, suspenseful thriller with solid performances alround.

  10.  An awesome season and a great farewell to a great show


    Alias Season 5 is brilliant, there's no other word for it. Season 5 has a whole new story arc, new challenges await Syd, new characters are introduced, old favourites return and we bid a final farewell to Sydney Bristow.

    True Alias fans will definately enjoy.