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  1.  Love the film but not in this package


    This special edition encorperates an additional 16 mins of footage at a cost of having to swap discs halfway through the film. The extra footage is largely at the beginning and set on Earth which I believe adds little to the film.

  2. Area 51

    Area 51


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     Well paced!


    Not having much in the way of First Person Shooters in my collection I got this one as recommended and it's really not bad. Superb graphics, fast paced engagements and plenty of general combat! The back story could do with some padding out but it's good fun none the less.

  3.  "I'm lucky that thing had knees."


    This movie has a really great story behind it; political intrigue, espionage, a prison break and some good old fashioned naval combat. Christopher Plummer makes an excellent villain in this final outing for the original crew. Great fun all round.

  4.  ...These are the continuing voyages...


    As an avid Star Wars fan I had never pictured myself as a 'Trekkie' however I've seen my fair share of episodes on the box. So far as the movies are concerned II, III & IV are superb entertainment. I'm so pleased that they brought out a Trilogy box set. The Extras are also very good. Commentaries as usual with various documentaries about the special effects, making of, music, props and Greenpeace (no really).

    The Wrath of Khan is rightly considered to be one of, if not the best Star Trek of all time because it's not just a great Star Trek Movie... it's a great Movie, reminiscent of a Submarine war film. Two navel commanders engaged in a battle of wits. The Search for Spock also has its place with the Klingons providing the adversarial aspect this time. Again Kirk demonstrates a clever tactical mind. To finish up The Voyage Home is a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable way to bring to a close the story line that started in II. A trip back in time to save the future with plenty of humour throughout. If you still need more then jump to VI! Even if you're a hardcore Star Wars fan these gems could well tempt you to the dark side.

  5.  3, maybe 3 1/2 stars.. tempted to put 4.. no sticking with 3


    Having heard a few negatives from friends and critics I expected to hate this movie. I loved The Terminator and even though it went a fraction off kilter I loved T2... T3 had.. some good points... ok lets forget about T3. Terminator Salvation is actually quite ok. The world doesn't look quite as we all probably expected but is pretty good none the less. The trouble with anything like this is the established fans will already have in their minds how it should all be and any deviation isn't usually well received. The action is good, the characters are good and with the exception of something a bit silly at the very end, the story is good... so Good! Great little cameo from a young Arnie!

  6.  Dreadfull.. But fun!


    This was never going to be one of the greats but it is intended to be taken as a laugh and it is. It's a daft send up of the whole genre. Like all good parodies the plot almost makes sense but it is delibrately staged as a totally excessive blaze of unnecessary gunfire... hence the title. Don't expect to watch it more than the once but sit back have a beer and enjoy.

  7.  Some compelling imagery but perhaps a little too wierd...


    Having never read Watchmen I knew very little about it before I saw it and approached it with an open mind. There are some good uses of cinematography creating a visual spectacular... however the plot is not very linar and unfortunately I felt in this genra it needed to be. It just doesn't tie together very well the brutality in places just seemed a bit daft and well over the top. It sets up what looks like it will be a good detective movie set in a post superhero universe but stops short of delivery. This one even has the die had fans split but to an outsider it doesn't make a good movie.

  8.  Pour Elle - direct translation "For Her".. No "Anything"...


    Important to note SUBTITLED! To be honest so much is said without dialogue in this film that you could probably follow it without reading the Subtitles. This is a truly superb film that perfectly captures desperation in a way Hollywood so frequently fails to. In essence this is the story of a man trying to bust his wife out the joint. Simple enough, but it's how we get there that's important. This guy turns what's left of his life up side down to reunite his family. It feels real from start to finish. Fast paced action in all the right places. Very easy to get drawn in and believe in the characters.

  9.  More!


    There are more vessels, planets, characters and factions. In terms of an expansion it's great. Putting the Super Star Destroyer of Death Star into your battles is awesome... However (you knew that was coming) the Corruption campaign was not particularly inspiring. It could have done with further Rebel vs Imperial and visa versa Campaigns and stories to take it up to five stars. When all is said and done, the combat is as enduring as its predecessor.

  10.  Could have been better.


    Great idea but my biggest gripe is that the story gets a bit rubbish towards the end. The graphics are good for the most part with some locations being a bit... Hmmm. The game is very liniar and as a result it be a little dull.. I was very much looking forward to this game but ultmately a little disappointed.