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  1.  Scary !


    I have never known any film in history to advertise a movie showing up to three minutes of footage NOT actually from the movie.The scenes 0f the mum being thrown backwards, girl throwing water over the ghost,priest getting hit hard on table..don't appear in the movie OR the extras on the dvd .However...it does put you in a very false sense of security with what you think will happen.
    This film is actually incredibly scary . I am not into these sick gore and blood movies. Traditional haunted house movies have never been seen like this before. I was hiding behind a cushion and jumped so many times. It explains the haunting that scared the two sisters previously. Brilliant. More jumps, More scares and a really good plot. Just sit back and enjoy !!

  2.  Amazing


    This is an amazing drama that I never forgot about. Am so glad Play.com has stocked this . Just googled it to find out the name of the drama as I have thought about it a lot recently. What would happen if Jesus did return to earth?....would people believe him, mock him? Fabulous acting and writing.



    I was first to pick this up earlier today and my brain is tripping ! I am a mother and never really into the whole gaming world. I own a Wii,PS2 and this captured my curiosity so got one. WOW ! I showed my husband and I know my 11 year old is desperate to get back from school to see it because all her friends have been talking about it.
    Firstly the 3D really does stand out . Incredibly so. The joystick is great (I got Rayman 3D) and I really was transported to another world ! The most bizarre experience I have ever had was playing the FaceRaiders on it. This is where you take a photo of yourself ,someone else and then it turns it into a flying cyborg. Then you view whatever room you are in on screen through the camera and the cyborg comes out at you -you have to shoot them and when you do it...very oddly..breaks the image you are looking at in the room into cyber space..my husband was late taking our kid to nursery as he was captivated by it !! PLEASE go and purchase this because you will never, ever have experienced anything like it. BEST PURCHASE IN GAMING HISTORY !!! It is difficult to explain just how this works -but know one thing..when you do ,you won't be able to put it down !

  4.  Fangtastic


    Okay ,okay I admit I was a total film snob when this was released in English. I saw the first one when a friend who is a film maker advised us about the latest great films he discovered. We got the original one and really enjoyed it. (Along with Dead Snow which you HAVE to view) When I heard this was re-done in english I thought "Noo..why spoil a beautiful movie?" but I did rent this out.
    I have watched and cringed at many remakes but I was very, VERY suprised at this one. Its sets were very much the same ,actors/actresses similar in looks and I could follow it ,I admit, a bit better. They kept the magic of the movie very much alive even though the funny scenes in original one were lost when the partner of the vampire keeps messing up the killing of people. This movie rather keeps to the feel of the tragedy and desperation of the vampire. A very beautiful story and Im so ,so pleased the makers did keep to the first. I would tell anyone like me who thought they would wreck it by re-making it just to watch..you will be really suprised at how great it is.

  5.  Brilliant !!


    I watched with with low expectations and then watched it again later with my husband . The story is set among a group of people who meet up in a high rise apartment. Then Aliens invade. I thought it would be nothing more than some silly made-for-tv movie but I was REALLY wrong . I recognised some of the actors and actresses which was a bonus (Sweet Valley High anyone?!) and to watch them struggle to escape whilst the really demonic aliens invade was freaky to watch.
    Very well made I thought and I could not take my eyes off screen wondering what was going to happen next. Plus the ending is crying out for a sequal. The team that made this sould be happy that they made a great movie that has been heavily advertised (Suprisingly since the hype in press about Battle Los Angeles that is not even out yet !) They may make this movie a cult movie without meaning to. I am fussy about sci fi films and I really enjoyed this . You cannot compare it to movies such as Alien ..its a movie that deserves its own recognition even though it went straight to DVD. You would be making a mistake not watching this -but do yourself a favour and appreciate it for what it is..one heck of a sci-fi movie !!!

  6.  One Man. ..One Army..together we are soldiers !!


    I laughed so hard I cried at this second series. Austrailia have lapped this up too and its popular down under. I mean how could you not love GARRAY..?! First episode he loses a tank at a petrol station after stopping off for some (sing it ) "C-H-I-P-S" (In tune to D-I-S-C-O) and sees the series ending with himself wanting to be the new "Howard fae the bank" on an army advert haha...Cannot get enough of this man...please bring the sale of this dvd forward. November is too far away !!!
    This has a huge following and a lot of people have discovered this the second time around. My dvd is is on lend to my physio at the moment . Love it ! :)
    N.B. Watch the vids of them doing " Put a ring on it " and "Telephone". pure class



    Love this man , pure comedy genius. SO GLAD this is out in time for Christmas..otherwise it would be socks again for my husband !!
    P.S. Is it just me or does Kevin Bridges remind you of toadfish from neighbours?!

  8.  Great film


    I love scary film without all this gore rubbish about now with just blood and less story . This movie is really creepy and great camera work and acting too from British actors/actresses. The students seem a tad annoying so you are not that bothered to begin with but as the story unfolds it really is a very scary film.

    Of course everyone has different levels of "scarey" but his pretty much seems to cover everything. Fantastic story too. The end sticks in my head and has freaked me out for years..but as I said it depends on what you find scarey !

  9.  Utterly Hilarious !


    I am waiting patiently for this dvd set to be released...!!! I watched it as everyone I knew raved about how funny it was. A camp army man i.e. Gary is hilarious as he encounters exciting things everyday like his birthday "Happy birthday to me -Garaay". Ace ! Just hope BBC hurries up and releases this !?! Loved gary and his Glasgow accent lol.

  10.  Truly a cult movie !


    I watched this when I was about 8 and soon had the soundtrack ,knew the dance moves and bought tickets for the show when it toured..utterly brilliant.Great soundtrack and appreances from the BEST musicians of all time.BUY THIS !!!! ;) xox