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  1.  Brilliant idea, poor execution.


    Now from the title you are probably wondering why I gave it 5 stars, well yes it has so many problems that could of been solved easily, but the concept of it is enough to make you look past it's flaws, I'll start off with the cons...

    It doesn't fit perfectly on the controler, meaning it will wiggle about when you use it often and it's life span is decreased.
    Only 100mb, 1gig would of been perfect as I could only fit one annoying segment of music on it.
    After about 500 uses it will fall off within a few more pushes, so I had to use an elastic band to hold the whole thing on, which ruins your headset, your trash talker, and your controler but it holds it together.

    Arnold (Can't spell his last name, "Terminator arnie") soundboards + CoD4 RPGing the whole team on Hardcore search and destroy = :D
    That's right, the only pro you need to know is that you can annoy people with Arnold soundboards, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!? BUY THIS THING!

    Ok I guess I'll add more pros... It's not too difficult to add sounds, I get my sounds from youtube, edit them down to size, convert them then slap them on, the whole thing takes about 5mins per sound which isn't that bad, it's fairly simple once you get used to it.
    The sound quality is just... Well it's probably better than using your real voice.

    If you are one of them sick people who loves to hear young American boys squeal profanity in anger, then buy this, buy 7 of them infact as they will break after long use... Very long use, I use this all the time I am on my xbox, even in single player games I can amuse myself with the correct sound at the correct time. I personaly currently use.... 47 seconds of the benny hill theme, Arnold what's his face saying "You Idiot!" and "Stop whining" and Nelson from The Simpsons going "HAW HAW!!!" which makes for awesome happy fun times, sure the 100mb constrains you, but god damit you can annoy people with Arnold soundboards!

    Every 360 owner should buy this, if they wish to annoy people, play awesome sounds at the most awesome times, or just have Nelson going "HAW HAW!" for when you chainsaw that locust, which believe me... You will have everyones head exploding from laughter if you do that at the correct time :D
    (Chainsaw going "OM NOM NOM OM NOM!")
    (People roaring in adrenaline)
    "HAW HAW!!!"

  2.  Repeating combos anyone?


    well the graphics are good and bla bla bla. but the gameplay sux. u need to presume what stance they are in and get ready for it. which u cant do. u only end up using block breaker attackks since they always block and they mostly use powerful attacks. which is counterd by your powerful attacks. which are slow. right so let me get this straight. u have roughly 6people on u. all blocking. and u need to use the slowest combo with the slowest stance to break there block without getting hit once to ruin the combo? riiighhhttt

  3.  a star wars fans must


    i got 1 of these about 4years ago. the episode fours luke one. it cost 99pound and it was well worth it.
    good sound nice to put it on in a dark room.
    u dont really wanna smash it against stuff to make it do the effects. as u feel it will break easily and it does :S but u gutta whack it hard.
    sadly it will gather dust after a few days. but still nice display it has a good display stand. i got it drilled into my wall above my bed. so i go to bed knowing that i got 1 badass lightsaber above my head

  4.  sit on your 360. its more comfortable


    this is a horiffic contraption.
    for starters its to low. i mean who has a tv right on the floor? no 1 they are all on stands or something so u can sit in a sofa.
    secondly it hurts your legs.
    thirdly its to rounded on the back, so unless your bones are made out of rubber get rdy for PAIN!.
    fourthly. u slide off it.
    fifly. if u lean forward the back of it starts pushing against u.
    sixly. if u lean back to much u get a neckache as if u are 6ft or taller your head has no resting place.
    and seventhly. its to hard. its like wood with a sheet of linen on.

    so sit on your 360. its more comfortable

  5.  Worst game i have played


    yes sure the graphics are somewhat good for a game this big.
    the gameplay is good.
    but its just terrible. like many shooters its run gun respawn.
    this seems to be putting that to the max. u get a kill or 2. oh noes u died!
    repeat over and over, whats the point? 16v16 games always involve u getting half way accros the map to be either sniped. rocketed. or AAguned.
    obviously if u can put up with that. then its a good game.
    the warhawks are extremly overpowerd. as most of the time they will kill u unless u have a rocket of some kind.
    infantry is useless unless u have a rocketlauncher or snipe. as most people sit around the base wating for a vehcal to respawn.
    this is a love or hate game.
    the scales nice. the varietys nice. but its just to much of a run gun die. games like COD and halo are simlar but at least u dont get klled from the other side of the map as much

  6.  100% regret


    i regret paying every last penny for this!
    not because the console sucks. oh no. ITS THE MEMORY!.
    the console is better than 360. but theres 1 thing tat haunts me to this day. and that is the memory. 3gb is lost when u get the console anyway. so thats 37gb. then u lose 10more from updates (i got mine 26th jan 08) and games these days use up ALOT of memory. back in the ps2. ONE 8mb memory card would last hundreds of games. its not the fact that the save game takes up memory. but the updates for them. i regret buying this. i do have an external harddrive but its just annoyance.
    i cant use any music films or photos on the console as its all used up. and when "home" comes out anouther 10gb down the drain YAY! so dont buy this. u will only have 7gb. either get the 80gb. dont get one. or get a external harddrive. altho they are of a grate annoyance

  7.  good but easier than cutting butter with a bread knife


    this game is fantastic its a good mix of everything and it blends together so well. but this reveiw isnt anouther repeat of what others are saying. yes the gameplay is good in everyway. but then theres the difficulty setting. this game is incredibly EASY! u can take on hundreds of guys at a time and never get below 70%hp u can take around 20hits by the time u are done to die. and u soon learn to counter and u counter around 90% of the attacks. a harder difficulty would be nice as i am yet to die from combat. i only die from falling of things i think i will live. health regenerates in combat or not. with taht said there are some hard parts such as avoid being detected and climbing walls... with 30guards lobbing stones at u. this is the only falt. combat is more of a chour as its so easy something like a setting once u complete the game to make the enemys counter 40% of attacks and alot more harder to kill and attack more frequent would of made it a 6/5 but sadly i only give this a worth buying rate. well either the game is easy. or im just pro

  8.  MUST HAVE If u dont have lego star wars 2


    if u dont have lego star wars 2. and never played it. u should definatly get this its truly epic a new genre of gaming obviously if u hate lego and star wars (who does?) dont get it but im a huge fan of star wars and lego. ive spent around 200pound on real lego star wars and this game will make u feel right at home

  9.  worth at least a rent for sci fi fans or gundam fans...


    or a big DW fan. its basicly dynasty warriors with gundams (transformer thingys with badass guns and swords) i personaly was a big gundam fan when i was a kid and iliked to see it again. many people that it looks tacky. well i thought so until u play it on a huge HD TV it looks brilliant. plays well. altho the only thing that has changed from recent DW games is that theres areas. like 20 per level mybe more mybe less. to contol these areas u need to kill 50-500units then kill a gate guard. and sometimes kill a mini boss then its controled and reinforcments will constantly spawn and attack and defend unless its retaken. which is very nice. and the friendly AI is very helpful. unlike other games where they just stood there doing JACK. lots of replay. i did the first few levles about 20times just by taking differnt areas first. sadly still bo multiplayer but still :P iif u are not a gundam fan or sci fi fan AVOID. and get bladestorm (made by koei which also make this) which should be out any day now.

  10.  basicly a mini game


    iits a terrible mix of theme park world and fusion frenzy. nice theme park but its not fully customizable u still can only build certain things in certain areas. u can ride the rides (which is boring and dont feel real) or u can play the minigames (fun the first time but u realise u can get free online flash games that are better) disaster what were the people who made this thinking stay clear whatever u do!!!