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  1.  good if you do not have the 5 disc version from America


    This is a nice enough set, although be warned if you, like me, bought the5 disc region free version from America, you are only getting a different packaging, a nice spinner and a book.

    The first disc is exactly the same as the 1st disc from the 5 disc version, although the picture on the disc is the same, evrything on the disc is exactly the same, the menus and everything.
    Same situtation with the second disc really....same menus and features, just a different picture ont he disc label. 3rd disc, features the standard DVD version of the final cut..
    The book and the spinner is very nice, diferent from the one that came with the brief case version of Blade Runner. The one that was in the case was a blue police spinner, this one is a silver citizen spinner. A nice enough bo set although, I was a bit disppointed I gained nothing on the discs at all, than I did not already have. But if you do not own Blade Runner, this is hte best set to buy in the UK because it does feature all the versions in blu ray format, whch the 5 disc American version also did,

  2.  hmmm...hmmmm...and....hmmm!


    Somewhere in the spirit of...originality..hmm....hmm and hmmm!
    I love the original album, I also love Liam Neeson. But in comparison to the original album it is not as good...which I did expect anyway.
    It is ok but there are some parts that are not good at all, like the lead sound on the Artillery man one, it is such a bad sound in my opinion and makes the whole track sound horrible.
    I think this album has come about because of the revamps they have done to the stage show. I think it is fine really but doesn't come near to the original album and the voices of the original people..
    I liked the stage show where they used Richard Burton's face was a hologram, That was far better than adding Liam Neeson, as I thin it was nice to still kind of include him on the stage.
    Although I really do like Liam Neeson I think Jeff Wayens Musical version is far from the same without Burton's voice on it and of course Justin Heyward..such a nice voice, I know whine whine whine...but I suppose it is nice to have is an alternative version of the album..and I suppose I should stop complaining about this one as I still have the original one to listen to anyway.
    But I think the problem with Liam Neeson's voice is because I have been listening to the album for years with Richard Burton's voice, always when you hear someone else repeating the same thing your mind is used to hearing a different voice so automatically it doesn't sound so good. Also I am so used to hearing Liam Neeson in so many films now, so it is kind of difficult for my mind to accept him on this album.. maybe after several listens.
    I shouldn't really put the album down so much as it is good, it is just some of that class and originality is lost due to some modernized tweaks. But I think there is a phrase that definitely is appropriate here...less is more..as there is addition dialogue, even on the first intro..it sounded overall better with these pieces of dialogue deleted but as a fan of the album, it is nice to hear it this way as well as part of the full album. So although the original is better to is good to have it this way too I suppose.

  3.  No to nooooooo!


    I loved the original trilogy but never cared for the newer prequels but decided I would buy all the movies as one package, so I would have them all on blu ray.
    The reasons why I was never impressed with the newer prequels was because I grew up with the original trilogy and looking at the prequels you could certainly tell these films were made long after the original trilogy like R2 flying and special effects etc. So it was always hard for me to see them as actual prequels. But I suppose that is the reason for the changes to the original trilogy, like the added city at the end of Return of the Jedi to try and link them to the prequels.
    But in short I am kind of glad that I bought the whole lot of the films on blu ray as I have now watched them all several times, in order they are supposed to be. OK yes you can tell that these prequels are a lot newer and fancier effects, but now after watching all 6 films ion chronological order I would say it makes the originals something they weren't before. Even though the newer ones are quite obviously after the original trilogy I did feel the story was a continuation when I got to stare wars a new hope. I suppose I just feel they should have made the prequels look older and made them look like they were actually before the original trilogy but I suppose if they did that then they would not probably appeal so much to today's children/generation
    My other gripes about the prequels are mostly some of the actors who were in the prequels, I totally disagree that Liam Neeson, Christopher Lee and Ewan McGregor should have ever been in s Star Wars film, I mean Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi just doesn't seem right to me all these actors are great but I could never see any of those actors as the characters they played in Star wars so that made their characters unbelievable to me.
    I love all these actors very much particularly Liam Neeson but I just do not think they suit being in a Star Wars film, even to this day, I also hate Hayden Christiansen mint he film as well, so it taken a lot of persuasion from a friend for me to buy the complete sage. Although I still feel the same about these actors in the films, I am still glad I bought them as it does link the story together and when you get to Star wars a new hope you feel like you know where Darth Vader comes from, whereas before he just appears as a mister bad @ss.
    The newer prequels do link the story together in an enjoyable way so it is good to have them all for that reason alone.
    Jar Jar Binks, well my opinion is pretty much the same as everyone else's. Yes a very annoying character and what makes him annoying is that Jar Jar Binks is supposed to be funny, but instead a failed character and is simply not funny at all, even the way they have him talking like "Mesa" , is a terrible idea and becomes particularly annoying after a while. Just over all a very bad character.

    My opinions on the changes and newer added effects to the films...

    I was at first but I am now not overly disappointed about all the changes and additions to the older films as I realise that some changes were to try and show that they were part of the the 3 newer prequels and I would say that it does actually help a bit, although the only change I will never really be happy about is the "Nooo! Noooo!" in return of the Jedi, I feel it really spoils a very emotional moment that it was actually stronger when Darth Vader said nothing as he watched the Emperor torture his son and finally thrown him over. The "no" and "noooo" just shouldn't be there as it just seemed more powerful before.
    The picture and sound quality is just stunning and overall I am very pleased with this boxed set.Tons of features too.

  4.  not their best album


    From a band in my mind was the best band on the planet.....well they were at least one of them. Making some amazing songs and played amazingly, it is inevitable that at least one of their albums would nbot be in the same league as the others. But in saying all this, this is not a bad album as someone else had said, I think it was all about where Freddie's mind was at the time and he wanted to try something different.
    But all in all out of al the tracks I really like"Action this day", "Under Pressure" and "Cool cat", but in all honesty I do not care much for the other tracks, which is unlike me for a Queen album.
    Also has to be pointed out, I liked these re releases, some remasters they ruin the albums, but no no no, not this time,I can hear quite a difference from the older CDs. But I do disagree about putting the live tracks, as if I want to listen to live I would prefer to hear a Queen live album if I was in the mood, so those tracks are no good to me separate from the rest of the concert, I am not into hearing part of a concert at all.
    I like this album for a change but definitely not my favourite Queen album, as another person said, "A night at the opera" is vastly superior to this and has such diversity, and you can clearly hear the cleverness of the band on that album, but like I said this album is good for a change.

  5.  What has happened to Doctor Who?


    When Doctor who came back on to our screens it was exciting to see people like Billie Piper, Christopher Ecclestone, Catherine Tate and David Tennant. But now we got these kiddies and poor visual effects? The ruination of a great series and note that when series 1 to 4 originally came out as box sets they were a lot more expensive than these, same old thing you get what you pay for, these are cheap because it is not so good, I really wish they picked someone like John Simm as the new Doctor, I do not mean him in particular but someone who has such energy and seems powerful should be the doctor not someone who looks like he had his face stamped on 10 times and looks like he has only just learned to tie his shoe laces. People who like it they have a rioght to like it but I also have a right not to like and express my great disappointment in something that started off so good.

  6.  Absolutely superb


    I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, this man is an artist of the unusual kind.
    This documentary really did exceed my expectations and turned out to be truly astonishing to me, I even felt good after watching this, what I loved about the man was his desire to rebel against the law buts in a non violent or unpleasant way. It is so good this documentary because it is so hard to believe anyone would do this, the thing is one mistake and he would have been a dead man, but to be messing about on a wire between the brilliant twin towers for 45 mins and 8 crossings in that time is really quite amazing. How anyone could be so relaxed up so high to do that is beyond belief. Of course it does seem silly for anyone to put themselves into such a high risk (literally), but when you watch this documentary it is kind of easy to understand why the man did it, one man in particular was quite emotional about it and so was his former wife. I only wish there were video footage of this man doing this, it really made my day watching this documentary. The mans desire to beat the challenge and rebel was quite appealing to me, I highly recommend this and also on blu ray it isn't expensive on blu ray only a pound odds more I would say it is definitely worth it. A documentary with a difference, something different fro the norm and a nice way to remember the twin towers unlike the depressing thing that happened there, after watching this documentary I can honestly say I love this guy.

  7.  Class without a glass!


    This film is a great transfer, miles ahead of standard DVD. The film itself, well I actually hate war films and westerns, but this film is one of the exceptions, probably because it was directed by Stanley Kubrik and the drill instructor is hilarious, I really love this film, it has some underated actors in it too like Mathew Modine, and a very young Vincent D'Onofrio (men in black). This is great in entertainment values, I highly recommend this especially if you haven't seen it. I suppose the question really is, is it worth upgrading from standard DVD to this blu ray? "SIR, YES I WOULD SAY IT IS, SIR!"
    But I noticed anther person has said about Blade Runner etc, but there was a big job done on Blade Runner (By the Director) it was remastered frame by frame by Ridley Scott, and this film here full metal Jacket, does not say that it is, so I have no idea why some people expect every blu ray release to be like that, this is Full metal Jacket transformed to Blu Ray, it does not say anywhere that it has been remastered frame by frame by the director so I have no idea why some people expect that when they buy an old film on blu ray, but it is still a vast improvement to the standard DVD..

  8.  funny as hell


    I loved this, as I said in other reviews Steve Carell makes me laugh every time. But this is definitely one of his funniest films, the stuffed mice idea was a good one and added a lot to the character who was supposed to be such an idiot. The funniest moment in this film was when he was acting as a penquin, for the first time in a long time I actually had tears in my eyes with laughter, so much so it taken me a while to settle down and be able to watch the rest of the film, it was that funny. Even half an hour after I was still laughing at that bit just thinking about it. Ths is what comedy is all about, funny moments that make you laugh even days after seeing it, by just thinking back. I am not sure if this is the funniest film I have ever seen but it is certainly one of them, highly recommend, but it is a shame there doesn't seem to be a blu ray release though, actually I am disappointed about that as I really like this.

  9.  Brilliant film!


    This is film is so hilarious, not really a comedy though, but when the opening scene of a traffic Jam starts you wonder where this film is about to go. He gets out of the car and travels on foot to get to his daughter for her birthday, and on his travels, he comes across some people who aggravates him even more than he already is, so he displays his anger and reacts to al these situations in such a way that no one does but most people probably want to. This is why I love this film so much because there is a lot of examples that happen in every day life where most people probably find certain situations annoying but just bite thier top lip, that is what makes htis film so good in my opinion that D fence (Douglas) actually reacts to these situations rather than biting his top lip. For example even in my area they seem to be doing constant road works and it is true, there was nothing wrong with the road before so why are they digging it up and putting up temporary traffic lights? But in this film Michael Douglas reacts in such am agree able but over the top way, it is just so entertaining. The film is simply about a man who has had enough and just wants to get from one place to another to see his daughter on her birthday. Even what he says in the whammy burger is hilarious but a true annoyance that if you are so many minutes late you can not have anything off the breakfast menu, this has happened to me before, so I really enjoyed that scene. highly recommend, a very entertaining film and as always Michael Douglas plays the character brilliantly.

  10.  Brilliant!


    I will be the first to admit, I loved Titanic but over time I kind of went off Leonardo as an actor, I thihk I grown up a bit, but the recent films I saw him in today has made me love him as an actor all over again, in his more grown up films, and this film right here is an example of how good he is. Most notably his accent in this film, because most times I watch an actor putting on a fake accent it becomes annoying because I know it is fake and does not seem believable, but here Leonardo Di Caprio is different, because his accent is actually very good and believable, so he pulls it off very nicely, and makes the Archer character so real. The storyline is equally as brilliant, although 2 hours and 20 minutes long you do not notice as there is so much happening in this film. Some parts are actually quite chilling to watch, like when they were cutting off arms, and how cruel and brutal the soldiers were.
    Also have to mention Jennifer Connelly, also very good in the film which makes you realize the diversity of her acting skills as well.
    It is nice to live a sheltered and comfortable life, but it is also nice to see a film like this to make you realize that some other people are not so lucky elsewhere. All in all a great film a great cast and really good storyline...highly recommend.