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  1.  Very Good.


    Agree with the other review, these are excellent phones.
    Remember these are meant to be DJ headphines and so noise isolation is top drawer (32db's) Cant here nothing with them on. ;-)
    I use them at night for movies/gaming and music and had them for few years and are wonderfull.
    One thing i can say is dont judge them too quickly as they seemed a bit thin for a month or so give them time to settle in.
    Will go very loud effortlessly and only after a few hours may become a tad uncomfy as the other review suggested.
    5* even tho i paid 90 for mine few years ago.
    Oh and have a coil type 3m lead with screw on 6.3mm adaptor included, First time i seen a screw on. Nice.

  2.  Well What can you say!!


    I couldn't help myself after reading a few reviews here and they are spot on, Truly glorious little speaker.
    I have a decent hifi system so if i like it it's gotta be very good. ;-)
    Was testing it with my iRiver H120 with various tunes/bitrates and it's a true must own item in every way. Also have used it with my PC as a quick,/easy solution without having all my gear/amps on, great versitility.
    And for a guide for others i managed almost 87db's measured at about 1m (spl meter tested), so it can go loud undistorted. Astonishing for a tiny speaker.
    5* without a shadow of a doubt.
    Buy one today. ;-)

  3.  Decent but has faults


    Bought mine in black a while ago, It's fine really but has a few faults...
    1) Small USB cord (about 1.5m)
    2) No Analogue triggers.
    3) No PS Button

    It's fine and if u can deal with No proper L2 and R2 triggers then fine (this is same as old PS controller with only buttons)

    Decent enuf but really you should get the wireless version of this as the cord is far too short to be usefull.

  4.  5* Even for the £300 i paid


    This is quite simply one of the best available and at that price astonishing.
    Very easy to use with a fantastic upscaled pic with DVD's using HDMI and the Video thumbnails of recorded items is superb. Freeview pic with HDMI also is superb.
    Even on Long play recordings are near identicle to the Source on HDD or to DVD's ( records to all types of dvdr and also dvd ram) and can have a program set to record in a few seconds with only a couple button presses once into guide..
    Along with the HDMI it has Component and the usual scart outputs.
    Has scart/S-Video and composite inputs if your lacking or out of inputs on your TV (ive used old xbox with the svideo in with rather great results quality wise)
    One reviewer stated it's slow and confusing but he must be easily confused cos it's very simple and easy to use, tho does take about 25 secs to start up from standby initially but thats no big deal.
    Astonishing value for money at the play price so any buyer will be very happy,
    Worth every penny of even the £300 i paid quite a while ago.

  5.  Better than You Think it'll be..


    And you think it'll be great!
    there's really not much to say, apart from possibly the "Game Of The Year" on any format even this early in march. Dont think just buy!!, Fanstatic game.
    Some great touch Screen features, buy with confidence. ;-)

  6.  Excellent but Require good source and hight bit rate


    Bought these a while ago and initially wasnt too impressed, however they seemed to me to improve over time (like most speakers/headphones do).
    However these do need a high bitrate to sound at best. I'd say stick to 320kb/s or if u have the space go lossless, can sound wonderfull. However at times in complex music do seem to struggle slightly, again that only a major worry if using low bitrate, some stuff at 128kb/s can sound muddled at times.
    I use mine on my ms zune and my older iriver ihp-120 and both sound very good, and directly into my marantz cd5400 sound very good too. Also tried them with my sis's creative zen but that was horrible as the player is poor sound wise. Like all ear/headphones source quality is key so base reviews on that, some people seem to forget that. If i could select 4.5* then i would but they just dont quite deserve that fith star.

  7.  Very Good indeed


    I bought this with more than just a PSP dock in mind as u can connect an external source with the minijack input on the back.
    It really is very good, I have it sat on my unit infront of TV ( and have it connected to use instead of my Tv speakers) to good effect i must say.
    The Front dock section that the PSP sits in has a kind of damper effect when pressed and releases down slowly and buttons have a cool blue glow when switched on. Remote is simple but works well.

    Sound wise it's great, very nice detail and decent and fast bass, a little lacking in bass at times so dont expect huge bass when used with the PSP due to the limited equalizer options of the PSP, But what bass u get is good bass. Works great with my Iriver H120, also works very well with input from my TV. As always the better the quality/bitrate of music the better the result.
    All in all this is far better than i expected and is still growing on me, sounding better all the time as i get used to it.
    5 Stars all the way, could be more expensive (and looks it!!!) and is very resonable with wonderfull performance for £90, Buy with confidence.