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  1.  Surfers Beware!


    Ok this is good for what it does & the upscaling is cool BUT it doesnt play "just about every file" you might have as some reviewers have suggested. Its limited to avi based files only as it says in the description, divx (avi), xvid (avi), mpeg 1/2/4(mpg,avi). So if you have anything else such as mp4 (like I have) which is fairly common these days then you're out of luck. Ive got a drive with many different. file types & only the avi's appear on the menu once plugged in. Everything else like mp4 or wmv is a no show so tho its very good at what it does & id definately recommend it just be ready cos you might have to convert sum files before you see em on the big screen.

  2.  Its full of DALEKS what the hell else do you want



    OK Dadsreview... firstly I think your critiscm of my criticism of Barnie's review was harsh.... surely my review was personal comment? My point of view was just this, Barnies a "Top 10 DVD reviewer" & as such (possibly) carries more weight with readers & so i felt he cudv spent 10 mins on Google or BBC gettin things rite. He sed "there are just too many flaws" his 1st bein "Firstly the doctor is called Doctor Who" wen at the same time on TV hes also called Doctor Who its his name in both thats not a flaw in the film is it? & shudnt be sited as such. After all ppl are relyin on Barnie 2 lead the way, so far as vid buyin goes. His other flaw was the 60s cars (quite obviously a budget constraint), but its explaind in the films plot that there was an atomic war &so no more cars were made after the 60s, another flaw that isnt a flaw. BTW Barnie me old mate Tom Baker was also 'my' 1st Dr, i just hapnd 2 watch a 1975 story of his on TV& he was still creditd as playing 'Doctor Who' even then. ¬mayb i was harsh in 1 respect i shd never hav calld barnie a pranny as for the rest i stand by every word

    Original review:

    This 1st part is directed at that pranny barnie who rubbished these films in an earlier review.

    So in these films he's called Doctor Who not the Doctor & that's strange is it? Well then how come the 1st actor William Hartnell's character was also called Dr Who as can be seen from the closing titles of the 1st episode of the 1st series & onwards, carrying on right through the 60's even Jon Pertwee the 3rd Doctor used to introduce himself with "Hello i'm Dr Who" as did William Hartnell. So before you go criticizing these great classic movies why don't you at least get some of your facts right. As for them using 1960's cars in a 1960's film set in 2150 AD, what cars do you expect them to use 1970's or 80's how about a nice 2008 model yes they could easily get hold of a couple of those back in the 60's. BTW the plot goes that there's been an atomic war hence London being not quite at its best so no cars have been built since the 60's that's why the cars are old & battered & keep breaking down, I thought you'd watched the film are you sure you where awake at the time maybe you've been criticizing a dream you had. You should also go & rewatch the 1st series of the new Doctor Whos where the credits state 'Christopher Ecclestone' / 'Doctor Who' not 'Christopher Ecclestone' / 'the Doctor', now you can go back into that dream you where having we all promise we'll try not to wake you.

    Now to everyone else,

    these are real classic films they recreate the 1st two Dalek stories from the tv series with Peter Cushing (not Cushion) playing William Hartnell's part as Dr Who. This is before he became known as a Time Lord from Gallifrey & before they came up with the idea of regeneration. Cushing plays him as an eccentric scientist who's invented a time machine, which makes little or no difference to the stories. If you've not seen these before & you're a Dalek fan these films are great there's loads of Daleks of all different colours unlike the all bronze tv ones. My fave's the red one in fact I bought a radio controlled one for my nephew & it came with a remote controller shaped like the Dalek spaceship from the 2nd film it's really cool, I got it from Play.com if you want one (pls excuse the advert). In conclusion i really like these films i've seen them many times so if you want to see how it all started you can't really go wrong. Id also recommend Genesis of the Daleks as the 1st story with Davros in it as he creates the Daleks, thats also available here.