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  1.  Buy This As Nothing Compares


    Forget any other version other than the Deluxe Edition, this game is all-encompassing, all conquering.

    There is simply no better city sim, I own City Life - bad clone, Sim City Societies - Dissapointing.

    I can't explain to you the joy of setting up an area watching it grow then naming the street, after your dog, or mum.. it's just brilliant, pure class, you can check a box so a ropey petrol garage will always stay there as the rest of the zone blossoms into a hyper advanced state..

    Just make sure your system is compatible - go to the website and grab the patches.

    It crashes on Athlon machines.

    I love this game, I've actually bought more than one copy, I just can't wait for Sim City 5 to come out - whenever that may be... soon I hope.


  2.  Excellent But Tired


    This game blew me away when I first bought it (from Play.com) back in '07, unfortunately for me, my PC rig wasn't good enough really to play the game as it should.. and I had/ have:

    Athlon 64bit 2.2 Mhz
    2 Ghz RAM
    256Meg GeForce 6600 graphics card

    If your reflexes are good, and you have a better system than mine, you'll love this game.

    One feature that shines is the Voip-enabled squads, if you're lucky enough to join a talkative squad and or your friends are playing with you, you'll have the best time...

    Remember.. there are always better players, with quicker machines that know all the camping spots and who know the ways to 'break' the game in their favour, get over this and enjoy!

    I give it 8.5/10



    Dubstep, bit crushing, boards of canada, leftfield, it has it all..

    If you like Nathan Fake, Four Tet, Dub-step, Leftfield, Boards of Canada, then I strongly suggest you give this a go.

  4.  Call Of Duty 3 With Better Cut Scenes


    This game is very nice looking, but having been created by TreArc (Call of Duty 3), You can see where the creative juices dried up.

    This game in my opinion (I've been oplaying video games for over 20 years) falls short of what it was hoping to deliver.

    Multiplayer maps are too small.

    There's really no story line to it.

    I traded it for Fallout 3 :)

  5.  If I Could Give This Game 6 Stars I Would!


    I only bought this game a week or so ago, and i'm hooked.

    If you're worried that it's like oblivion, don't panic, it's not, it's an entirely new game, from the ground up.

    Never have i felt so petrified, scared, engrossed and heroic all in one sitting!

    If you're someone that blasts through games just to finish it, then this probably isn't the game for you - it's all about getting lost, bumping into creepy characters and becoming **** scared when it gets dark and you realise youre a long, long way from a bed.

    If you liked oblivion, you'll love this.

  6.  The Best Thing You Can Spend 12.99 On


    I used to use Ikea batteries, of which I'd need at least 4 during 3-4 hour session, now with the play and charge kit, I plug it in during a session and my controller is charged.

    The best 12.99 you can spend upgrading your xbox.

    Not only are you saving money, you're saving the environment.