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  1.  Quality Survival Horror/ Action Game


    This game has changed my opinion of the survival horro genre forever. This is how the genre should always be portrayed. Let me start off by saying that i was slightly dubious about buying this title, im not a fan of survival horrors and took a chance with this one, and im so glad i did. There are many reasons that set this game apart from the rest, so let me bulletpoint some of the most important:

    Immersion - From the start you are completely immersed in the game, theres no health bar or mini map in the corner, no ammo counter. All of these things are cleverly interlinked with Isaaks suit, so you can see them whenever you want, but they're never actually on screen. Okay, that doesnt make sense, an example then. Instead of there being a health bar in the bottom corner of the screen, it runs up the spine of Isaaks suit and looks integral to the game. The ammo counter is shown on the gun when you aim it so that it is not left as a stat hanging in the corner. Another part which completely immerses the player is the inventory and map system. The inventory can be displayed whenever the player wants but it doesnt stop game play, this really helps to immerse the player in their surroundings and create a linear gameplay experiance.

    Graphics - Rarely have i seen a game which looks this good. I have not seen texture dropout or any other graphical glitches which plauge so many mainstream games. They are smooth and very realistic for the current generation of consoles, really pushing what the hardware can do.

    Gameplay - The gameplay is fluent and solid as it should be with any survival horror (you can move and aim at the same time!!!). The controls are easy to get to grips with and even the parts where you need to learn different controls for Isaak are easy to remember and use.

    Innovation - Zero-G is something which really does make this game extremely innovative. Its an amazing experiance to able to control Isaak in that way and has been very well integrated to break up the gameplay with innovative set pieces. Another innovative difference is the segments with no air. As you travel into a vacuum all the colour washes out and the sounds are muffled and indistinguishable, it is a very effective way to help keep the player immersed.

    Overall i would say that the game is excellant, with a lot of replayability. Its a shame theres no multiplayer mode, but then again half the fun of the game is turning out all the lights and playing it by yourself to really freak yourself out

  2.  Brilliant Ska Revival


    This is one of the best bands i have heard in a long time. If you like bands like capdown, catch 22 or streetlight manifesto then this band is for you. There not like a lot of the newer ska stuff which is aimed at kids and is poppy, this is some real good ska revival stuff.

  3.  Better than Mr Kiplings Exceeding Good Cakes


    Let me start off by just saying that although a lot of people are writing reviews about how repetitive this game is, ive got to say i havent found that. The main thing people seem to be having problems with is the getting information out of people, and as there are only 4 different ways, it could be seen as being repetitive. But these people arent looking at the big picture, each assassination has a lot of various ways of being done depending on the information gathered. You could wait on a roof top somewhere you know theres no guards, or sneak in as a scholar, it all depends.

    Now the graphics are absolutely stunning in this game, ive actually never seen anything like it, and the fighting system which will automatically change the camera angle so you can see the full beauty of your killing blow is amazing. Its like playing a cut scene all the way through. The graphics are also faultless, theres no glitches anywhere that i have found and the cities look amazing.

    The free running and movement system is also brilliant, its incredibly unique and really lets the player do whatever they want, go where ever they want also. The basic background gameplay is amazing aswell, for example theres crowds of people and merchants and all sorts just getting on and it really makes the game feel more realistic.

    I also like the way that in this game there are several different ways of actually playing the game. If you want to sneak on rooftops, build up allies on the street and be a shadow..thats fine. If you want to run around smashing through stuff and making market stalls collapse on people while taking on 10 guards, you can do that aswell.

    In my opinion, this game is the best game i have played on the xbox360 so far. It really is a milestone product and well worth checking out.

  4.  Not for everyone


    This game is one of the milestones for the xbox360. The graphics are excellant, the zombies AI is brilliant and the swarm things which they do is pretty cool. Along with being ridiculously bloody and having an immense arsenal of weaponry at your disposal i would have said an instant hit for anyone whos ever wondered what it would be like to play George A Romaros: dawn of the dead.

    But sadly capcom just fail to deliver. The first this i will say is that in order to read anything which happens on screen, you will need a tv larger than 19". My tv is 19" and i had to get right up close to the screen everytime i read something. The saving system in this game is also so annoying, its ok for those who have the patience and time to continually replay the game everytime you save in an awkward spot, but for people who just want to play and not have to restart the whole game every few hours its very irritating.

    The game itself is also so hard, and theres no difficulty settings so you'll find yourself replaying the same parts and feeling extremely cheated for hours on end.

    This is a great game for people who are into the resident evil scene and have immense patience, but for everyone else who just want to play a cool game, and dont want to be losing their patience and throwing the controller every 5 minutes, i would suggest steering clear.