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  1.  Amazing


    This film is just truly amazing!! For a thirty odd year old, I can't wait for Christmas Eve. With an early finish from work, I make my way home to a warm house, and settled down and relax to my 2 movie marathon! This is the 2nd movie i watch early in the evening after National Lampoon. And this really boost's my Christmas spirit. The animation, the music and of course Tom Hanks, but everything about the film is just amazing. You have to watch this film... Roll on the 24th December!

  2.  Great Scott!!! This is heavy....


    Finally, for years i 've been waiting for this to come out on Blu-Ray. Roll on October, with great extra in the case too... I've had these on Video, Dvd and now Blu-ray..... Fantastic, i'm heading back to 1985!!!! And as the previous review said, no to Back to the Future 4!!! A classic is a classic. Leave it be!!!

  3.  AMAZING!!!


    One of favourite films of all time, and i've seen quite a few. At first when this came out in the cinema's i wasn't keen, but i was forced to go a watch it. I'm i was, an outstanding film with outstanding actors. Purchased 10 times on video as each tape was worn out and broken. Then when dvd came out i knew that i had to purchase again. But now on blu-ray!!! If you have never seen this film ask friends, family or anyone else about it and i promise that each one will say that it's an awesome film... Watch it you won't be disappointed. If the rating had more stars i'd give it 1,000,000... Lol.

    Watch it!!!

  4.  Bah Humbug!!! Buy it!!!


    Outstanding. Another christmas tradition. An evening in with the family to watch scrooged!!! Bill murray is brilliant, and he fits the part well. A classic. They don't make them like this anymore!!! A must buy dvd.

  5.  Brilliant


    If you don't watch this at christmas time, then christmas isn't christmas!!! I remember watching this when it first came out. Its was brilliant. And as tradition i watched this after opening my pressie with my gran, and even though my gran has passed, i still watch it, christmas to me is not the same as it was, but watching this makes it christmas, and brings back those wonderful memories, a definate buy. A heart warming movie.

  6.  Think Lewis!!!


    I remember watching the very 1st 2 episodes when they came out on TV... I was hooked. A perfect blend of actors, and production team bring's Colin Dextors books to life. John Thaw an absolute screen legend, is teamed up with Kevin Whately a future legend himself, makes us enjoy this wonderful drama. A brilliant Drama to remember John Thaw.

  7.  Autobots...Roll out!!


    IT'S TRANSFORMERS!!! Excellent value and bought so that my son can see how it all started. Got my old Transformers figure's from the attic, to get him into it, and although i'm 29 i've got my self back into them...lol playing with him with my G1 Optimus Prime, Jazz, Mirage, Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave. Brought back good memories... ok you watch the old cartoon and think did i watch this?? but think back and this was awesome, not noticing the loads of mistakes in there, colour missing and stuff. I sat down with my Milk and biscuits and enjoyed it. 1984 will be a year that will always be remembered. Transformers, (took my Jazz toy everywhere Spain, Greece and Italy) Thundercats, He-Man, Zoids were fantastic. lol i feel 6 six years old again. Its not great cartoons, but its fantastic. For the Transformers fan these DVD's are a must.