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  1.  Essential


    If you own a 360 i would seriously reccomend one of these.
    It's a waste of time and money replacing batteries week in week out when you could just buy this once and use it for years.
    You can play a game even whilst charging your controller, the lead doesn't get in the way at all and the red/ green LED light let's you know when your controller is fully charged.
    At this price it's a steal, a great product

  2.  *****


    Well as far as I'm concerned this is the best HEADSET i have ever used.
    I was using the creative fatality set before but the build quality was exceptionally poor and they broke after a few months use.
    Just a word of warning - I found it a little hard to adjust to the PC350's at first, there is a distinct lack of bass to the sound so if your expecting these things to make your music and explosions sound better, they won't - music sounds better on my £20 HD205's.
    However they are not created for music, they are solely for games - and this is where they come into a world of their own.
    I play Call of Duty 4 competitively and since buying this headset i have found i am able to track the movements of enemies all around me without laying my eyes on them - the directional sound quality is incredible. I am constantly making calls for my teammates on vent when dead and in spec because they are using inferior headsets and cannot pinpoint the location of an enemy as i can.
    The closed ear cups are brilliant, they block out all outside noise - i often find members of my family having to come and slap me round my head after hours of shouting to get my attention!
    The mic is crystal clear and have had no problems whatsoever with people hearing me - the cable is good quality and the volume / mute switch does its job - this is another issue i had with my creative fatality headset: the cable would coil up constantly and the microphone would go through stages of not working.

    Honestly, if you are after a closed gaming headset and have some money to spare, buy these - they've raised my game to a whole new level.

  3.  Quality


    This album is immense, it can be so hard hitting and brutal.
    I prefer their latest album 'Messengers' purely because of the recording quality and the overall technicality and maturity of the songs.
    Still a great album though

  4.  Outstanding


    I have had this monitor for 6 months now and I have not had a single problem with it.
    At the time I was tempted by the Samsung alternative but the price difference and rumours of 3 different panel versions put me off.
    Overall I'm glad I went with this LG screen - I use it in its native resolution of 1680x1050 and it looks superb, the colour reproduction is excellent, both in games and movies.
    The software has an automatic wizard which helps you set the contrast and brightness to your liking.
    The only thing I would suggest is that you add 50% digital vibrance through your graphics drivers if you use an NVIDIA card - This really brightens things up and gives colours a much warmer tone.
    The build quality is also exceptional - the lack of height adjustment does not bother me at all and the colours go perfectly with my current set up.
    All in all I would quite happily buy another one if I needed to.

  5.  Awesome


    I could not rate this game any higher - it's absolutely superb.
    The single player campaigns seem to be getting shorter with each Call of Duty instalment - probably due to the growing popularity of the multiplayer aspect.
    However the campaign on this game had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, there is such variety in mission locations, objectives, weapons and enemies.
    I mainly purchased it for the multiplayer which I am playing for hours on end - you can rank up by completing challenges and ranking up means better weapons, attachments and skins. It really grabs you by the face and keeps you hooked.
    Then there's the graphics - I have quite a high end card (8800 GTS) so I can run the game on full settings with AA/AF enabled, it looks incredible - the lighting and shader effects are out of this world.
    Overall 10/10

  6.  Seems Fine


    Purchased one for a friend's birthday and from what I can see/ hear, the product works great.
    Hear it every morning in the car to work and although you can get some cross frequency interference (which I hasten to add is practically un-avoidable with near all transmitters like this) it does a great job.
    Would certainly buy one if I owned a Nano

  7.  Awesome


    I purchased one of these a while back from play, i have to say i was slightly sceptical as the price did seem quite allot for a mouse mat, but boy is it worth it...

    It's been nothing but brilliant for me - im using it with a Logitech G5 mouse and the two go together hand in hand.

    First off - The Pad is HUGE, honestly you will not believe me until you see this thing, but it really is massive (i measured it as 17"x14" inches)
    I can prove to be a bit of a desk space hog so make sure you have room!

    The design looks great and stands out from most others, looks smart with the rusty copper effect on the G5 mouse.
    This thing is so smooth i could honestly sleep on it; my mouse just glides across it almost effortlessly!

    The ONLY quibble i have is that it can get quite dirty and the edges are starting to fray... all you need to do is just go over it every now and then with a slightly damp cloth and it will stay in great condition.

    Overall 10/10. Get one now from play as they are extremely well priced here (cheaper than any other UK supplier once you add their postage and packaging costs)

  8.  technically superb


    This album is a flurry of heavy riffs, killer breakdowns and some brutal vocals.

    It's a great progression from their previous album "bless the martyr and kiss the child".
    The fact that the band managed to deal with a line up change, and still put out a blinding record like this shows their true musicianship.
    I love every song on this cd for different reasons.
    Tracks like "Dilemmachine" are fast and aggressive with plenty of grunt.
    There's also songs like "Disconnecktie" which is a slower, more thought provoking piece of music, especially lyrically.

    Overall i can't recommend this more, I'd definitely go for the special edition if you can get hold of it as it includes a great bonus DVD and an extra track "Shaunluu" which is incredible.

  9.  poor


    I have to agree with the previous two reviews:
    1) The box the set came in was scuffed and damaged.
    2) The chips themselves are faded, marked and chipped.

    If it hadn't been for the fact that a really needed the set for a session that week i would have returned them at the drop of a hat.
    Apart from the defects the chips are a nice weight and the cards are pretty standard.
    The handle for the case also feels cheap and plasticy... im weary of it breaking to be honest.
    I would seriously consider shopping around abit before you take the plunge and buy this set... unless you get lucky.

  10.  Amazing


    Despite it's age this album will never grow old for me.
    There is so much raw energy and passion involved.
    From fast, heavy songs like 'to mandate heaven', to the slower more melodic ones like 'nerdy', there is not a single track i would skip if this album were to come on shuffle.
    If you like hardcore or any of 'poison the wells' other material then buy this album, it will not disapoint.