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  1.  A tout le monde -say no more.


    A tout le monde, i don't know what it means, but that's all you have to say as far as this album is concerned. It is an awesome song, undoubtebly one of their best, but the good thing is that the other songs come close to the mark as well. The first four have great riffs and solos and good lyrics. The quality is less consistent as the album goes on but there are still some hidden gems in there if you give the album a chance and listen to it a few times.

  2.  A major event for Maiden - 250000 fans!!!


    This was a major event for Iron Maiden when they played to an estimated 250000 fans! Not only that, it showed that Maiden were back on the map after their great yet not succesful albums x factor and virtual xi. It must have been awesome for Bruce, shouting 'scream for me rio' and hearing 250000 fans roar back! The songs are performed well as well with songs like dream of mirrors and the modern classic blood brothers sounding great live. The crowd are good too, singing along to all the words and even chanting along to all the melodies.

  3.  Worth buying.


    Worth buying if you are a fan of acdc or metal or rock in general. A classic album imo. I remember my Dad putting this on when I was a kid and it was one of the first albums that got me into metal.
    The last album Bon Scott was on before his untimely death, this was the end of an era in a way for acdc and what an album to end the 70s on.

  4.  Probably their best.


    A lot of people say this is their best album and looking back over all their material they are probably right. It has some classic tracks like Live Forever and Supersonic and these songs are timeless. Having said that, there are some great lesser known songs as well such as bring it on down and slide away. A must have for any fan of Oasis or rock music in general.

  5.  I think it's their best.


    I got into acdc in the late 80s early 90s and I've only just started listening to their old stuff again, their new stuff with Brian Johnson is good but this stuff is better, and I think this is one of the best of their old stuff.

  6.  rubbish cover good record


    I wouldn't buy this for the cover, about the worst they have done. The music is good, the opener is a feelgood number that gets you tapping your feet with it's catchy riffs and lyrics. But it gets better, No more lies is like a classic song the first time you hear it, rainmaker is different from their original stlye but still good, montsegur is just awesome, heavy rocking riff with great lyrics and solo and though I don't like the rest of the album it is stil good. Dance of Death is a great live track but it still sounds good on here and Face in the sand is yet another modern classic to me with a slow build up to an awesomw song. Journeyman finishes off the album nicely with thwe first acoustic since prodigal son on the killers album, great end to an album.

  7.  Great follow up album


    The follow up from their first album it uses material they wrote for the first album but didn't record for it and new material they needed to bulk it up. All in all it is a great follow up album. Songs such as wrathchild and Murders in the rue morgue and killers have featured as live songs and are classics in their own right but the rest of the album is strong as well. Prodigal son sees them making their first acoustic song only to be repeated again with Journeyman 22 years later. Worth a listen.

  8.  good selection for new/young fans.


    This is a great selection for new or young fans but for lifelong maiden fans who have all their albums it is not so good. I've got all their albums and the only track that is new to me is the live version of man on the edge. All the other live versions are from rock in rio. But if you want it for the new artwork and a good selection of songs it is worth buying.

  9.  Producing the goods, yet again.


    Iron maiden produce the goods, yet again, even with the absence of Bruce Dickinson. The opener is awesome, what a riff and surprisingly what an awesome performance from Blaze, but then again we knew it would be good after the x factor. In an interview with Janick for the x factor he said the x factor sounded more like maiden than ever and they continue with that sound in this album too. Even though there isn't the trademark Bruce Dickinson voice the music is very much Maiden. Great twin guitar melodies and great riffs and solos. futureal is great but others to look out for are maybe lightning strikes twice, the educated fool and when two worlds collide.

  10.  A great album


    A lot of people slate their 90`s albums but I think they produced some of their greatest works in this era. This album sees Janick playing on his second album for the band and as far as the album goes musically, they don't miss the influence of adrian smith.
    Great songs all of them, in this album they continued where they left off on no prayer for the dying, going back to their heavier roots with no keyboards or synthesisers. The title track itself has been credited as the best but songs like childhoods end, chains of misery and judas be my guide are well worth a listen.