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  1.  Excellent


    The lights arrived in the post very promtly today which is always nice!! Plugged them in and they are fantastic! Every star has worked first time and there has not even been a flicker.
    Would really recommend them, especially as Christmas is just around the corner - give off a good glow! Really impressed with the lights! :)

  2.  A very intense and fast film!


    Well, what can i say! The die hard films have always been fantastic and 4.0 is no exception!! Fast moving scenes, big explosions and lots of guns and fighting are garunteed! all actors are top notch as usual making this film very enjoyable and satisfying film!

  3.  A Funny Gift Idea!


    This is quite a good thing to get your dad if you're in desperate need of a little something else to buy him. It certainly made my dad chuckle. I would'nt rely on it doing the job as a main present though!!

  4.  A Must Buy!


    Have this on the wall in my garage and it brilliant. We just has a party and it was brilliant. I do agree with you having to pinch it though before as previously mentioned! A very good product and it really good value for the size of it!

  5.  Absolutley Brilliant!


    This film is jam packed full of hilarious scenes and clever dialogue. You can never watch this film without laughing out loud with many scenes putting a huge grin on your face. A must see and great value!!

  6.  Very good and never boring!!


    Great Sim style game. You really do feel in controll of the city and when you get into it, you can really make a great place. Could be a bit better graphics wise and is not actually ment for windows XP or VISTA although it will play on XP. A good enjoyable game.

  7.  Great Fifa Addition


    Brillaint Gameplay and has the net play option. What more could you ask for. Really good graphics and definatley worth taking a look at. I agree with other reviewers, Much better then Fifa 04!

  8.  A resonable PC game


    Got thsi game a while back and was quite happy with it. Actions of shoppers and store workers is good and there are also sort of levels on it. Would recommend it if you like Tycoon type games.

  9.  Good game and very realistic


    Purchased this PC game not so long ago and was glued to it for the entire afternoon. Very good graphics and situations. You really do feel like your a vet. Great for smaller kids and very knowledgeable becuase each animal has its own fact file with stacks of information. A very good learning and enjoyable game all in all.

  10.  Catastrophically Bad!!!!


    Got this game thinking it was going to be quite good and it turned out to be compltley and utterly rubbish!! Graphics are poor. Background noise is limited and out of time and the characters look like something from a Nintendo 64!! Try and avoid this game if you can!!