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  1.  Looks good but


    Right i'm going to start off positive,
    Fifa Looks Great.
    Graphicaly the best football game out there.
    Fifa is fully licenced
    you'll have no problems with
    who the players are
    who they play for
    and where they play there home games.
    even if it did you can tell who's who by looking,The faces are pretty much spot on this year.
    and theres always a but.

    what the hell has happened to the gameplay?
    it's loose and fluid thats given.
    But its so loose and fluid it feels like your playing football with 11 jelly men with lard covered boots on a frozen lake.
    horrible controls and horrible feeling to play it.
    if only it could have finished off the game with a hattrick.

  2.  pretty good


    decent for a laugh.
    seems abit of a cash in considering the first trilogy only popped out onto 360 last year.
    but good all the same

  3.  Game of the year


    This game is excellent.
    this will be a close contender in my opinion for game of the year.
    good story,good replayability,good voice acting and great graphics.
    the only one thing that annoys me is the elavators that are:
    2)slower then painting your entire house with a tiny paintbrush thats stuck to your Tounge.
    3)as interesting as then watching that paint dry.

    if there ever was a game that could be called Pro elevator rider 2007 this is it.
    other then that small annoyance this is a 10/10 game

  4.  Not As Good as GH2 But still awesome


    Well i'm not sure this is going to beat GH2 in my eyes with the new controller and its reliability issues that some people have had but can't fault the track list and the play is still the same old GH goodness.
    seems easier this time to nail those long solos on hard and expert (partly because of the note hit timing being increased) but thats not exsactly a bad thing.
    but it hasn't really changed all that much.
    Same Old GH with nothing really new.
    the legends and battle mode seems like a last minute idea that wasn't properly thought it.
    2 player battles can finish as soon as the other player launches his first attack.
    single player is good and playing all the songs on easy medium,hard and expert will take some time.
    5 starring all difficulties will take months of practice for the beginner and a few weeks slog for the GH vets out there.
    all in all a good game just short of being the legend it could have been

  5.  Well Worth It


    Oblivion is the best RPG i've played.
    the Story is excellent,
    The graphics are amazing.
    and the entire world is populated with NPC's that ALL have there own voice conversations.
    The core game itself is still worth getting for 29.99 if you dont have it.
    but to get oblivion knights of the nine and shivering isles is great value.
    Shivering isles alone comes in at 2100 MS points on marketplace and a memory eating 2GB's in weight also it adds a good 30 hours on a game that will take 100+ hours to complete everything and see everyone.
    If you don't have oblivion you should,And at this price you can't go wrong.