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  1.  Good film enhanced by blu ray transfer


    I'll not go into any detail about the film as i'm sure anybody thinking of buying this movie has watched it already. As for the transfer, the start of the movie looks graining and i initially thought that the film would continue in this way but i was pleasently surprised. The cars look great in HD and the roar from the engines are excellent. If you do not already own a dvd copy of this film i would say that this would be a good purchase. I dont think that the quality of the blu ray would be much better than an upscaled dvd, simply down to the fact that the film is now 20 years old.

  2.  The American 007!! Excellent blu ray transfer


    All three films are very enjoyable with the storyline moving at a good rate from 1 movie to the next. If you are a fan of Bond movies this trilogy is a must have. The blu ray transfer is excellent and at a low price hard to beat.

  3.  How Bond was meant to be! Excellent!!


    As far as the film goes all i can say is excellent! Great action scenes and i found the scenes at the casino to be brilliant. Bond is back tougher and more believable as an assisan or spy with more depth to the character. Blu ray transfer is excellent with the colours jumping from the screen. A must for any Blu Ray collection

  4.  Arguably the greatest Dracula movie to date


    From start to finish this film is superb. The movie begins 10 years after the demise of Count Dracula. Two English couples travelling through Europe visit the mysterious castle high in the Carpathian mountains that the towns people deny the existence off and which does not appear on any map. Clove one of my favourite characters from any hammer horror movie makes an unforgettable entrance and from here the fun begins. Great acting, great story, amazing suspense!! I just hope this movie is brought out on blu ray.

  5.  No match for Christopher Lee


    While the main characters are played well enough, i was dissapointed that the story is more of a love story than a horror which i accept is in keeping with the book. I don't think that this dracula could even stand in the same room as the dracula seen in the hammer horror films. A good movie to have in a horror fans collection but not a movie i could watch over and over again.

  6.  Great remake of an old classic


    Being a huge fan of both old and new horror movies it is rare to see a remake of a classic live up to or exceed expectations set by the original movie. This movie is one of the exceptions. The main characters are well cast with Del Toro playing the tragic Laurence Talbot to perfection. The atmosphere portayed in the black and white original has been recreated extremely well adding a modern feel to the film. The howlling from the wolfman is sure to send a shiver down anybodys spine. The original story has been broadly used with some changes made to suit modern audiences. I would highly recommend this movie a a great addition to your blu ray collection. For Horror fans it is a must.