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    Kylie Minogue - CD

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    Its been 2 years now since release and i cant believe that this album is still with me. Usually you get bored of an album after a while but i must admit this one is the first iv never tired of! Theres everything from cool electro pop (in my arms, like a drug, and especially the amazing speakerphone) to pure pop of old kylie in "wow"... Then some stunning ballads so very personal to kylie "cosmic" and the sublime "no more rain"- one of her very best songs!.. The amazing pop masterpiece that is "the one" which was cruelly only physically released with a late video as the 4th single in the uk... This is a pop album way above the rest. Its sold well with almost half a million sales in the uk and over a million worldwide... But it deserved way better in my opinion as the very best kylie album! Buy it!



    Already a million seller, this double greatest hits cd covers most of the tracks from kylies first greatest hits cd of hits from 1987-1992 and now another second disc collection of hits from 1994 right up until 2005 and also includes 2 hits exclusive to this collection too "i believe in you" and "giving you up" ... Simply it is the ultimate pop music album of the past 20 years. Kylie is a true global pop icon of our age.

  3.  amazing!


    This is surely going to be the soundtrack of the year! Amazing artists and of the few iv already heard... This is going to be a break your heart soundtrack that twilight: New moon needs! Cant wait for it and the film the month after....

  4.  amazing!


    i stuck with it after not being sure about the new cast after i enjoyed the others so much but i seriuosly am impressed. i liked the first 2 series but i LOVED this one and the new guys EVEN MORE than sid and co....cannot wait for series 4!!!

  5.  this really is kylies underperforming MASTERPIECE!


    This is a stunning album which most of her true fans know is her best ever and most personal. Its got elements of rock,house,trance and pop and all lyrics written by kylie herself as well as 2 songs completely kylie written (music and lyrics)... It was way ahead of its time when released in 1998 and still sounds fresh and cool 11 years later! The lead single "some kind of bliss" is a great guitar heavy indie song that was written with the manics but is not indicative of what the album sounds like as many thought at the time kylie was just jumping on the britpop bandwagon so dont let that fool you- this is a sonetimes very underground dance album with heavy almost self destructive lyrics which give a fantastic insite into the real kylie at that time where she herself said she didnt really have a clue who she was or where she was headed at that time and was deconstructing herself totally on this album! The results are without doubt fantasitcally personal and the album is full of total gems!

  6.  kylies first greatest hits is amazing!


    This is the original 1992 greatest hits album containing all 21 worldwide hits from 1987-1992 from kylies first 4 studio albums. 15 Of the tracks are also on her second greatest hits album from 2004 (ultimate kylie) but its worth having both this and ultimate if your looking for all her hits as this has the other 6 hits+ 1 exclusive track plus a few different versions of hits than on ultimate kylie. Get both if your a purist or ultimate kylie if you dont mind missing some of the hits from 87-92....

  7.  great all rounder!


    What some people are not getting with twilight is that its focus is on the romance and not violence! If u want just a film full of killing go get underworld... This film is atmospheric and romantic. The sweeping cameras.. The lingering kiss. The way edward looks into bellas eyes so deeply.. I love it and as a series im expecting it to get a bit more complicated and more action-packed as it gets into the vampire v warewolf story from new moon onwards... As it is this is a great adaption of the book and its a love story mainly. If your romantic you can relate to this movie totally. The amazing power of a movie about a human girl and a vampire falling in love and the power of his devotion to her.. To love her so much but not know if he can resist killing her.. Its very powerfull and it requires you as the viewer to thkni about whats going on in thier heads more than the diologue tells you.. And i love that about it. Its all in the way they look and act with each other rather than what is said. Cant wait for new moon in november in cinemas and ill be getting the blu ray of twilight on day of release for sure! The soundtrack and score of the film are also well worth getting they are very good.

  8.  great grown up musical!


    This is the grown up version.. The first 2 films were a little kid friendly but this is really the first proper movie and first for the cinema. Amazing choreography and fantastic songs make this a big step up from the otherwise fun first 2 made for tv movies... "Can i have this dance" is a brilliant song that deserves to win an oscar next month!