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  1.  Like the OLD Ghost Recon's? Then buy this game.


    My favourite Ghost Recon was Island Thunder. I have the fondest memories of being on the original Xbox, on the old XBL, and me and my buddy having huge amounts of laughs everytime we played it.

    I'll be honest, I didnt like the Advanced Warfighter era of Ghost Recon.
    I'm not sure if it was the switch to third person that I was against,but , I just didnt feel any fear when playing the game.
    In the Ghost Recon's of old, I'd always fear letting my team down, I'd fear death, I'd forget that I was sitting playing on a computer game, I had become the Ghost I was playing.

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier GETS IT RIGHT.
    The campaign is absolutely brilliant. I was VERY skeptical when the first video's came out, I thought the game would be a pile of tosh. Oh how I am so grateful to be proven wrong.
    The same vibe I got from the old Ghost Recon's is BACK!

    The menu to the game could of been better thought out. It doesnt really give you much indication as to what your going to be heading into.
    Plus install this game to your hard drive if you can, it will play better and load much quicker, and to me it looks better too.
    The gun customisation is immense. You can change virtually anything on your gun, and easily me and my friends spend atleast ten minutes before each mission just swapping out weapons.
    You will be spoilt for choice as to which gun to choose. You'll keep changing last minute before the mission begins and then change back in hesitation.
    You can choose LOTS of different camo paints for EVERY gun, you can change out anything, you name it, silencer, red dot sight, 4x scope etc. The list is endless.

    The game feels very much a mix of splinter cell, metal gear solid, and old ghost recon.
    They've just balanced it perfectly.
    Some missions you HAVE to stealth through, you can take out enemies, but if people find discover a dead body, mission over.
    Checkpoints are usually very close, and very well thought out, so your never too far away from where you may have failed.

    You'll get to certain sections of the game, where you can either stealth past enemies, or take them out.
    This is where the Sync Shot comes in.
    Get the tissue.
    You can setup your team to shoot up to four people at the same time. Each character will then set their sights on a player, and when all four players have the shot, you take the shot, and all 4 enemies go down hopefully at the same time.
    With the AI this is easy, and it never gets old. With human co-op players, if you like to take your time with missions, and trust me, with the later missions especially, it can take up to an hour to complete a mission, especially if your taking your time and watching how enemies move and their patrol patterns.
    If you like to rush in and go all guns blazing, this game may not be for you, but it DOES have moments like that. Its not all stealth.
    The mission tends to make you stealth for the first portion of a level, then the second half of the mission you can go guns loud, which is quite refreshing switching from a P90 silenced to an M60.
    The game also has a cover system similar to Gears Of War, but they've really made it fit perfect into Ghost. It can be a little daunting to get behind cover when your getting a hail of bullets heading your way but for the most part, its not that bad.

    You can get downed/killed pretty easily too, so again, the realism is there all the time.
    The campaign is absolutely brilliant and I will definatly be playing through on Elite difficulty soon, but the reason I give this game four stars is because they just havent spent the time with the multiplayer. It just feels rushed and there lacks a certain polish to it.

    If you and some buddies want to blast through a great campaign, buy it

  2.  Great game, but replayability is a bit boring.


    I'll be honest, I havent really played much of Diablo 2. But I do know there are alot of people that still play it, I know its hugely popular and even now Diablo 2 still has a large fanbase.

    When I'd heard alot about Diablo 3, I was a bit worried. Always having to be online? A real money auction house?
    It just sounded like Blizzard's ideaology had turned into the one thing I was fearing, and that was - all about the money.

    I hesitated about picking up the game, but I was not dissapointed.
    The graphics, whilst not groundbreaking, was still great. It was still giving Diablo that "somethings around the corner" feel to it.

    You get five classes, each to their own, I stuck with the Barbarian, as it suits my playstyle. Loud, bloody, and AXE IN THE FACE!
    The Barbarian was a great choice for me and my two friends chose a Wizard and Monk.
    The moves unlock as you level up, and on your first playthrough you'll find yourself salivating at the prospect of your next move and you cant wait to show it off to your friends.
    The bass that pumped through my speakers everytime I Stomped or Leaped through the air was massive. Everyone in my house knew when I was in battle, and that happened quite a fair bit.

    The enemies are varied, and you get new enemies JUST at the right time.
    My only problem with the first playthrough was it just felt too easy.
    It felt like the entire first playthrough was a tutorial to the entire game, and when you hit your second playthrough, thats wen the enemies do get tougher.
    They get tougher yes, but does the game get more fun? To me, not really.
    Once I'd played through the game once, I couldnt wait to play through it again. But now with all of my moves unlocked, and only runes to unlock, the excitement from my moves had dissapeared.

    You can buy great items of the Auction House for pretty cheap, so no matter what enemies you face, you can always take them on pretty easily with good gear.

    I'm on the second playthrough, and generally, this game has just lost it for me now.
    It shares the same problem I have with WoW. To clarify, NO they are not the same games. But to me they share the same problem.
    The games just go from being huge leaps of fun, to turning into a complete grit your teeth and play through the game borefest.

    Diablo 3 after the first playthrough for me just turned into a grind.
    Enemies do tend to change, and they do alot of different moves, and you may even find yourself actually dying on the second playthrough!
    But thats it.
    For some reason, the randomised dungeons, really dont seem that random. The dungeons seem to share the same problems Oblivion had.
    It seems they only made a small amount of dungeons, pressed the random button and hoped for the best. When you walk into a dungeon, on your second playthrough, you'll know the layout of every dungeon pretty easily, and everything that was a surprise in the first playthrough, becomes expected in the second playthrough.

    My conclusion, is that Diablo 3 is a great game throughout the first playthrough, but I feel the replay value is dissapointing.
    Its also a little too easy on the first playthrough. I think I died once when I went to the toilet.
    Being able to buy items off the Auction House is great and easy, but it also makes the game alot easier, and there seems to be no real fun from gaining items.
    I tried playing the game without using the Auction House, and for the first 20 levels, every rare I picked up, would never be for the Barbarian.

    People may differ on the replay value, but for me, one playthrough was enough, now its just a grind. I'd wait till the game is cheaper, but knowing Blizzard, you'll have to wait a couple of years.

  3.  Dragon Age takes two steps back, and one forward.


    I received the signature edition, unpackaged and had a huge grin on my face when installing this game.
    I admit, I was expecting great things since Dragon Age Origins was one of my favourite games when it came out.

    Dragon Age 2 firstly seemed it was going to escalate what Origins had created, the combat seemed alot more fluid, the interface had major face changes, improved graphical changes and all seemed for the better.
    All was fine and dandy up untill about four hours into the game, yawning as to when I would eventually finish all the side quests

    When I begin a Bioware game, I like to complete everything.
    I go through all of the side quests, and all of the extra passages in area's to find the hidden items.
    This is where Dragon Age 2 feels mundane, and boring.
    I played Origins on Normal, and I found myself preparing nearly every fight. No fight ever turned out the same way.
    You couldnt walk into a bunch of Hurlocks and not encounter some trouble.
    On Dragon Age 2 you could walk into 20 Hurlocks and they might take your health down slightly, but thats about it.
    That might of been my own fault for starting Dragon Age 2 on Normal and believing it would be alike to Origins.
    So be prepared for easy battles.
    The first dragon I encountered just seemed way too easy to beat, even ogres are a piece of cake.

    I loved the combat at first, but now it just seems to arcade-like.
    Almost like a Dynasty Warriors game that actually has a storyline.
    Which brings me to the storyline.

    The story is told over a ten year period.
    The dwarf gets interrogated by a woman at the start, and he tells the story, and you play it.
    This is probably Bioware's biggest mistake in my opinion.
    You NEVER feel like a hero.
    When anyone mentions the 'Grey Warden - Hero Of Ferelden' you always feel inferior to the Grey Warden's story, and you also think 'Yeah, I was that dude...... I kinda wish I was him again'.

    The Morrigan story in the first had me captured from the word Hello.
    I havent come across anything that has peaked my interest in the story of this game apart from Flemeth.
    Even though there is a death at the beginning, I have never, not once, felt close to 'my mother' in the game. She just comes across as annoying more than anything. The main hero's voice is also a little too.... posh for my liking.
    Its a bit of a put off when you have long hair, a beard, and then you hear a high posh voice coming from the Champion.
    It just doesnt gel.

    Everyone has their favourite party characters from Origins.
    But there's just something not quite the same about DA2, I cant quite put my finger on it, but none of the new party characters truly feel 'epic' like they did in Origins.

    You get stuck in Kirkwall, and it gets very tiresome, very quickly. The same area's, even when you get a random quest, it puts you in the same copy and pasted place near enough everytime.
    Thats only after four hours of being in the game (and I have got even further now with it being completely the same).

    My conclusion to this is I think Bioware have generally improved the gameplay overall, but the story just doesnt quite hit the grand scale as it did with Origins. The Champion will always feel second best to the Grey Warden in Origins, and Dragon Age 2 will remind you of it, over and over.

    The combat is getting near the right direction, but it does get tiresome fast, and the difficulty is alot easier than the first.
    The talents have been improved greatly, and the interface in general, talking with other plays works alot better now too.
    But the general feeling I get when playing this game, is that there's just nothing to draw you in.
    There's not enough substance, and you never feel like the hero.

  4.  Worked fine.. for a while.


    Had this free with a new Dell computer for work.
    At first it worked fine, but if you tend to have to move the USB stick around alot, I would not recommend this one.

    Because the body of the USB Stick is so long, it puts alot of weight on the actual USB part to plug in to your computer. This means it will begin to wobble over time, and then eventually just not work.

    Its not the best design, its also a little fat around the edges, so if your plugging in alot of USB's next to each other on your computer, this may not fit.
    It totally depends on how much spacing there is between the USB ports you want to put it in.

    Because its so cheap, its worth the buy, but beware of the factors I have listed above.

  5.  SOA


    I actually thought the first episode started off a little slow, but by the end of te first episode, you wont be able to stop watching the SOA.

    So many little stories intertwined with one larger story,, with some very good acting. The main dude who stands out is Jax, by far the story is centred around him, and he really does stand out above the rest of the crowd.

    There are also good comedy sections that dont seem cheesy at all, and fit in very well within the episodes.

    I didnt think this was going to be as good as it was, truly good to watch.

  6.  Truly Engaging


    I decided to buy the PC version, mainly because its cheaper, and I can achieve better graphics than the console with my PC.

    I was skeptical after watching video's about the combat, but after being in quite a fair few fights I know its really KOTOR but medieval fantasy style fighting. The combat flows really well, and I found every class was very fun to play, but duel wield Dalish Elf being my favourite so far. But they cant have beards =[ humans can though.

    BioWare have not lied when they say each of the six origin stories are different. I've tried out four so far, and at the vert start of each story, everything will be completely different.
    People will treat you differently regarding your race, and every beginning has so many different things to draw you into the game.

    You will eventually get to a certain section, where every origin story will playthrough the same, but it still doesnt change the fact that the world treats you completely different depending on which origin you chose.

    I found the graphics to be amazing, apart from characters having extremely oversized hands at times.
    You wont find many reviews straight away, mainly because its so bloody hard to steer yourself away from the game.

    I promise you wont be dissapointed if you've come for the next BioWare RPG, it is a truly engaging experience, you will struggle to leave the seat.
    Also just a note : Its nothing like Mass Effect, so dont expect it to be.

    The voice acting is mostly good, some are a bit subpar but the main characters drive the story home.
    You really feel a sense of connection between all of the characters quite early on, and some of the conversation choices are truly funny.
    "Chanter says what?" :D

    I havent played the console version so I'm not going to compare it.
    But this game is going to take some hours to complete.
    The combat can actually be quite hard, and there isnt much tutorial, alot is spent through reading, which can benefit you if you take the time to read through certain things.
    You can change the difficulty in options whenever you want through a playthrough, and easy mode is pretty much just point and click and things will die. So dont worry about the game being too hard, easy mode still makes it so you have to think every now and again, but rarely, so I suggest normal difficulty for majority of your first playthrough.

    Every class has subclasses, which you get a hold of at level 7. You can have four party members at a time, and you can pause between combat which can make it handy.
    You can also switch from a Baldur's Gate top down view, to a World Of Warcraft over the shoulder kind of view, so this game suits both play styles, whether your a point and clicker, or you prefer to move your character around the world with the wasd keys.
    They move quite fluidly too, so whichever way you want to play, this game works for both very well.

    All in all, BUY THIS GAME.
    For such a cheap price, it is worth your time.
    With each origin about 60 - 100 hours to complete, I think you'll be playing this for a long time to come.

  7.  Best Played In Co-op


    I'll admit I havent played every single Resident Evil game, I'm not a hardcore fan, but this game is good bloody fun.

    I first played the demo, and was a bit hesitant at not being able to move whilst shooting or knifing. But lets face it, this isnt a run-and-gun game, and after playing it over and over, the more I enjoyed not being able to run-and-gun.

    I wont say much about the plot as I dont want to spoil it, but the game has a good story. It has story telling sequences throughout the game which is great. The graphics are amazing and really shine well. There is also alot of room for replayability, for getting more upgrades for your guns, more rewards, and unlocking more interesting documents that give away some story that you didnt know about which of course the hardcore fans will really strive for.

    I have only one gripe about the game, when playing in singleplayer, the AI character can be a bit... wasteful and also a bit troublesome at times. But they have also saved my butt a fair few times, and they're a bloody good shot.
    Problem is, they shoot at everything.. hardly use the knife, steal ammo when you need it (even though you can get it through the inventory screen) but you cant split ammo, once its stacked thats it. So say if you just want 9 bullets, but Sheva is holding 23.. you'll take all 23, there isnt an option to break them down.
    She stays to her pistol when set to 'Cover' mode. She'll only ever switch weapon when you put her in 'Attack' mode, and then she tends to get smacked up so bad in Attack mode that I end up just keeping her in 'Cover' mode.

    Dont get me wrong, its not 'game-breaking' AI, but its not perfection either. Its still pretty fun playing through singleplayer, but its just ALOT more fun playing co-op with a good buddy.

    So my friends, is you can play this game co-op then DO IT. Because it really shines. You will have to stay close to your partner and really work together to destroy the zombie/infected hordes. It can become quite intense in combat and you'll both need to be covering each others back.

    The game feels pretty solid, it makes you want to explore to gain more ammunition, gain new guns and get more money for upgrades and so forth.
    The guns are pretty awesome, and the sounds and the music in the game are cool too. The dialogue for the most part is fine, sometimes bar on cheesy, but I love Stallone films, so I can bare the cheesy action phrases.

    This game runs great, I've had no lag issues whatsoever. The selection in guns are great, the boss battles can seem repetitive at times, but are for the most part good.

    They've thought out the levels really well and the game just seems to flow from chapter to chapter really great.
    For all fans of Resident Evil, this is a great game that I've had great fun playing.
    I've heard it has alot of similarities to Resi 4 (I havent played that one) So I would assume that if you liked that game, you'll definatly like this one.

  8.  The Ultimate Strategy


    I've played a fair few strategy games, and this really is up there as being one of the best of its kind.
    I havent played multiplayer, as I prefer the singleplayer, so this review is based on the singleplayer solely.

    First off, they have supposedly fixed most of the installation problems that were due to Steam. So if you have any problems, there are sticky threads on the totalwar.com forums that address the majority of issues and fixes for most.
    I had a few but managed to work out what the problems were and my game now runs fine.

    My game runs really smooth on high graphics settings, I have a Quad Core, 2.4ghz, GeForce 8800GT, 4GB RAM.
    As with all PC games, your computer may run it fine, it might not. You wont found out till you've tried it. Best to try out the demo and see.

    The first thing I noticed when starting up the game was how smoothly it all ran. I'd read lots of people having graphical issues with better cards than mine, yet I was running it fine on high graphics settings. The game is truly beautiful, even the menu's and the interface all has the feel of the 18th century setting.

    Firstly lets start with the land battles.
    The graphics are amazing, and the way your troops fight is a little different to the older Total War games. Your relying more on ranged this time around, but melee is still there and just as useful at times.
    The AI seems alot better and they will play differently everytime. Some people didnt like the AI, but I did... maybe after time it might get repetitive.. who knows, but I enjoyed it, and they definatly used a number of different tactics on me.
    If you've played other Total War games, then you'll feel right at home with this one. There's something about Empire that distances itself from the other Total War games, whether you have to concentrate on ranged moreso now, I'm not sure, but it just really feels alot more complete than the other games.

    I didnt believe how good the graphics looked for the Naval battles, but they really are some of the best graphics I've seen in a strategy game hands down. Some naval battles can be quite boring when just against a few ships.. but the larger scaled battles really do test you in terms of strategy. For me it seemed alot tougher than the land battles. Some people will differ, but I found the large battles tough, but lots more fun.

    The managing the cities and towns part of the game feels alot more complete. It seems alot quicker to manage towns and cities now, but you can get into the real nitty gritty stuff if you want to, but the game doesnt force you to at any point.
    Also Generals can now recruit units from anywhere on the map, which makes playing the game so much better. Little things like that are scattered all over Empire, thats why it feels alot more complete.

    Little annoyances that were in previous titles have now been streamlined in this one. There are still a couple here and there, but there are alot less than before, which makes the game experience really feel complete.

    I suggest firstly to try out the demo and see if you like it.
    If you love large scale battles and city and town management then this game is for you. Most of the ''Install' issues have been fixed, 'Graphical' issues have not.
    This game does use Steam, so its up to you whether you wanna use it or not. I aint had many problems so it doesnt bother me.

    For me this game sums up the complete strategy experience, brilliant graphics, sound, huge spectacular land and naval battles, with the management of cities and towns.
    If your looking for that experience, then this is the game for you.
    Whether it works or not is not up to me, I've played the game and I bloody love it. Fans of previous titles will love it.

  9.  Generally Good Fun


    I've never played a settlers game before, but I'd read a bit about the game and thought what the heck, I'll get it.
    I wasnt dissapointed. This game is mainly about building up your town, gathering resources from certain sections and expanding into other area's and completed certain objectives on each map. Its nowhere near as complicated as Civilization, but thats what makes this game good.
    There's no steep learning curve, you can go through a ten minute easy tutorial and pretty much never fail.
    This game is a no stress, watch your city grow game. The graphics and surroundings are actually quite astounding, they're very refreshing.
    I dont play this game as much anymore, but every now and again I end up playing it for a good straight week or two just due to it being so well thought out.
    You can also build military units and use them for certain things, like defending yourself from invaders, taking out the wild animals near certain resource points etc, but the military side is never the main aspect of the game. But cant be bad to have a few soldiers to defend your town!

    I really enjoyed the time and hours spent into this game, and seeing it at 11.99 is a bargain. I bought this game when it came out, so your talking a year or two ago now?
    I play it now and it still looks great and runs absolutely fine, bug free. So my suggestion is if your sick and tired of the military quick build strategies, and want something a bit easier on the brain and great fun then buy this game!

  10.  Campaign Awesome! Multiplayer not as good.


    Firstly you've already probably read about all the data copyright stuff, I never had any problems and it doesnt bother me as I have an Xbox Live Gold account, and it add's gamerscore to it which is a nice bonus. I can understand people without one would get frrustrated!

    Straight to the game - the singleplayer campaign is pretty darn good. It reminds me alot of the Starcraft campaign. Lovely little movies inbetween missions to get you psyched up. Plus the mix of RPG elements with it. Your squads will get points when they level up, so you can spend your points to gain more skills and increase stats.
    You get loot from missions, and you can upgrade your squads with awesome items, armour, weapons and other great things. Two great additions. Also a nice little thing is that, any loot you dont want, you can put in the bin, and when you do, you get experience from it. I thought that was pretty clever.
    My one gripe is that when equipping armour, it doesnt really change the way your character looks. You could get some really awesome armour with great stats, but it still looks the same as level 2 armour and stuff. Obviously it will change at the very last few levels with terminator armour etc. But the early differences would of been nice.

    Some missions are repetitive on the campaign, but yet I still couldnt stop playing it. I got bored, but yet my mouse and keyboard stay in action. Even though halfway through a mission you may get bored... its still engaging to slaughter loads of enemies.
    This game is best played co-op I found. It really is alot better to have a friend there. You will experience alot of different and fun things than when playing on your own.

    Graphics are great, I thought the music score could of been better within missions cuz for me, music can change the whole experience, also the dialogue isnt the best, but they do have mission briefings etc which is always a bonus.

    All in all they've got a big thumbs up for the singleplayer campaign, I felt it was a move that was risky, but its very good. I feel Relic could really do great things and expand on what they've done if they decide to make DoW3

    No doubt expansions will come in and either raise the level cap of your squads, or you'll get to play as completely new squads in a completely new campaign which would be a refreshing touch.

    The only thing I didnt like as much was the Multiplayer. You only get a handful of maps too. I felt the DoW1 multiplayer was very smooth, kept you wanting to play more and more. If they would of implemented the play style from DoW2, with base building like the first, then I feel this would of been a hit.
    I found the AI to be pretty random and horrid sometimes. I played a match on easy just to get used to the maps, the enemy didnt even attack me! I sat their positioning my troops for around twenty minutes.. waiting for the lambs to the slaughter, they never came. Then I jumped onto medium, and I was under constant attack after clicking 'start skirmish'.
    The difficulty setting jumps up very large. I still managed to win on medium, but there is so much difference from easy to medium that I find beginniner strategists will find quite hard.

    All in all the new idea's are refreshing for the strategy format. The campaign is good, there are things missing that could make it perfect, but for a first attempt its making me excited for the future. Play in co-op with a friend, definatly a much more engaging experience.
    The multiplayer however I think needs to change for the future. I feel it isnt anywhere near as compelling as the first.

    For 22.99 which is a bloody good price, I'd get it if your a strategy fan. Sometimes new idea's are good, sometimes bad, its up to you to decide...