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  1.  PSN DEMO


    There is a quite substantial demo available to download on the PSN for peace walker, don't let the sub 200Mb size fool you there is plenty of demo.

    I was really surprised at how much i enjoyed it the story and feel is very metal gear with cool stylised comic book cut scenes accompanying in engine scenes.

    Controls are either like portable ops (with looking assigned to D pad) or shooter style ( with looking set to triangle, square etc..) i'm a bit rubbish at looking using either but the auto lock for guns makes up for this.

    Before you start a mission you are told how long it should take, rough guide to objectives and how many available players. You are then allowed to customize you snake, choosing armored, stealth or in between kit.

    Only played solo so far but very enjoyable. If you like metal gear you'll probably like peace walker

  2.  Based on Beta


    Pre-ordered the game based on my experiences in the beta.

    BF is a very fast and fun RTS, reminds me of warcraft 3 in the way the units work and the mixtures you need. Takes a bit of getting used to summoning units anywhere on the field rather than building them in bases but this creates whole new strategies for multiplayer as you never know how many units your oppenent could unleash on you, great fun.

    The Card aspect of the game suprisingly drew me in. It is insanly addictive fine tuning what units and powers you want to take into battle. The forge (a lobby between missions) allows you to try out new units and practice defending or attacking structures.

    However there are not that many single player maps, if you have a couple of friends or don't mind grouping with unknowns the Co-op maps make it worth while. They plan on adding more maps free of charge in the future and you can buy extra units etc through boosters but this is not required to enjoy the game as they give you a load of cards from the start and a fair bit on money to buy bossters in the retail package.

    Ps sorry for spelling

  3.  Very good and enjoyable by everyone


    Firstly the cell stage to the civilization stage is training!! Each of the stages brings in more elements slowly educating you in ecosystems and civilizations (in the game anyway) and preparing you for the main part of the game which is space stage.

    The early parts are enjoyable, cell stage for instance is a nice little arcade shooter taking less than 30 min to complete. I also particularly enjoyed the creature stage but it took me less than an hour to complete. A quick note here, you don't have to move to the next stage as soon as you can, you can wait and continue to play.

    The space stage is gigantic and supprisingly hard (at least for me cos i wanted to play a peaceful race). Once you get into terraforming planets and setting up ecosystems it becomes really fun. My favourite past time is finding barren worlds rich in resources and turning them into perfect paradises. Also sucking the atmosphere off the planet of a race you don't like can be good too.

    There are already some fantastic creations in the game available for download and just sitting outside the main game and making buildings or spaceships or creatures can be addictive.

    Overall spore is a very good game that anyone can enjoy, i didn't like the sims but i do like this. Very good game for anyone and should get kids thinking about science which is always a bonus.

  4.  Please give it a chance


    I have been looking forward to Too Human for ages now and downloaded the Demo as soon as i could.

    First playthrough i was very dissapointed, sure the cutscenes were nice but the combat was boring i just slid from enemy to enemy and finished easily.

    Second time i started i got the hang of the combat and the armour and weapon cutomisation. Once you learn how to do the finishers and juggling the combat become addictive and fun.

    Hoping the full game lives up to the demo.

    PS all characters are available in the demo. Disconnect from the internet and set your xbox to 2009 for the beserker and commando. The defender and bio are unlucked by quickly pressing A then moving to an available character, loads of guides on how to do this online.