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  1.  Excellent value for money


    I purchased this little camcorder from Play about a month ago, and in that time have produced some good quality home movies. Although basic in features the HD images are excellent when viewed on a tv or computer monitor. Naturally the best results come from well lit situations, don't expect low light capabilities. Very easy to use and the editing software is built into the camera and launched when connecting the usb cable. There is also the ability to upload to YouTube directly. You could easily spend hundreds of pounds to get a top-notch camcorder, but if you just want to capture home movie memories on a budget, this would be ideal.

  2.  Useful, quality accessory


    The other reviews may be harsh, for what I have found to be a very useful BB accessory. I use my phone as a travel alarm while away, and this displays it in a handy bedside position and also keeps the phone charged up using the BB mains charger (that comes with the phone). Simply plug it into the back of the pod instead of the side of the BB. It charges through two contacts which connect to the two silver bits each side of the battery release on the back of the 8900. Quality is excellent for a small item, it has decent weight to it, with a non-slip base and a nice metal/black finish. As for synching with the BB, it's not the reason I bought it, so not an issue with me. If you travel, it makes a very useful accessory for the BB8900.

  3.  LG KP500 - An outstanding phone


    This phone represents outstanding value. Hitting the perfect balance between tech gadget and being user friendly, I am very impressed. In fact you can't help being absorbed by the whole experience, and I have found myself using all the features the phone has to offer as it is such fun to use.
    The obvious reason for buying this phone is of course the touchscreen experience, and the user interface does not disappoint. The screens are clear and the icons well designed. On the home screen you add wigets of your choice, while a sweep of your finger takes you to contact widgets for quick access to your favourite numbers. The motion sensing can be used to align the widgets - just shake the phone and they line themselves up. This is also used in the games included on the phone, one where you shake to throw the dice. At the bottom are shortcuts to get to the organiser, photo/video gallery etc
    Although it does not have 3G or WiFi it depends on whether you need them, as phones that do would cost considerably more. For me web on a mobile is not something I use often, but I found the WAP perfectly acceptable. This is a also good time to introduce the stylus which is housed in the base of the phone. The precision it gives is ideal when selecting links or buttons which are often small and very close together on a mobile web page. For all other navigating or texting your fingers are fine, but you can also use the stylus for drawing and in the handwriting recognition mode, a novel way of converting your writing into text. As long as you write upright with even pressure the software copes very well recognising your input. For text messaging, besides handwritten input you can use either standard numeric text input, or rotate the phone and a qwerty keyboard appears.
    The 3MP camera does not have a flash, but takes decent photos in good light conditions. There are plenty of settings and after effect filters to play around with including morph which makes for hilarious portraits. There is also a burst mode to take 3, 6 or 9 pictures in quick succession, so you can select the best photo in a sequence. You can print your pictures via Bluetooth or transfer to a PC with the supplied usb cable.
    This is the best phone I have owned, no question. Five Stars.