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  1. F1 2010

    F1 2010


    5 New from  £4.86  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.28

     Best Formula 1 game ever


    I got my copy of this game today and the graphics/gameplay are absolutely brilliant.

    The story mode is well created and so it the grand prix mode.

    The game itself is soo realistic because the Mclaren cars will leave the bmw sauber and force india cars behind, so precise control of the car is essential. One mistake and you will see the McLaren/Ferrari just zoom past you.

    I am a formula 1 fan and can honestly say there is no racing game even close to this at the moment.

    Pit stops are pretty kool as well.

    Overall rating 9.5/10



    The blackberry bold is by FAR the best phone I have ever used. Its simple but you can do virtually anything on it. I swapped my Samsung Omnia HD for this phone and don't regret it. The reason was that the omnia hd has no applications, where as the bold has plenty.

    You receive instant messenger which is fantastic if ur mates have a blackberry you can talk for free.

    Anyone looking for a laptop save your money and buy the blackberry bold does everything you can do on a laptop and its 10 times smaller.



    This is without a doubt the best phone out on the market. You can't find anything close to this phone. The Nokia n97 is not even on the same league and the iphone can't even compete.

    I have had this phone for about 3 weeks and it is hands down the best device I have ever owned. The camera quality and video quality is absolutely stunning! I am telling you, if you record a video at 720p, you will be blown away by how clear the picture is.

    The Omnia HD has very fast responsiveness and it is extremely easy to use. The Asphalt 4 game in HD is pure class and the media player is good.

    For people worried about battery life don't worry because it is fairly good, PROVIDING PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO CHARGE IT PROPERLY!!!.

    When you first receive the phone, charge the battery for about 10 hours and then use the Omnia HD until it is drained out. Then recharge the battery for about another 7-8 hours.

    DO NOT assume that your battery is fully charged even if stated on the phone. People start sulking about the battery but don't realise they will only have 80-90% of their battery life if they don't charge it properly from the moment they receive the phone.

    Anyway enough off the battery. All round this phone is just something you have to witness for yourself. I severely doubt any phone launched this year can compare to this.
    Maybe the Sony Ericsson Idou, but who knows. Until then get this phone, no other phone even on play.com can be compared to this little gem.

  4.  WHAT A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURE CLASS


    This is one of the best films I have ever seen. From beginning to end the storyline is flawless. The brains of the man is just on a different league. Trust me if you are looking to buy a blu-ray don't hesitate to add this to your basket, you will be blown away with the storyline and the action. This is what you call a gem in terms of a movie. 10/10 any day of the week.

  5.  UTTER SHAMBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This game is the worst FM i have played to date. The amount of bugs on this game is apauling. I personally think fm 2008 is the best manager game out to date. Don't bother wasting money on this, it is terrible even with the new patches. Can't emphasise how annoying these dam bugs are on this game.



    This Samsung Bluetooth is an absolute beauty. Firstly you get superb value for money. Secondly it works perfectly and never gets disconnected. It works a treat for the ps3. If you want a bluetooth for Call of Duty, don't waste your money on other expensive ones, because this will do the job. Apparantley the Jabra isn't that good which is why i purchased this one.

    So far no complaints. 10/10 for performance and price.

  7.  JUST CLICK BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


    The best picture quality I have ever witnessed is Transformers on BLU-ray, I aint even joking. Words can't describe how good the sound and picture is on this movie. The detail is just spectacular i don't know why some people are giving this movie 3 stars. They need to appreciate how good this movie is.

    If you are looking to show of your HD TV, just buy this and you will be amazed.

    This movie along with Batman Dark Knight just amazing nothing else to say. Witness it for youself :)



    If you are looking to buy a blu-ray, to show the picture quality to family or friends, look no further. I have never EVER seen such quality on a television. The picture quality is just to perfection. The film is slightly long but who cares (more to enjoy). Play.com is the cheapest place to buy the Dark Knight.

    When watching this at home it is on a different league, compared to the cinema. Like i keep saying the picture quality is just WOW!! !!

    This is a good prezzie for Christmas!!!!!



    This sony davis 10 system looks too good. If you have a small living room and you don't want big speakers, this is a purchase you wont regret.

    All my relatives keep saying 'i can't believe how small the speakers are'. They are the size of a golf ball but do not think they don't give out good sound.

    For speakers the size of a golf ball they give out beautiful sound quality. If you have a ps3 you can connect via a fibre optic cable.

    Only drawback is that it only has one optical port so if you want to connect to your sky+ or virgin box and then the ps3, you will have to keep changing it.

    Also has one hdmi port but thats not really that much of a problem.

    Overall this system is just a masterpiece from sony. I don't have a clue how they managed to bring out speakers the size of a golf ball and pump out soo much sound.

    If you are looking to get a surround sound system, please don't waste money on those giant sized ones (unless they are bose), this will look so much better.

    The actual unit is touch sensative so it looks pretty stylish. You also have a nice and simple to use remote control. What more can you ask for.



    Whoever it being put of by these negative reviews, please just ignore them. This game is on a different league to any other at the moment, the graphics are amazing, gameplay amazing and online mode is just too good.

    I am struggling to see why some people have given this game less then 4 stars.

    Anyway bottom line, just click 'buy it now', you wont be dissapointed.

    This has to be game of the year. Although I must admit MGS4 online has much better graphics.

    Overall this is a superb game.