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  1.  Excellence reigns again for Meyer


    After reading New Moon, I was hoping intently for a book with more Cullen involvement and a bit more action - which is exactly what I got!

    A closer look at the relationship between the protectors and vampires and how that could stretch, a new opportunity to fall in love all over again with Edward and certain characters so alive that you nearly punch a wall because you cannot go in the book and slap some (Jacob mostly) round the face, is what makes this book so supremely unmissable.

    It just keeps getting better and better, if you buy this book have Breaking Dawn on the nightstand ready - I guarantee you wont want to wait to pick it up!

  2.  Not as good as twilight but let me explain...


    New Moon did keep me gripped however there is very little action in this book. Most of the book covers Bella and Jacob and the confusion that ensues with her misery for being without Edward vs her newly embraced, beneficial relationship with Jacob Black.

    To be fair, this was a necessary period of time for Bella to begin to recover from Edward's leaving and for us to learn in more detail about the protectors, but I admit, my love of this book has been lessened by the minimal involvement with the Cullen family (and I am not ashamed to say - even at 23 - the lack of Edward for such a stretch was heartbreaking to more than Bella).

    Despite all the above, a compelling read, so much that part way through I had to order Eclipse and Breaking Dawn without delay.

  3.  The best of the quadrilogy!


    Desperate to find out the answers to this series, I read all four books within a week, the last two solidly over a weekend.

    I fell in love with all of the books but this by far is the best. Filled with desperately needed epiphanies and a substantial amount more action that the previous three combined, I was kept on the edge of my seat, unable to put the book down. The characters deepen, the plot explains what has come before and keeps you wanting more.

    Deeply sad that this was the last time I would get to read of the adventures of Bella, Jacob and the Cullen's, I would urge anyone who has started the quadrilogy to read on and get to the finale - an amazing story to make you jealous not to be living in the world where myths and fairy tales come alive.

  4.  Utterly engrossing


    For someone who is past teen years, this book brought back the feelings of those first kisses or even more so the yearning that accompanied those 'nearly first kisses' of the time. Unable to not be as infatuated with Edward Cullen as Bella was, this story grips you from the start, making you always desperate to learn that little bit more about the Cullen's and their lives.

    A must have - I would recommend it to anyone.

  5.  Superb Adaption!


    An all-star cast, gorgeous sets, a hilarious and well adapted comedy! Top marks!

  6.  A fun film but...


    For someone having never read the books, then this would probably be the potter film I would direct them to as the best out so far. However, the book was not enormous and I do feel they could have fitted in more of the story. A very fun film for those who aren't devout fans of the books but there is something they cannot be forgiven for - not explaining who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are - amateurs!