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  1.  Excellent - nearly as good as the original


    I have two words to describe this game - Very good. I think it does slightly pale in comparison to the original due to certain little bits and pieces - but i was too busy smashing up assasins to take notice. For starters there is a main map which takes you directly to where you want to go - no riding the schelptiger. (something like that) Also the 'jobs' are all 2D except for the scorpion hunting one. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. The only reason to collect cash is to buy new weaponry unless you want to buy all the different clothes available. Also i miss the little intro before you enter an assasin area where it tells you the name of the assasin. However once you get going you barely notice this. Excellent game.

  2.  Excellent strategy game


    I first read about this game in Onm (official nintendo magazine) and I was pleasantly suprised. I got hooked on it quite easily. Its quite easy to get used too, you have line up appropriate monsters to form chains and fusions to beat your opponent, it sounds dull, but it is actually very time consuming. Great game, 5 stars.

  3.  A Brilliant pay per view


    armageddon - what a brilliant pay per view.
    you see, because it was nearing christmas, teddy long (general manager of smackdown) decided to pull out all the stops and make this a hugely entertaining ppv.
    the inferno match is incredible, i wasn't expecting it to actually go ahead, but it did. the fatal four way tag team titles match, again wasn't expecting it, started off as a normal tag team match but got upgraded to a ladder match and then two more teams were added. talk about suprises! then as jbl quotes " we've hit the stratusphere" as the undertaker came out for his match against mr kennedy and it was a last ride match. i thought the undertaker had had his last match when he was thrown off the top but no, he came back (thank god) and won the match by tombstoning kennedy on the hearse. the final match was nothing compared to the three mentioned above. in my opinion second best ppv of the year. (after wrestlemania) Even if u don't like wrestling u should get this.

  4.  The meerkats domain


    Who knew that a meerkats life could be so exciting?
    based on a real family of meerkats, what they do in their lifetime is extraordinary. the way they hunt, the rules of the family and when they play games its all greatly interesting. They are of great difference to humans. Meerkat manor doesn't just talk about meerkats, it also talks about a range of predators such as the eagle owl and the spitting cobra. There are also rival meerkat gangs who would like nothing better than to steal another groups land or kill their young. It is also very funny to see the meerkats playing, for example when they find an old barrel they play hide and seek in it. although the game doesn't last long due a predator flying overhead. yes, overall a great insight into the world of meerkats, great for the kids and great for all the family.